According to a report Wall Street Journal, top Trump aides recently held an intervention to get him off Twitter:

Mr. Trump’s aides have also been pressing for more restraint by the president on Twitter , and some weeks ago they organized what one official called an “intervention.” Aides have been concerned about the president’s use of Twitter to push inflammatory claims, notably his unsubstantiated allegation from March that his Democratic predecessor, Barack Obama, had wiretapped his offices.

In that meeting, aides warned Mr. Trump that certain kinds of comments made on Twitter would “paint him into a corner,” both in terms of political messaging and legally, one official said.

If the Twitter intervention happened a few weeks ago, Donald didn’t get the message. This week has been one social media misstep after another and he may have dug himself into an escapable hole this time:

Even confirming he shared highly classified information with the Russians:

He’s been largely silent since heading off to Saudi Arabia. With every channel but Fox news broadcasting blaring headlines and graphics about possible obstruction of justice and the news his son-in-law may be a “person of interest” in the collusion investigation, how long can he restrain himself? You just know he’s itching to reach for his phone and go off. Stay tuned.