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Chris is a former technical writer turned political junkie, triggered by the Trump effect. He believes that Trump is unfit to be POTUS, that his presidency end will end in flames, and that Trump will be a permanent stain on American history.

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Jan 06 Mueller investigating Ivanka Trump's involvement in Trump Tower meeting
Dec 23 Is Trump the Festivus President?
Dec 22 Trump runs a rigged poll to make himself look better than Obama
Nov 12 John McCain slams Trump: "nothing America First" about believing Putin
Nov 03 Papadopoulos, the "volunteer" with an "extremely limited" role, repeatedly represented Trump campaign
Oct 30 Odds of Trump Being Impeached Next Year Just Jumped
Oct 28 Roger Stone Has a Twitter Meltdown After Mueller News, Account Now Suspended
Oct 23 Must Read: Letter to the White House From Angry Republican
Oct 21 Billionaire Launches Campaign to Impeach Trump
Sep 23 Watch Brilliant Twitter Video that Transforms Trump into Your Drunk Uncle
Sep 23 Trump Doesn't Recognize Melania Standing Beside Him
Sep 09 Former Mexican President Vicente Fox Launches Hilarious "Campaign" for President of US
Aug 05 Preet Bharara: Mueller seeking WH documents on Flynn more significant than grand jury
Jul 16 Does the Secret Service Defense Confirm Trump Senior Was At Junior's Meeting?
Jul 04 Twitter Rumour: Press is Sitting on Trump-Russia Bombshell at Request of Mueller
Jun 10 Goldman Sachs CEO who just broke Twitter silence trolls Trump again
May 31 Sessions may have met with Kislyak even more than he already was caught lying about
May 27 Rep. Ted Lieu calls for Kushner prosecution
May 26 Former WH photographer trolls Trump after NATO meeting
May 24 Rep. Al Green: Currently Drafting Articles of Impeachment
May 22 Chaffetz Postpones Comey Testimony Before Oversight Committee
May 22 Bannon Returns Early From Foreign Trip Too
May 22 AP: Flynn to reject Senate Intel subpoena and invoke the 5th
May 21 Has the Impeachment Process Already Started?
May 19 White House 'person of interest' in Trump-Russia investigation is Kushner
May 16 Dem. Candidate Tom Prigg (PA-12) is Looking for a Chance to Vote for Impeachment in 2018
May 15 Sally Yates To Be Interviewed on Prime Time TV Tomorrow
May 14 Source: Recorded evidence of criminal wrongdoing by Trump’s children
May 12 Sessions could lose his law license for role in firing Comey after recusal
May 09 GOP Congressman Now Pursuing an Independent Commission on Russia
May 09 Former prosecutor Ted Lieu asks if Trump broke the law with tweet about Sally Yates
Apr 04 Intel Committee Member Heck: 'There is so much smoke, every smoke going off'
Apr 03 Connecting the Dots Between Carter Page and the Firing of Preet Bharara
Apr 02 Report: Trump Tower Server Key To Impeaching Trump
Mar 26 What is Trump Doing This Weekend? Golfing, Of Course
Mar 25 Protest Quilt with Bazooka: Remembering Why We Need Impeachment
Mar 20 Comey Confirms Investigation of Trump-Russia collusion
Mar 14 Kushner May Be Getting $400 Million 'Sweetheart Deal' from Chinese Company
Mar 13 Why Does the DOJ Need More Time to Come Up With Proof of Wiretapping?
Mar 12 Cummings suggests there may be a connection between Bharara firing and investigations into Trump
Mar 12 White House has until Monday to come up with some wiretap evidence
Mar 04 Trump's 13 Worst Tweets as President
Mar 03 How Was Your Day off Donald?
Mar 01 Podcast: A Trump Show - Justice in the Trump Era
Mar 01 Bad Start to Week for the Impeachment Movement
Feb 28 Nadler's Resolution to Investigate Conflict-of-Interest and Russia Quietly Killed in Committee
Feb 27 Another day, another Trump cabinet nominee with Russian connections
Feb 26 Trump Skips Correspondents’ Dinner But Does Not Say Why
Feb 25 WaPo: Trump team got help from top intel officials, members of Congress to counter Russia stories
Feb 14 Will Trump's Putin Tweet Come Back to Haunt Him?
Feb 05 Who Will Start Impeachment and Be Our Henry B Gonzalez?
Jan 31 Impeachment Math
Jan 29 Stopping Abuse of Executive Orders
Jan 28 Join a Million And Sign the Petitions
Jan 26 Impeachment 101

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