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Finds interesting news and opinions on the disaster called Trump and posts them (with permission) to The Trump Impeachment.

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Jan 19 We're heading toward the Trump shutdown
Jan 19 Republican Pedophile causing US Government shutdown?
Jan 19 Here's What Trump Said About Presidential Leadership During 2013 Government Shutdown
Jan 19 Pentagon strips 'climate change' from yet another essential defense planning document
Jan 19 US Immigration official asked British writer if he'd "come to write bad stuff about our president"
Jan 19 Former Trump White House staffer may have recorded conversations in the West Wing
Jan 19 Trump said he wanted a shutdown and now he'll get one. This is on him and McConnell and no one else.
Jan 19 House transcript shows how Fusion works, how Steele works and that Trump is a crook
Jan 19 Deutsche Bank reports suspicious activity by Jared Kushner
Jan 19 Trump plans to slash budget for agency in charge of opioid crisis response
Jan 19 Blame Game as Shutdown Looms. (Hint: Republicans Control White House and Congress)
Jan 19 Trump appointee resigns after extremely racist, anti-gay, anti-immigrant radio interviews uncovered.
Jan 19 Trump plans a fundraising gala at Mar-a-Lago for this weekend—as the government shuts down
Jan 19 Our Republican President Reportedly Asked a Porn Star To Spank Him With A Copy Of Forbes Magazine.
Jan 19 Trump's lawyer created Delaware company to pay off Stormy Daniels, WSJ reports
Jan 18 Trump's new license to discriminate office launched with vile Holocaust comparison
Jan 18 Happy 2018, Republicans: Mueller's investigation likely to proceed right through the midterms
Jan 18 The Hill reports Trump ordered Bannon's silence in front of House committee
Jan 18 Trump's Secret Police get funding
Jan 18 John Kelly says that Donald Trump has learned something, Trump moves fast to prove him wrong
Jan 18 FBI investigating whether a Russian banker funneled cash through the NRA to help Trump's campaign
Jan 18 Trump 'Tip Stealing' Rule Would Cost Workers $5.8 Billion Per Year: Report
Jan 18 Jeff Flake Castigates Trump's 'Disgraceful,' 'Stalinst' Assault on the Free Press: Choice Excerpts
Jan 18 Republicans are freaking out over a special election most Americans didn't even know about
Jan 18 Voters will blame Trump, Republicans for shutting down their own government, poll shows
Jan 17 Trump's hotel is getting a big payday from the people who wanted the Keystone Pipeline
Jan 17 Eric Trump Defense Backfires Spectacularly as He Declares Only Color His Father Sees Is "Green"
Jan 17 Bannon had multiple White House conversations about the Trump Tower meeting
Jan 17 White supremacist violence is on the rise, but don't expect Trump to care
Jan 17 Ew, ew, ew! Donald Trump's alleged mistress spilled the beans on their super-cringeworthy affair
Jan 17 Sessions says 'a good nation' like the U.S. should reject 'illiterate' immigrants
Jan 17 Mystery payments around election day included a $150,000 check for Russian ambassador
Jan 17 Michael Wolff didn't have to call Donald Trump—because Donald Trump called Michael Wolff
Jan 17 Breaking AP: Bannon Lawyer in Contact w/White House During House Interview
Jan 17 Bannon reportedly to Tell ALL to Mueller
Jan 17 Trump Administration FAKES Terror Numbers to Support Immigration Policy!
Jan 17 Did Trump Commit Tax Fraud When He Bought Porn Star's Silence?
Jan 17 On, Wisconsin: Democrats flip first red-to-blue seat of 2018 in epic Badger State upset
Jan 16 Report: Fox News killed a story about Donald Trump's alleged affair with an adult film actress
Jan 16 Breaking: Bannon refuses to answer House Intel -- so they smack a subpoena on him right then
Jan 16 Wow! Sen. Cory Booker Tears Into DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen In Senate Judiciary Hearing.
Jan 16 Third adult film star emerges to say married Donald Trump begged her to 'party' in his hotel room
Jan 16 Republican senator nearly gets laughed out of rural town hall for defending Trump
Jan 16 BREAKING: Mueller Subpoenas Bannon
Jan 16 Justice Department hands over files to Republicans, invites them to go after the FBI
Jan 16 WSJ breaks new Jared Kushner story on security risks of Wendi Deng Murdoch friendship
Jan 16 This GOP shithole-denier previously won White Supremacy nods by publicly praying for Obama’s death
Jan 16 Convicted criminal Joe Arpaio found out on live TV that he admitted guilt by taking Trump's pardon
Jan 16 Bannon Testimony Impending: Trump Tower Meeting, Kushner, Cambridge Analytics
Jan 15 LeBron James Rips Trump, Sums Up This Martin Luther King Day Better Than Anyone
Jan 15 Trump's unqualified choice to be NASA chief runs into turbulence
Jan 15 VP Pence became 'visibly red-faced' at a Sunday service when the pastor denounced Trump's racism
Jan 15 Trump blames Democrats for killing the DACA program he killed
Jan 15 Donald Trump: Racist. Republicans: Enablers
Jan 15 Donald Trump honors Martin Luther King Jr. with civic work and community service—oh, wait—by golfing
Jan 15 #TrumpRussia moves to the next evolution of holes/houses as the money is followed
Jan 15 What Fusion GPS found out about Trump's Finances
Jan 15 So, about that Perdue/Cotton denial...
Jan 14 Ann Coulter and Rush Limbaugh make clear to Trump who's the right-wing boss on immigration
Jan 14 Most of you have no idea what Martin Luther King actually did
Jan 14 In a Fit of Petty Vengeance Following His Racist Vulgarity, Trump Declares DACA 'Dead'
Jan 14 Sen. Perdue and Sen. Cotton call Dick Durbin, Tim Scott and Lindsey Graham liars
Jan 14 Joe Arpaio Blames Hawaii False Alert on Obama Birth Certificate. Even Jeanine Pirro's Like...Wha?
Jan 14 Trump's 'fake news' awards put him in dictator territory
Jan 14 Maxine Waters and John Lewis Make The Case For Boycotting Trump's "State Of The Union" Speech
Jan 14 "Sh*thole" Being Projected on Trump Hotel D.C. Twitter Approves.
Jan 14 38 minutes until missile alert declared false ... Trump was golfing... couldn't be bothered
Jan 14 Saturday Night Live Michael Che schools Trump on sh$thole countries
Jan 14 "I don’t see what else we can call him but a racist."
Jan 13 Thank goodness Trump was golfing when the news broke about the missile headed towards Hawaii
Jan 13 Trey Gowdy resigns from House Ethics Committee
Jan 13 Team Trump seeking to weaken the rules policing bank 'redlining' of poor and minority communities
Jan 13 View from the Left: GOP lawmakers are betraying our country and Democrats are finally acting like it
Jan 13 Wish I Voted for Sanders, Says Laid-Off Carrier Worker Duped by 'Con Man' Trump
Jan 13 Joy-Ann Reid causes Trump apologist pastor to implode, then throws him off air
Jan 13 Out Of A Republican Turn To Fascism, Some Patriots Rise Up. Steve Schmidt: "Defeat Them All".
Jan 13 Expressing 'shock, dismay and outrage,' all 55 African nations demand an apology from Donald Trump
Jan 13 New low after new low: Dear Leader tried to hire James O’Keefe to steal Obama’ records
Jan 13 Trump Was Told Not All On Welfare Are Black. His Response: "Really? Then What Are They?"
Jan 13 Under the radar: important indictment unsealed (concerns Mideast nuclear plant deal)
Jan 13 Republicans want Democrats to shut up about Trump's closed-door comments, just like they do
Jan 12 John McCain Implies Trump Opposes the Very Idea of America.
Jan 12 WSJ: Trump Lawyer Arranged $130,000 Payment for Adult-Film Star’s Silence
Jan 12 White House officials bungled a call with reporters and it turned into a bonafide sh*t show
Jan 12 Republicans who heard Trump's 'shithole' comments plead amnesia or hide from the press
Jan 12 Trump's wealth comes from money laundering, and it's gotten worse since he entered the White House
Jan 12 The U.S. Ambassador to Panama abruptly resigned saying he cannot continue to serve Donald Trump
Jan 12 Donald Trump's interview with the Wall Street Journal is absolutely, thoroughly, unbelievably NUTS
Jan 12 Anderson Cooper blasts Trump for racist remarks about Haiti—then fights back his own tears
Jan 12 Trump cancels UK trip... makes pathetic excuse in light of potential mass protests
Jan 12 New York Daily News Front Cover Sums Up Trump’s Vicious Racist Slur Against Immigrants
Jan 12 Trump Social Media Director tweets about ending 'chain migration,' ends up with rare genealogy burn
Jan 11 White House says Trump 'shithole' comments will 'resonate' like his attacks on black athletes have
Jan 11 White House hilarity: Trump's Jekyll/Hyde FISA tweets weren't confusing, you're just stupid
Jan 11 Trump in immigration meeting: 'Why are we having all these people from s**thole countries come here?
Jan 11 House Intel Chair Nunes Can’t Name a Single Falsehood in Trump-Russia Dossier
Jan 11 Democrats demand Gowdy subpoena Trump's company over ongoing foreign gifts fiasco
Jan 11 Fox News segment sways unstable Donald Trump into opposing his own approved surveillance program
Jan 11 'This is the Netherlands, you have to answer questions,' Dutch reporters tell U.S. ambassador
Jan 11 POLL: 56% of Americans give Trump a 'D' or an 'F' for his 1st year, most think he is unfit to serve
Jan 11 Kellyanne Conway emerges from hiding, claiming WH never talks about Hillary
Jan 11 MADDOW: Fusion GPS still investigating Trump/Russia
Jan 11 WAPO: Trump's Fox News Fetish Could Be Making the Network a Security Risk Exploitable By Russia
Jan 11 Brian Beutler Skewers Grassley and GOP. "The Crime Is Worse Than The Coverup."
Jan 10 Trump, 2017: '100 percent' willing to testify on Russia. Trump, 2018: it's 'unlikely'
Jan 10 'They Thought No One Would Notice': WH Transcript of Immigration Meeting Omitted Trump's Endorsement of 'Clean' DACA Fix
Jan 10 Mueller is still adding to his team, brings in cyber crime expert who busted the original 'Guccifer'
Jan 10 Grassley will check with Trump to see how they should investigate Trump
Jan 10 The New York Times failure that cleared Trump and sent Christopher Steele running from the FBI
Jan 10 How many ways can the Dotard in Chief make a fool of himself in one tweet? As it turns out, a lot
Jan 10 Fusion GPS transcripts reveal two things—the corruption of Trump, the treachery of the Republicans
Jan 10 Donald Trump stays conscious for nearly an hour, earns media praise
Jan 10 Dossier Sources have put themselves into Danger, because ...
Jan 10 I'm Speechless. The GOP Are Traitors to America.
Jan 10 Alyssa Milano’s scorching response to Ivanka’s new passion for #MeToo/#TimesUp—might be the best yet
Jan 09 Pro-Trump pastor: Donate up to one month's salary to me—or face God's 'consequences'
Jan 09 Dossier Author Steele Cut Off all Contact with FBI once they Appeared to be Protecting Trump
Jan 09 Matthew Miller on Simpson Transcript: “Steele cares a lot more about US nat’l security than the GOP”
Jan 09 Transcript bombshells: FBI had source in Trump campaign, NYT story killed Steele's FBI connection
Jan 09 Dianne Feinstein releases Fusion GPS transcripts despite Chuck Grassley's opposition
Jan 09 Bette Midler tramples Trump—once again
Jan 09 Football Fans Forced to Wait in Rain as Stadium Locked Down for Trump Motorcade ROAR Boos!
Jan 09 "Executive Time" soon to be replaced with "Mueller Time" for Trump
Jan 08 Kushner Under Fire for Receiving $30M From Israeli Firm While Shaping Middle East Policy
Jan 08 Trump's lawyers will let Mueller talk to Trump ... under some very special circumstances
Jan 08 Donald Trump and Rick Perry's plan to save coal gets shut down hard by Trump-appointed regulators
Jan 08 Sen. Bob Corker trades in his pretend courage for genuine cowardice
Jan 08 Bannon tries to walk back his statements ... while Wolff trips him up
Jan 08 Fire and Fury: President of Macmillan Responds in Memo to Trump's Cease and Desist Demand
Jan 08 Democratic senators join demand that Fusion GPS transcripts be released to the public
Jan 08 Trump calls his presidency 'consensual,' Twitter responds
Jan 08 To Hurt Sales of 'Fire and Fury,' WikiLeaks Posts Entire Book Online
Jan 08 Dionne: "The dam of denial has broken"
Jan 08 Devin Nunes is Playing a Dangerous Game
Jan 07 Tom Steyer bought a copy of 'Fire and Fury' for every member of Congress
Jan 07 Mueller's Appointment Letter Says More Than You Might Think
Jan 07 After his benefactors pull his funding, Steve Bannon returns to shine Donald Trump Jr.'s shoes
Jan 07 A Blunt Assessment from a former Watergate Prosecutor
Jan 07 Joy-Ann Reid shuts down apologist journalist attempting to appease Trump
Jan 07 Jake Tapper Cuts Hyperventilating Stephen Miller Loose - "I’ve wasted enough of my viewers’ time."
Jan 07 So about Trump's "on my first try" claim...
Jan 07 Lindsey Graham Then and Now.
Jan 07 Report: Mueller Is Moving Closer
Jan 06 Trump Was Asked Why Tweeted About His Mental State, and His Answer Just Made Things Worse
Jan 06 Diplomacy apparently no longer for wimps as Trump says he 'absolutely' would talk to Kim Jong-Un
Jan 06 Amid slide in foreign tourists, U.S. Travel Association to mount new ad campaign to boost U.S. image
Jan 06 As China expands its role on the world stage, its leaders have got Trump's number
Jan 06 Buried in the "Fine Print" of the Graham-Grassley attack on Christopher Steele ...
Jan 06 Paul Krugman: If Trump Falls, The Entire Republican Party Falls With Him
Jan 06 The Saga of Donald Trump, Stable Genius
Jan 06 Steve Schmidt's Perfect Description Of The West Wing: "As Vile As Monkeys Hurling Excrement".
Jan 06 This morning Mr Trump is Losing his Marbles on Twitter - Claims he is a"very stable Genius"
Jan 06 Sen. Blumenthal predicts multiple convictions and indictments of WH staff "early in New Year"
Jan 05 This is perfectly normal: The CDC schedules a briefing on how to prepare for nuclear war
Jan 05 Trolling Trump, Journalism Watchdog to Hold 'Global Press Oppressor Awards on Monday at 5:00'
Jan 05 Representative Adam Schiff: New evidence makes obstruction case against Trump even stronger
Jan 05 'Very fine' white supremacist who attended Charlottesville rally arrested for Amtrak terror attack
Jan 05 Republican Senators finally act on Steele dossier—by making criminal referral against Steele
Jan 05 Paul Ryan completes hollowing out of his soul—backing Nunes over Justice in Russia probe
Jan 05 Mike Allen & Jim VanDeHei essentially support Fire and Fury
Jan 05 Whow! Trump transition team acted against the wishes of the sitting U.S. government
Jan 05 Priebus took notes of Trump pressuring Comey ... and the Corallo resignation's reasons
Jan 05 Steve Bannon lost a lot more than 'his mind' this week
Jan 05 Mueller may have documentary evidence of "corrupt intent"
Jan 04 New York Times Breaks Story That Firms Up Obstruction Case and Puts Sessions in Deep Water
Jan 04 Trump's real estate organization has turned over documents to Robert Mueller
Jan 04 GWB lawyer: Cabinet, Congress, Senate should be working to remove Trump due to mental instability
Jan 04 Book excerpt: Trump thinks having sex with his friends' wives makes 'life worth living'
Jan 04 Congressman says House Intel committee has already heard evidence of Trump administration crimes
Jan 04 LOL, Ivanka Mocks (And Details) The Disaster On Trump’s Head
Jan 04 Trump reportedly called former acting Attorney General Sally Yates the c-word before firing her
Jan 04 "Bannon Was Shot On the South Lawn and Run Over by a Tank."
Jan 04 Trump Immigration Chief: "Throw Democrats in Jail."
Jan 04 Comedy alert: Trump lawyer demands that Bannon stop saying mean things about Trump
Jan 03 Lawmakers got a two-day briefing in December from a psychiatrist about Trump's mental state—TWO DAYS
Jan 03 Paul Manafort sues Mueller, Rosenstein, and the DOJ in attempt to kill special counsel appointment
Jan 03 Um, Excuse Me, Paul Ryan, Deputy Atty. Gen. Rosenstein Would Like to Speak to You about Devin Nunes
Jan 03 Strong indication Trump himself may have been the anonymous tipster attacking the Mueller Grand Jury
Jan 03 Just when you think the Trump-Bannon street fight can't get any weirder, Mitch McConnell butts in
Jan 03 Behind the scenes at the Trump White House: Uglier, meaner, and simply dumber than you can imagine
Jan 03 The Bank of Dubai Just Subpoenaed a Trump Alleging Involvement in a $100 Million Laundering Scheme
Jan 03 Trump Tower meeting was 'treasonous' ... says Steve Bannon
Jan 03 NYT: Founders of Fusion GPS Say GOP is Hiding Their Trump-Russia Testimony
Jan 03 American ALLIES report on Trump: "Catastrophic," "Dangerous."
Jan 03 Dan Rather: Trump plays 'mine is bigger' with N. Korea—is it time cut off his Twitter oxygen?
Jan 02 Democrats Threaten "Minority Report" Detailing How GOP Blocked Investigation Into Russian Treachery
Jan 02 Trump threatens Nuclear War on Twitter: “My Button works!”
Jan 02 These coal mining deaths brought to you by Donald Trump
Jan 02 Unbelievable: New Russian Link to Trump, Direct Money From Russian Government!
Jan 02 Trump's violations of the emoluments clause are huge, obvious ... and apparently unstoppable
Jan 02 Former sheriff David Clarke goes after 'LYIN LIB MEDIA' and ends up getting suspended from Twitter
Jan 02 The Very Best Liar: Nearly a Year In, Trump Averaging 5.6 Untrue Statements Per Day
Jan 02 'Literally Insane': Trump Takes Credit for Absence of Fatal Commercial Airline Crashes in 2017
Jan 02 Donald Trump kicks off 2018 by calling for his political opponents to be jailed
Jan 02 After Trump and Moore, evangelicals question what their movement stands for
Jan 01 Pakistan responds to Trump's tweet and America loses another ally
Jan 01 Scott Pruitt is turning the EPA into a tool to forward his personal agenda—and you're paying for it
Jan 01 Conservative Editor of Nat. Affairs Yuval Levin Awestruck by Idiocy - "Presidential Word Salads"
Jan 01 Donald Trump isn't just a liar, he's an especially despicable liar
Jan 01 Trump Russia Update (#33) Donald cries "No collusion", but Papadopoulos already spilled the beans
Jan 01 Washington Post piece proposes how to beat Trump; leaves out the "beat Trump" part.
Jan 01 Evangelical Christians must pay for trading faith for power, morality lost forever
Jan 01 When a president has no empathy
Dec 31 Watergate prosecutor describes the likely Conspiracy
Dec 31 Does Sen. Blumenthal know something we don't???
Dec 31 It is vital to push back hard against right-wing lies that Mueller probe of Trump is a 'coup'
Dec 31 If you're looking for a smoking gun, this could be it - Did the Trump team aid Russian trolls?
Dec 31 Recent New York Times bombshell quietly reveals Trump Campaign plot to generate fake news
Dec 31 A lying, Trump-loving, wall-building, anti-choice GOP nightmare intends to fill Sen. Corker's seat
Dec 31 DELUSIONAL: Donald Trump Says He Doesn't Like Tweeting and That the Media Will 'Have to Let Me Win'
Dec 30 How the FBI Russia investigation really began: Not a dossier, but 'firsthand information'
Dec 30 NYT: Trump Aide Papadopoulos Knew Russia had Hillary Emails 2 Months Before Wikileaks Released Them
Dec 30 With Tax Plan Safely Across Finish Line, Marco Rubio Admits GOP 'Probably Went Too Far' in Rewarding Corporations
Dec 30 Donald Trump promised to 'protect and fight for' American workers. Here's how that went in 2017.
Dec 30 Chelsea Handler, Maggie Haberman, Joy Reid and others chime in on Trump's BS-athon with NYT
Dec 30 Reuters: Russia Secretly Supplying North Korea with Fuel via Cargo Transfers at Sea
Dec 30 Charles P. Pierce Looks at the Trump Interview. What he sees ain't good.
Dec 30 Yes, Republicans, You Have Truly F*cked Yourselves.
Dec 30 Senate Republicans want to change the rules again to jam the courts with Trump appointees
Dec 29 Trump interviews can never be depositions - They're self-promotional, but still revealing
Dec 29 Rob Reiner pretty much nails what the majority of Americans think about Trump's NYT interview
Dec 29 Joy Reid Brilliantly Dissects Trump's NY Times Interview in One Thread.
Dec 29 New York Times interview: Trump insists there was no collusion with Russia ... sixteen times
Dec 28 NEW: Devin Nunes' Campaign Donor Was Original Funder Of Trump-Russia Dossier
Dec 28 Trump administration makes it easier for nursing homes to neglect, abuse the elderly
Dec 28 Washington Post data reporter uncovered a stunningly hypocritical error message on Trump's website
Dec 28 Roy Moore is trying to block Alabama election results, citing conspiracy theories and black voters
Dec 28 Trump's lawyers gearing up to attack his former national security adviser in Russia investigation
Dec 28 Model, activist Chrissy Teigen neatly snips Trump supporter with four words—and Twitter loves it
Dec 28 Mueller reportedly looking at whether Russians targeted key swing state voters with RNC data
Dec 28 After CNN took a video of Trump golfing, his staff went next level ridiculous on the next golf trip
Dec 27 Trump-loving, Breitbart-supported candidate goes on anti-Semitic rant, promotes Neo-Nazi views
Dec 27 Trump's agency heads are refusing to tell the public who they're meeting with—or why
Dec 27 GOP Congress just made a bunch of enemies with their Tax Scam Bill
Dec 27 Russian oligarchs' money... at what moment will they give Trump up to keep their wealth
Dec 27 Congressional investigations take another look at one of Don Jr.'s Russia meeting buddies
Dec 27 Mike Huckabee Compares Dotard to Churchill, Gets Twitter-Hammered.
Dec 27 'You Didn't Read It, Did You?' Orrin Hatch Mocked for Praising Editorial That Condemns His 'Utter Lack of Integrity'
Dec 26 Trump's ALL-CAPS Post-Christmas Russia Rant Reveals How Frightened He Is of His Bleak Future
Dec 26 Trump blames Jeff Sessions for leaving the Senate to work for ... Donald Trump
Dec 26 Trump continues one-sided Twitter feud with FBI, digs his obstruction hole a little bit deeper
Dec 26 Slow-learning Trump repeats lie that Obamacare was repealed in the #GOPTaxScam
Dec 26 Wow. Utah's Biggest Newspaper Slams Orrin Hatch on Xmas Day.... "call it a career..."
Dec 26 Is Your Brother-in-Law a Kremlin Asset?
Dec 25 Wanna tick off a Trump voter? Wish them 'Happy Holidays!'
Dec 25 Jokester Who Gifted Mnuchin Horsesh*t Identified. He Works for the LA Department of Mental Health.
Dec 25 Pope Francis Appeals for Peace Amid Conflicts Supported and Inflamed by Trump
Dec 25 An appropriate response to Trump's remarks on tax cut
Dec 25 Multiple hackers have pleaded guilty and confessed to attacking America under orders from Russia
Dec 25 Merry Christmas, Republicans! Democrats Will Challenge Every One Of Your Seats in 2018.
Dec 24 Steve Bannon Publicly Admits Trump/Russia Campaign Collusion
Dec 24 How Trump and the Nazis Stole Christmas
Dec 24 Trump celebrates #GopTaxScam at Mar-a-Lago. Tells friends at dinner: “You all just got a lot richer”
Dec 24 North Korea Rips New Round of US-Crafted Sanctions as 'Act of War'
Dec 24 Virginia Couple, Obama Precinct Captain, Murdered by Daughter's Neo-Nazi Boyfriend.
Dec 24 Is the president leading? Reflections from a fire officer
Dec 24 All Our Base are Belong to Him
Dec 23 Trump, shedding his minders, starts angry tweeting again
Dec 23 Trump Has A Twittergasm Over News That FBI Deputy Director Will Retire In March
Dec 23 Breaking - FBI DEPUTY DIRECTOR MCCABE TO RETIRE. Republican House Members on Mission to Cripple FBI
Dec 23 In Summer Meeting, Trump 'Grumbled' That Haitian Immigrants 'All Have AIDS': Report
Dec 23 This gross propaganda video pressures you to ‘Thank President Trump,’ just like when you were a kid
Dec 23 Trump administration is trying to hide the $5.8 billion its tip-stealing plan would cost workers
Dec 23 This Is How High The Wave Could Rise, If Democrats Harness Their Fury.
Dec 23 Abbreviated Pundit Round-up: The calm before the storm
Dec 22 Partial injunction issued against Trump Travel Ban 3.0
Dec 22 Authoritarianism expert: Trump may be threatening, blackmailing Republicans
Dec 22 Donald Trump has changed the Presidential Challenge Coin and it's a disgrace
Dec 22 Trump Russia Update (#32) Nunes attacks FBI & Mueller, Don Jr & Kushner may be indicted next
Dec 22 Former US attorneys send letter to Trump, say Mueller investigation is 'critical to public trust'
Dec 22 Trump's New Year's gift to the steelworkers who supported him: More layoffs!
Dec 22 House Grilling of FBI Director backfires on Them
Dec 22 Republicans are freaking out about 2018, but it's not like they can make Donald Trump change
Dec 22 Taking a page from Trump's book, U.S. ambassador lies, gets caught, and lies about having lied.
Dec 22 Don Lemon Mocks Trump Tax Bill Celebration: Watch
Dec 22 Two Oft Overlooked Trump/Russia Data Points - With 6 Months Separation
Dec 22 Donald Trump is now considered historically terrible, according to new polling
Dec 22 RW art trolls in defense of Trump
Dec 22 Trump's infantile bullying over Jerusalem is damaging US standing in the world
Dec 21 Tom Brokaw - "So, We're At War Here." - (Trigger Warning)
Dec 21 UN votes 128-9 to declare Trump Jerusalem recognition "null and void"
Dec 21 A Christmas Message to Donald Trump from Ben and Jerry
Dec 21 Mueller has evidence a White House lawyer was researching laws possibly broken by Flynn (and others)
Dec 21 BREAKING: Inauguration protesters are found NOT GUILTY ON ALL COUNTS!!!!
Dec 21 Ivanka Trump tries to boost tax scam, shows off her privileged ignorance instead
Dec 21 Sessions is giving Republicans the Christmas present they want: A Uranium One investigation
Dec 21 'You're one heck of a leader': Republicans line up to fluff Trump's fragile ego
Dec 20 Projecting CDC's Banned Words at Trump Hotel, LGBTQ Rights Group Vows, 'We Will Not Be Erased'
Dec 20 Please Send Knee Pads: Lapdog Pence Gives Boot-Licking A Bad Name, and We Are All Doomed
Dec 20 House Republicans secretly going after FBI?
Dec 20 Susan Collins to CHIP kids: No health care for you, maybe next year
Dec 20 Mark Warner just spoke on "the future of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation".
Dec 20 White House Counsel McGahn Knew Flynn was Crooked in January, and Warned Trump
Dec 20 Holy F: Watch Trump Admit That He Deliberately Hid the GOP Tax Scam's Sabotage of ObamaCare
Dec 20 Mueller orders up a fresh batch of documents on Trump's firing of Comey
Dec 20 Paul Ryan: 'Nobody knows' if the tax cuts will pay for themselves
Dec 20 Mother Jones: A case in Britain could reveal much about Cambridge Analytica
Dec 20 Speculation: Does Mueller Have a Doomsday Machine?
Dec 19 FOX News Guest co-Host says Comey and FBI may have planned to Assassinate Donald Trump
Dec 19 Former AG Sally Yates Pens a Warning Today: "[S]tand Up. Speak Out."
Dec 19 Because Republicans can't govern, the House is going to have revote on the #GOPTaxScam
Dec 19 More Than 100,000 Americans Vow to Hit Streets in Mass Protest If Trump Fires Mueller
Dec 19 The best description of Trump is from a seven year old Croatian psychiatric journal.
Dec 19 The #CorkerKickback will reap big rewards for 14 GOP senators, including its author Orrin Hatch
Dec 19 The Senate’s Russia Investigation Is Now Looking Into Jill Stein
Dec 19 Sorry, Sir, It Seems Your Letter of Exoneration Got Lost in the Mail
Dec 19 Trump's leadership has made Americans deeply pessimistic
Dec 18 James Clapper Calls drumpf a Putin "Asset" on CNN.
Dec 18 House Republicans wind down their deep, thorough, absolutely relentless investigation of Trump
Dec 18 The strange case of confident Donald and cowardly Trump
Dec 18 Video: Ady Barkan has a message for Senator Bob Corker about the #CorkerKickBack and Tax Scam Bill
Dec 18 Corker demands to know how #CorkerKickback made it into the tax bill just as he decided to vote yes
Dec 18 Mueller's email collection has Trump's team worried ... while Trump himself slips into fantasyland
Dec 18 Sandy Hook Mom Tears Into Trump for What He Did on 5-Year Anniversary
Dec 18 Trump will drop climate change from US National Security Strategy
Dec 18 Fox News Pushes Trump Dictatorship, Tells Critics to Shut Up and Obey Their Master
Dec 17 Sen. Corker denies knowledge of tax bill change enriching himself, saying he hasn't read the bill
Dec 17 tRUmp gang just pissed off because Mueller totally outfoxed them
Dec 17 John Cornyn Admits Giving Bob Corker a Golden Parachute For His Yes Vote On The GOP Tax Scam Bill
Dec 17 The GSA Email Uproar: Something that has been overlooked.
Dec 17 GSA lawyer responds to transition team complaint: 'umm no, dude'
Dec 17 Amazing CIA bombshell that proves Trump is either compromised or delusional
Dec 17 Special counsel snagged 7,000 Trump transition emails. Trump lawyer: They were acquired 'unlawfully'
Dec 16 Donald J. Trump: The 'Least Popular First-Year President on Record'
Dec 16 Steve Schmidt Nicole Wallace Ravage FOX Propaganda: "There'll Be People With Blood On Their Hands"
Dec 16 Russia Hacked DNC Emails, Mueller Didn't Have To Hack Trump's And Got "tens of thousands”. Uh-Oh
Dec 16 Boom! Eric Holder Fires Warning Shot to Republicans Undermining Mueller Investigation
Dec 16 Trump Just Accidentally Told Millions of Working Class Families the Truth About GOP Tax Plan
Dec 16 Lawsuit roundup: Who's suing Trump today?
Dec 16 Ex-CIA director says Fox is 'on notice' for its Mueller hit jobs
Dec 16 Trump's war on 'chain migration' raises lots of questions about how Melania and her parents got here
Dec 16 How to hit the streets with MoveOn if Trump fires Mueller
Dec 15 With Fresh Threats to Investigate or Oust Mueller, Critics Warn Trump Approaching 'Red Line'
Dec 15 Kushner looks for PR firm to manage his crisis... as if bad PR is the real problem
Dec 15 Rep. Schiff sounds the alarm: Republicans are trying to shut down the Russia investigation
Dec 15 Trump was told Putin Ordered Election Interference
Dec 15 Trump's bluster about pardoning Flynn is as idiotic as usual
Dec 15 So painful: Watch a Trump U.S. District Judge nominee fail to answer a single basic question of law
Dec 15 Senate Intel Committee's 9 hour Don Jr interview pales next to Mueller's Cambridge Analytica demands
Dec 15 What Trump stunt will occur today at FBI Quantico...
Dec 14 'This Is Not Over': Rubio Threat to Vote 'No' Raises Hopes for GOP Tax Scam Defeat
Dec 14 Small farmers who voted for Trump are suing him for taking away Obama-era protections
Dec 14 Trump supporters demanded the NY Times to compare his lies to other presidents—they shouldn't have
Dec 14 Trump White House Smacks Down Tillerson's Call for Direct Talks With North Korea
Dec 14 WaPo: American Democracy under Assault by Russians; Trump's Massive Insecurities Deny Reality
Dec 14 McCain, McConnell, and Trump's lawyer make the case for waiting for Doug Jones on the tax cuts bill
Dec 14 After Tuesday, Charles M. Blow has a warning for Republicans
Dec 14 VP Mike Pence Dissed by Custodian of the Keys at Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem
Dec 14 Rosenstein gives Robert Mueller his Seal of Approval
Dec 13 Ouch! A polling firm asked voters for the first word that comes to mind when they hear 'Trump'
Dec 13 As Final Tax Scam Vote Looms, Demands for McConnell to Seat Doug Jones 'Immediately'
Dec 13 Maxine Waters does not pull punches about the Alabama Senate race.
Dec 13 Trump works mightily to pretend that Alabama loss isn't the 'big black eye' we all know it is
Dec 13 Holy Crap, USA Today declares war on Trump: 'Not fit to clean the toilets' in Obama's Library
Dec 13 Now that Jones has won, watch what happens with the tax bill.
Dec 13 Hannity stuck as Moore loses
Dec 12 Trump's claim that Russian election meddling is a 'hoax' is the 2017 Lie of the Year
Dec 12 After Demeaning Attack on Senate Colleague, Warren Calls Out Trump For 'Slut-Shaming'
Dec 12 Moore supporter says that the Senate won't be 'voting on slavery' so his racism won't be a problem
Dec 12 Trump's lawyers go for the jugular, lobbying for a special counsel to investigate Mueller
Dec 12 White House provides list of 'eyewitnesses' to prove Trump isn't a sexual assaulter. They don't
Dec 12 Trump implies Sen. Gillibrand is a prostitute, adds Twitter attack for his assault victims
Dec 12 Kayla Moore Checkmates "Fake News" - "One of Our Attorneys is a Jew." Twitter is Incredulous.
Dec 12 Video: Alabama peanut farmer’s raw emotional statement that Roy Moore is unfit to serve
Dec 12 'Make our Planet Great Again': France courts American scientists with new grant money
Dec 12 The entire Miami Dolphins roster—75 players—registered to vote
Dec 11 Watergate reporter: Fox News hosts are 'abetting the cover-up' in White House special counsel probe
Dec 11 Republican National Committeewoman resigns over party's support of accused child molester Roy Moore
Dec 11 Charles M. Blow: Rise of the Roypublicans - a brilliant column
Dec 11 Roy Moore Speaks Russian Fluently. Translation Needed.
Dec 11 Trump in a barrel tomorrow... 3 of his sexual assault accusers call for Congressional investigations
Dec 11 "The attacks on Mueller push us closer to the precipice"
Dec 10 Finally, a neurologist weighs in on signs of dementia in Trump’s behavior.
Dec 10 The Dangerous New Normal: Rep King Tweets KKK-Euro Fascist Crap, Because He Can.
Dec 10 Life is not all hookers and blow for us regular folk, Sen. Grassley.
Dec 10 Protesters Greet Trump at Mississippi Museum As Leaders Honor Civil Rights Figures
Dec 10 You reap what you sow: Ben Sasse says farmers in his state are panicked about health care rate hikes
Dec 10 Russian strongman appears as "Superputin" in new exhibition
Dec 10 Alabama Sen. Richard Shelby: "I couldn't vote for Roy Moore."
Dec 10 Psychiatrists Sound Alarm: Trump Deteriorating By the Day. We Are All In Danger.
Dec 10 Fox and Friends Call Lindsey Vonn "Un-American" Cause She Thinks drumpf is a POS
Dec 09 A must see video of a mesh video. If you've never seen it you have to
Dec 09 Zinke says energy wasn't involved in Bears Ears decision. Nuclear company documents say otherwise
Dec 09 Using Ivanka Trump's Own Words Against Her Father's Cause, Resistance Group Protests Pro-Moore Rally
Dec 09 Trump stoops low by calling pets "low class"
Dec 09 Orange guy draws hundreds to his cult rally in Pensacola
Dec 09 Goodbye, Mr. Mueller
Dec 09 Vindictive Trump asked Romney’s niece: Would she be willing to stop using her middle name publicly?
Dec 09 Keep Hope Hicks alive! ... 2 days with Mueller ... Russians spamming her since the 2016 Election
Dec 09 Republican Operative: The party that supports this guy can no longer exist
Dec 09 Here's How Donald Trump's 'Fake News' Smears Are Emboldening the World's Tyrants
Dec 08 What Russia did for Trump—A stream of stolen documents defined the campaign
Dec 08 120 Jewish Studies Scholars Condemn Trump's Jerusalem Declaration
Dec 08 Susan Collins (R-ME) Begins To Realize The Terrible Mistake She Made
Dec 08 House Republicans outraged to discover their bill taxes graduate students on income they don't make
Dec 08 #TrumpToo: Amid Reckoning, Calls to Hold President Accountable Swell
Dec 08 Trump-Endorsed Roy Moore Condemned for Reminiscing Fondly About 'Great' Era of US Slavery
Dec 08 Wikileaks sent Trump private access and a decryption key to emails weeks before they were released
Dec 08 Papadopoulos's fiancee says outreach to Russia was supported by campaign including Bannon, Flynn
Dec 08 Sen. Collins: You called for Sen. Franken's resignation. When will you ask Donald Trump to resign?
Dec 08 As SoCal Burns House GOP Tax Bill Ends Deductions for Fire & Quake Damage but not Hurricanes
Dec 08 Donald Trump and Jared Kushner's businesses make out like bandits in Republican 'tax plan'
Dec 07 GOP Rep. Trent Franks resigning over 'discussion of surrogacy with two previous female subordinates'
Dec 07 Trey Gowdy not interested in investigating reported deal to 'rip up' sanctions against Russia
Dec 07 John Lewis won't attend Mississippi Civil Rights Museum opening if 'hit man' Donald Trump is there
Dec 07 Emails show follow-up to Trump Tower Russia meeting despite Don Jr.'s denials
Dec 07 In resignation speech, Franken notes 'irony' that sexual assault braggart Trump remains
Dec 07 After Caving to Right-Wing Smear Campaign, MSNBC 'Grows a Spine' and Rehires Sam Seder
Dec 07 Trevor Noah Implores us not to Retweet #DentureDonald. Sheriously, Don't Retweet #DentureDonald.
Dec 07 First Trump Impeachment Vote Defeated
Dec 07 'That's Not How It Works': Experts Call Out Don Jr's Bogus Claim of Attorney-Client Privilege
Dec 07 As Team Trump caters to big business and big profits, more national monuments are in the crosshairs
Dec 07 Al Franken may want to impose two conditions before resigning.
Dec 07 Here's a picture of Clarence Thomas's wife giving an award to James O'Keefe in Trump's hotel today
Dec 06 70% of Americans Think Congress Should Probe Sexual Assault Allegations Against Trump
Dec 06 Kushner, Who Has Been a Diplomat for a Minute, Pushed drumpf to Jerusalem Gambit.
Dec 06 Paul Ryan's winning 2018 idea: Cut Medicare and Medicaid after giving $1.5 trillion away to the rich
Dec 06 Mitch McConnell calls on Franken to resign while his party spends cash to elect a child molester
Dec 06 Donald Trump Jr says daddy wouldn't help him, made him talk to his assistant
Dec 06 Holy sh-t! Obama, talking about today's politics, invokes rise of Hitler.
Dec 06 Republicans desperate to destroy Mueller are coming at the FBI from every angle
Dec 06 Flynn promised that Russian sanctions would be 'ripped up' 11 minutes into Trump's presidency
Dec 06 Any Dem who wants a messaging lesson doesn't need a Big Bux consultant. Barbara Lee does it for free
Dec 06 Mike Pence is the last ignorant man ... by design
Dec 06 Child sex predator Roy Moore says George Soros is going to hell because he's a Jew
Dec 06 Mueller, Comey, Hillary Should All Go To Jail - And Sean Hannity Will Tell You Why. Repeatedly.
Dec 05 Mike Pence Ratted Out His Frat Brothers for a Keg
Dec 05 Trump Impeachment Vote To Be Forced Wednesday
Dec 05 Republican tax bill polling at a disastrous 29 percent support in two consecutive polls
Dec 05 Trump may hire Blackwater to circumvent U.S. Intelligence agencies for intel controlled from WH
Dec 05 Outdoor gear maker Patagonia will sue the Trump administration over shrinking national monuments
Dec 05 Doug Jones takes off the gloves—'Men who hurt little girls should go to jail—not to the U.S. Senate'
Dec 05 Trump pledges to take food from hungry children next. Or, as he calls it, 'welfare reform.'
Dec 05 Reporters rebel as White House spokesman refuses to answer questions on the record
Dec 05 Mueller subpoenas Trump's records from Deutsche Bank, challenges the 'red line' for investigation
Dec 05 Trump 'Closer To Impeachment Now,' GOP Strategist Says
Dec 05 Six endangered Republicans could be doomed by the GOP's tax assault on the middle class
Dec 05 MSNBC Gives The Alt Right A Huge Win By Firing Sam Seder Over A Contrived Smear. We Must Speak Out.
Dec 05 In protest, people begin social media mass-abandonment of John McCain
Dec 04 Trump Organization breaks agreement to not engage in foreign investments ... again
Dec 04 Woman Roy Moore denied knowing and dating when she was 17 busts out the receipts
Dec 04 Tomorrow, NY Judge could order Trump to testify in sexual assault case.
Dec 04 Trump's Labor Department wants to let employers pocket workers' tips
Dec 04 McConnell: It was 'impossible' to make sure the middle class didn't get a tax increase in bill
Dec 04 White House doubles down: Trump didn't write or send tweet. Who is in charge?
Dec 04 Trump's idiotic 'the lawyer did it' excuse gets much, much more stupid
Dec 04 In just 54 seconds, here is the case for charging Donald Trump with obstruction of justice
Dec 04 Sen Grassley Disparages Working People: "spending every darn penny they have - on booze, or women,"
Dec 04 E J Dionne ties Trump and the Republican party together -its about greed
Dec 04 Recovering from a golf ball attack, Billy Bush confirms the Trump voice on the grabber tape
Dec 03 Jared Kushner Failed to Disclose West Bank Funding
Dec 03 In weekend tweets, a furious Trump seeks to delegitimize FBI and special counsel investigation
Dec 03 ‘Go Home Trump’: Protesters Spell It Out on Utah Capitol Lawn Day Before Trump Attack on National Monuments
Dec 03 How many people are authorized to pretend to be the president? Public has a right to know.
Dec 03 Democrat stops CNN Host cold as she appeased Trump admin's felonies
Dec 03 Ho Hum job...Trump lied again, and he pled that his tweets pleaded for us to believe his lies again
Dec 03 Trump lawyer John Dowd wears red shirt since client couldn't have admitted to obstruction of justice
Dec 02 K.T. McFarland - Sanctions tic off Russia "which has just thrown the U.S.A. election to him."
Dec 02 View from the Left: Trump's alarming break with reality has one remedy—Mueller
Dec 02 NYC Greets Trump: "Lock Him Up! Lock Him Up!"
Dec 02 Trump just admitted to “Obstruction of Justice” on Twitter
Dec 02 Civics 101-Republicons applauded like they did something, but this is NOT OVER: NEXT STEPS HERE
Dec 02 Trump has tweeted about what he's watching on Fox News more than 100 times as president
Dec 02 Senate Republicans pass massive, radical social engineering project they call a tax bill
Dec 01 Trump needs to plan that exit strategy... now ... because he "calls the final shots" don't he?
Dec 01 Joy Behar finding out that Flynn was cooperating with Mueller investigation is your smile of the day
Dec 01 Cancer doctors make emergency trip to Washington, warn senators they're sentencing patients to death
Dec 01 Republicans steaming ahead to vote on $1+ trillion tax bill no one has seen yet
Dec 01 You know who has been conspicuously quiet of late? Vice President Mike Pence
Dec 01 National Christmas Tree Lighting: Tens Attend.
Dec 01 James Comey trolls Donald Trump on Twitter and Instagram as Flynn news breaks
Dec 01 Michael Flynn asked the Russian ambassador to block a UN vote on orders from Jared Kushner
Dec 01 Flynn reportedly prepared to testify against 'Trump, members of the Trump family, others'
Dec 01 Michael Flynn to plead guilty to making a false statement to the FBI
Dec 01 Trump Golf Trips Cost Nearly $150,000 on Cart Rentals
Dec 01 Sherrod Brown blasts Republicans: 'Don't even insult us by saying this is a legitimate process'
Dec 01 JIMMY KIMMEL TAKES DOWN ROY MOORE- You've got to see this!
Dec 01 If there was No There, there -- Then Why did Trump Go There?
Nov 30 Democrat Promises Trump Impeachment Vote Next Week
Nov 30 Rosie O'Donnell Tweets That Trump Is a 'Child Rapist'
Nov 30 McCain, undergoing cancer treatment, will vote to end cancer treatment for Medicare patients
Nov 30 Flynn flips, Kushner talks, and Trump posts Nazi snuff films
Nov 30 Donald Trump adds one more round of idiocy to his day of hate-speech and international embarrassment
Nov 30 The Republican tax bill will end cancer treatment for Medicare patients
Nov 30 'Proof' that Trump is Putin's Pawn
Nov 29 Bloomberg: 23 Trump businesses receive subpoenas in Emoluments case
Nov 29 Trump's spectacularly unhinged day is now making sense: Flynn may have flipped
Nov 29 Donald Trump doesn't live here anymore—He's in his own reality of hate speech and sick delusions
Nov 29 Hillary Clinton drives the dagger through Trump Presidency. Now, we await Trump's tantrum ...
Nov 29 Leigh Corfman, Preyed Upon When She Was 14, Sends Roy Moore a Letter - "stop calling me a liar"
Nov 29 if Flynn's flipping, it's not even close to the beginning of the end of #TrumpRussia
Nov 29 With one tweet, Bernie Sanders exposes the cowardly Republican tax scam
Nov 29 Trump, Ryan, and McConnell lament Democrats' refusal to bend like Gumby to their every wish
Nov 28 The open internet is one of the few things standing between us and Trump's authoritarian rule
Nov 28 Melania 'didn’t want this come hell or high water'
Nov 28 Obama, Not Trump, May Be Invited to Royal Wedding
Nov 28 Keith Olbermann drops the mic: Trump is done
Nov 28 Eugene Robinson gets it right - it's about Trump's nihilism
Nov 28 Trump SoHo hotel will drop the president's toxic name after profits plummet due to boycotts
Nov 27 New Study Shows How Taxing Rich Saves Lives, While Trump's Tax Plan... Kills
Nov 27 Roy Moore seems to have James O'Keefe pimping WaPo for him ...
Nov 27 Trump supporting, anti-Black Lives Matter Cleveland police union president voted out
Nov 27 Michael Flynn's attorney meeting with Mueller's team in effort to negotiate a deal
Nov 27 At event honoring Native American code talkers, Trump repeats 'Pocahontas' slur
Nov 27 As nuclear secrets emerge about Michael Flynn ... is he batting for Trump, or for Mueller
Nov 27 Trump now denies 'grab 'em by the pussy' recording was him, because that's how big a liar he is
Nov 27 Top Economists No Longer Buying Republican "Trickle Down" BS
Nov 27 Leandra English files suit seeking restraining order to prevent Mulvaney from taking control of CFPB
Nov 27 R.I.P. First Amendment
Nov 27 How Democracy dies? Voter Suppression + Court Packing + Killing Net Neutrality
Nov 26 The weekend in Trump tweets: Lying, promoting a conspiracy site, and advocating for a child molester
Nov 26 Donald Trump lied about Time's 'Person of the Year' because he is a sad pathetic lying garbage fire
Nov 26 Trump Uses Mosque Attack to Promote Muslim Ban as Death Toll Tops 300
Nov 26 Trump promotes another conspiracy theory site ... must be a bad weekend at Mar-a-Lago
Nov 26 Once and for all, the Atlantic exposes the racism behind Trump's appeal
Nov 26 You'll never guess Who Flynn was Following on Twitter -- and Re-tweeting
Nov 26 LMAO - Contents of Seb Gorka's A** Spilled on Twitter; Readers Respond.
Nov 25 Is wagon-circling ahead for the Kushner-Trumps ...back to NYC and the Tower
Nov 25 GOP Senate adds last-second provision to guarantee Americans NEVER benefit from their tax scheme
Nov 25 Under Trump, Mar-a-Lago is remaking itself as a slush fund for the president
Nov 25 State’s Prepare To Shut Down Children's Health Programs. Trump Golfs for 4th Consecutive Day
Nov 25 The Trump-Russia Story Is Coming Together. Here's How to Make Sense of It
Nov 25 Lots of GOOD NEWS for the RESISTANCE! AND We are on the right side of history! Saturday's Good News
Nov 25 In final act, Cordray blocks Trump from naming his successor at consumer protection bureau
Nov 25 FCC Chairman Ajit Pai cheating and lying to give the internet away to big telecom
Nov 25 Donald Trump is PISSED (And Lying) Because He Won't Be Time Magazine's Person of the Year
Nov 24 Is the "Turkish Gatsby" Mueller's Secret Witness Against Michael Flynn?
Nov 24 Coal mining fatalities up sharply as Trump cuts safety regulations, cripples MSHA
Nov 24 Don Jr.'s friend explains his 'very smart' Russia investigation strategy
Nov 24 The Likely Motive for Flynn to Flip
Nov 24 Dozens of #TrumpTaxScam Sit-Ins and Rallies Planned for Final Resistance Push
Nov 24 Jennifer Lewis gives strong advice to those who feel 'hopeless' about Trump
Nov 24 As Obamacare enrollments surge along, Trump throws another tweet tantrum
Nov 24 Flynn, Bannon, and Kushner were making money by proliferating nuclear materials in the Middle East
Nov 24 Philadelphia Mayor Calls drumpf "A Punk".
Nov 23 NYT: Indications that Flynn has Flipped
Nov 23 Trump thinks the F-35 is Wonder Woman’s plane
Nov 23 Flynn may be cooperating with special counsel in Trump-Russia investigation
Nov 23 On This Thanksgiving Day Donald Trump Insults the Troops and Graciously Thanks - Himself
Nov 23 LaVar Ball Wants Dumb Don to Attack Him Again. The Free Advertising Has Been Worth $13.2 Million.
Nov 23 Trump tweets a storm, Even as #TrumpRussia continues its thankless but giving tasks
Nov 23 I finally found it, video of Tweeden on Hannity questioning Obama's birth certificate.
Nov 23 The Alabama Senate race has officially become a Simpsons episode
Nov 23 The Top Secret info that Trump gave the Russians
Nov 23 FFS: New Poll Shows That More Republicans Are Totally Cool With Candidates Who Are Sexual Predators
Nov 22 Time Square lights up with Trump’s face and a message to the world: IMPEACH!
Nov 22 Trump's economic adviser faked a bad phone connection to get Trump to stop talking
Nov 22 Trump supporters are attacking LeVar Burton because they're racist idiots who think he's LaVar Ball
Nov 22 Of course the Republican 'tax plan' is a massive giveaway to the rich. That was the whole point.
Nov 22 Sexual assaulter Trump privately doubted the accusers of sexual predator Moore
Nov 22 Trump's racist morning tantrum demands that he get love ... or else
Nov 22 To Huckabee Sanders: I am thankful for ABC News' Cecilia Vega
Nov 22 If you want to work for the Trump administration, it helps to have family that already does
Nov 21 "Do You Think They'll Get The President?" Jared Kushner Asked A Friend.
Nov 21 Trump endorses Roy Moore: A pedophile is better than 'a liberal Democrat'
Nov 21 Trump's Office of Science and Technology has no leadership, 33% staff, almost no science backgrounds
Nov 21 Trump's top pick to run the Census Bureau: The author of 'Competitive Elections Are Bad for America'
Nov 21 New Democratic ad turns the words of Roy Moore's own party against him
Nov 21 Trump's tweets show a concerted attempt to undermine the Russia investigation, reinforce obstruction
Nov 21 Adam Serwer writes the definitive piece on Trumpism
Nov 21 In Latest Ethics Offense, NRCC Offers Supporter a Stay in Trump's Hotel In Exchange for Donation
Nov 21 Our Best Ally in the Fight Against Trump is... Trump? Tuesday's Good News
Nov 20 Forbes Bottom Lines Insanity of GOP Tax Bill: They're Coming For Your Social Security & Medicare
Nov 20 Trump should prepare for 'a long winter' as Mueller asks about Russian contacts 'not yet public'
Nov 20 Sheriff arrests woman for anti-Trump decal on truck, she adds the sheriff to the decal
Nov 20 Make less than $50,000 a year? Republicans want you to pay for the millionaires' tax cuts
Nov 20 What happens when black men refuse to praise Trump: 'I should have left them in jail'
Nov 20 Kushner/Hicks testimony with Mueller this week means more distracting Trump tweets ... Stay Focused
Nov 20 ABC News reports Mueller asking for documents from Justice
Nov 19 Fed-up NJ husband, father and healthcare professional blasts GOP Congressman—right to his face
Nov 19 Sean Hannity Unleashes His Inner-Trump In a Full-Psycho, All-Caps Twitter Rant
Nov 19 Did you know Trump made it easier for banks to get away with screwing the poor and minorities?
Nov 19 Jared Kushner has a real Problem with Transparency
Nov 19 Under GOP Plan, Wealthy Foreign Investors Benefit Nearly Three Times More Than US Taxpayers
Nov 19 Alabama's Largest Newspaper Endorses Doug Jones; Calls on Alabamians to Reject Roy Moore
Nov 18 Republican governors autopsy Gillespie's loss and worry about Trump
Nov 18 Franken isn't the target
Nov 18 Donald Trump's tax returns are in a locked IRS cabinet, soon to be a locked IRS safe
Nov 18 Russian Worker at "The Factory of Lies" speaks out about the Troll Farm Operation
Nov 18 TONS OF RUSSIA NEWS, the TRUTH will come out soon, has Trump Panicking: Saturday's Good News
Nov 18 More secret Kushner meetings to be disclosed, latest omitted is one with Russian mobster
Nov 18 Hayes' Powerful Trump Accuser Video Montage Must Go Viral. Video Attached.
Nov 18 Trump's health secretary pick helped raise insulin prices 325 percent
Nov 17 Watch GOP Senator Get Really Mad and Say 'Bullcrap' When Tax Plan Designed to Benefit the Rich Called a Tax Plan to Benefit the Rich
Nov 17 Hillary announces she is resigning … as Fox News's president of the United States
Nov 17 Department of Defense accidentally tweets out a call for Trump to resign
Nov 17 Taxpayer money is going toward defending Trump's businesses from lawsuits
Nov 17 Kellyanne Conway explains Trump's cowardice on Roy Moore: It's old news
Nov 17 The Trump–Russia story is a story about money laundering in real estate. Full stop.
Nov 17 New Zealand's prime minister shuts Trump down with a 'joke' about popularity
Nov 17 Reckoning Trump's weak distractions because Jared and Hope are talking to Mueller
Nov 16 A Coordinated Hitjob Against Dems is Underway and Al Franken Won't be the Last
Nov 16 Kushner emailed campaign about a 'Russian backdoor overture and dinner invite,' withheld emails
Nov 16 Texas Sheriff Wants to Charge Truck Owner for Protected Speech. F**K That.
Nov 16 Conservative lawmaker resigns after consensual, 'inappropriate behavior' with a man in his office
Nov 16 CEO pens viral piece exposing the Republican tax cut as a lie to the middle class
Nov 16 Trump Sinks to a New Low--Even For Him.
Nov 16 Company buys land on US-Mexican border to interfere with Trump’s Wall
Nov 15 Here's video of a room full of CEOs admitting they won't invest their Republican tax cuts
Nov 15 Trump's 'major statement' fizzles as he fumbles with a water bottle and refuses Roy Moore questions
Nov 15 Republican Poll: Roy Moore trails Doug Jones by 12, after a 28-point slide in support
Nov 15 Declaring 'Train of Injuries Must End,' House Dems Introduce Articles of Impeachment Against Trump
Nov 15 The stupid, it burns—Trump supporters tell Jimmy Kimmel why Hillary Clinton should be impeached
Nov 15 In an apparent cut and paste job, Trump sends 'thoughts and prayers' to wrong city after shooting
Nov 15 Shep Smith commits an act of journalism on uranium 'scandal,' and Fox News viewers are outraged
Nov 15 GOP Fund-Raiser Quits Over Trump Tax Bill: “It’s going to hurt a lot of middle-class Republicans.”
Nov 15 Tax cuts for the rich AND $25 billion in Medicare cuts: What more could Paul Ryan ask for?
Nov 15 A-OK in Oklahoma: Democrats flip their 14th special election from red to blue on Tuesday
Nov 15 PATHETIC: Trump is Relying on His Warped Imagination to Convince Himself That He's Popular
Nov 14 Republican Strategist Steve Schmidt Goes There: VP Pence is a "Titanic Fraud," and "Nonstop Liar."
Nov 14 AL Congressman hilariously breaks land speed record running from reporter asking about Roy Moore
Nov 14 FBI: Note On Money Transfer To Russian Embassy: “to finance election campaign of 2016”
Nov 14 Pence Caught in Yet Another 'Demonstrably False' Claim After WikiLeaks/Don Jr. Revelations
Nov 14 Sessions' second special counsel idea isn't about Hillary—it's about attacking Robert Mueller
Nov 14 When it comes to Russia, Jeff Sessions mostly can't remember ... or so he says
Nov 14 Senators call for an investigation into the finances, shady ethics of Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross
Nov 14 400+ Millionaires and Billionares send a letter to Congress calling for their Taxes NOT to be Cut
Nov 14 Sessions faces House panel after multiple reports of Trump-Russia contacts prove he lied
Nov 13 Donald Jr. violated Federal Law when coordinating with Wikileaks
Nov 13 The strange tale of how Michael Flynn became National Security Advisor
Nov 13 Trump's laughably unqualified judicial pick didn't disclose he's married to a White House lawyer
Nov 13 Trump campaign coordinated directly with WikiLeaks to push stolen emails provided by Russia
Nov 13 Republicans forced to admit they 'misspoke' about that promise of lower taxes for everyone
Nov 13 Trump warns that 'people will die' unless the Russian investigation, and sanctions, are dropped
Nov 13 Donald Trump bonds with murderous thug Rodrigo Duterte over their mutual disdain for human rights
Nov 13 Charles P. Pierce Eviscerates GOP: "Roy Moore Is Exactly What the Republican Party Is All About."
Nov 13 Jimmy Kimmel is a Genius. Boosts Sign Ups for Trumpcare at
Nov 13 "Trump is Putin’s dupe."
Nov 12 Seth Abramson lays out the Trump - Putin - Papadopoulos - Greece Connection
Nov 12 WTF? Trump's Treasury Secretary Says GOP Tax Plan Restores Great Depression Policies
Nov 12 In His Own Scary AF Words: Trump is a Traitor Who Believes Putin And is Selling Out America
Nov 12 Why do Republicans prefer a Pedophile to a Democrat? A Short History of Demonization
Nov 11 Meanwhile, a Russian Spy Who Worked with Putin is Now In Charge of US Embassy Security!
Nov 11 Papadopolous Kept Top Trump Advisor Stephen Miller In Loop On His Russian Contacts During Campaign
Nov 11 View from the Left: One year into Trump, we have the cure
Nov 11 CIA Director Pompeo stands by intelligence community that Trump called 'political hacks'
Nov 11 Steve Bannon really IS that stupid, and other short musing on recent news events.
Nov 11 Trump's fraud election commission sued ... by one of its own
Nov 11 Donald Trump says he believes Putin about election, says US intelligence full of 'political hacks'
Nov 11 Let's not forget, Trump has a long history of sexual remarks/behavior towards children.
Nov 11 It was a bad week for Trump and Rs and the future only looks worse for them
Nov 11 Jennifer Rubin smashes Republican defenders of Moore
Nov 10 #BanTrump: On Both Sides of Pacific, Protests Over Trump's Visit to Philippines
Nov 10 Mueller looking into Michael Flynn's meeting with pro-Russia Congressman Dana Rohrabacher
Nov 10 Report: Papadopolous Lied About Russia To FBI To Protect Trump.
Nov 10 Robert Mueller's investigation into Michael Flynn focuses on $15M father-son kidnapping scheme
Nov 10 Trump won't meet with Putin after all, unless he does, which won't be planned, unless it is
Nov 10 Steve Bannon uses Trump's 'pussy' tape to ... defend sexual predator Roy Moore
Nov 10 Senator's basic science questions expose Trump's environmental advisor nominee to be a fraud
Nov 10 Mueller Closes in on Trump's Inner Circle While Republican Party Implodes: Friday's Good News
Nov 10 Congresswoman delivers powerful blow to Republicans—forcing them to expose their GOP Tax ‘Scam’
Nov 09 Bannon goes from supposed political guru to down-on-his-luck hack in one week
Nov 09 Millionaire Takes On Fox Host on GOP Tax Scam
Nov 09 Wilbur Ross continued to buy ships carrying Russian oil while in office as Commerce Secretary
Nov 09 Trump bodyguard admits Trump was offered 'five women' during Moscow trip
Nov 09 Reactions: Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore accused of sexual advances toward multiple children
Nov 09 After Tuesday, 'Establishment Republicans are blaming Trump and talking about Armageddon'
Nov 09 Sen. Bob Corker is going there, will hold a hearing on Trump's authority to use nuclear weapons
Nov 09 Trump doesn't talk to the press—because China told him to shut up
Nov 09 A year after Don the Con promised to save their jobs, Carrier Corp. employees face more layoffs
Nov 09 Carrie Underwood, Brad Paisley Roast Trump at CMA's. "Maybe Next Time He'll Think Before He Tweets."
Nov 09 Rex Tillerson reassigns 'hundreds' of State Department employees to search for Hillary Clinton dirt
Nov 08 Vacancies, Low Morale at Trump's State Department Has Left Agency 'Near Collapse'
Nov 08 Judge Issues Gag Order in Manafort/Gates Russia Case
Nov 08 Lewandowski approved Page's Moscow Trip the same day Papadopoulos contact asked for someone else
Nov 08 Al Green predicts impeachment vote before Christmas
Nov 08 Sean Hannity spent six whole seconds on the elections last night
Nov 08 Republicans making a play to get rid of Mueller
Nov 08 Donald Trump to dignitaries in Japan: I never knew we had so many countries
Nov 08 Local news reports Pence to visit Indiana—locals grumble & threaten to 'take a knee' at airport
Nov 08 Larry Sabato Explains The Democrats Landslide Win in Virginia in One Tweet: “Backlash to Trumpism”
Nov 07 Trump pouts, whines, and tries to distance himself from big Virginia loss. He fails.
Nov 07 Sessions faces open House Judiciary hearing: why this may be a bigger deal than it seems
Nov 07 Adam Schiff tells AP today threat from White House is more serious than Russian threat
Nov 07 releases sweeping 600-story timeline of Trump-Russia ties going back to 1979
Nov 07 There's One Reason We Know Prosecutors Have Enough Evidence Against Flynn and It's Bad For Trump
Nov 07 Reporter puts Trump on the spot about 'extreme vetting' for gun purchases
Nov 07 Bombshell Forbes investigation: Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross lied about being a billionaire
Nov 07 Republican tax plan would strip deduction for teachers buying classroom supplies
Nov 07 Multi-bombshells: Carter Page tries hilariously not to sing like a canary but does anyway
Nov 07 Obstruction of justice case against Trump grows stronger with each potential indictment
Nov 06 Russian Twitter accounts started backing Trump almost immediately after his campaign announcement
Nov 06 So much for 'hire American': Trump ups number of Mar-a-Lago foreign workers
Nov 06 Donald Trump Readies Executive Order to Hike Health Care Premiums on Millions of Americans
Nov 06 Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross says it's 'evil' to suggest he covered up links to Russia
Nov 06 Virginia woman was fired from her job after she was photographed flipping off Trump's motorcade
Nov 06 Quid pro quo: Russian lawyer from Trump Tower meeting says Junior offered to review Magnitsky Act
Nov 06 Brooklyn Based Amateur Blogger/Sleuth Helped to Indict Paul Manafort.
Nov 06 Did Jared just secure his family's real-estate empire by facilitating a palace coup in Saudi Arabia?
Nov 05 Kushner Failed to Disclose Ties With Russian Who Helped Kremlin Invest in Twitter and FBook
Nov 05 Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross retains investment in company doing business with Putin family
Nov 05 Trump asked why 'a country of samurai warriors' wouldn't shoot down NK missiles
Nov 05 NBC: Mueller Has enough Evidence to Indict Mike Flynn & his Son
Nov 05 The Vast Extent Of Russian Cyberwarfare Comes Into Focus As AP Obtains Russia's "Hit List."
Nov 05 Donald Trump Is A Bald-Faced Liar—The Only Question Is Why.
Nov 05 'No Aloha' for Trump as Hawaii Protesters Tell the President: 'We Wish You Weren't Here'
Nov 05 Pussy Riot's Nadya Tolokonnikova Has a Warning for U.S. On "The Last Word With Lawrence O'Donnell".
Nov 04 Watergate Prosecutor to Trump: Keep Interfering With Investigation, Mueller Could Obtain Gag Order
Nov 04 McConnell: no need shield Mueller from firing. Graham: nobody in his 'right mind' would fire Mueller
Nov 04 What Trump is NOW DOING, is What Nixon Was Going to be Impeached For (not just obstruct. of justice)
Nov 04 View from the Left: Mueller’s opening salvo ripples through Team Trump
Nov 04 Roy Moore collected $1 million from his own 'charitable' foundation—and that's not all that's odd
Nov 04 Joy Ann Reid unleashes 42 tweets about the 'rigged' DNC—that all sides may want to read
Nov 04 Ellen tweets hilarious clip of the 11-minutes that Trump's Twitter account was deactivated
Nov 04 NYT: Carter Page Met with Russian Government Officials in Moscow, in June of 2016
Nov 03 Six times in 24 hours, desperate Donald calls for DOJ and FBI to investigate Hillary
Nov 03 Mila Kunis set up a monthly donation in Mike Pence's name to Planned Parenthood
Nov 03 Carter Page is withholding documents ... all the documents
Nov 03 Sen. Al Franken writes incredibly intense letter to Jeff Sessions demanding answers for his lies
Nov 03 Three House Republicans try to oust Mueller over laughable uranium deal conspiracy theory
Nov 03 Trump's actual "base"? I think we just found it.
Nov 03 Ivanka Trump draws largest audience to witness a speech in Tokyo, period.
Nov 03 GOP 'Propaganda' Not Working: Only 13% Believe Tax Plan Will Help Middle Class
Nov 03 Put Trump's name on the 900 plus death certificates in Puerto Rico.
Nov 03 Twitter employee on last day at work deactivates Trump's account
Nov 02 Legal Experts Aghast At Trump's Careless Call for Death Penalty for NYC Suspect
Nov 02 Democrats want Sessions to face the music for his 'alarming pattern' of lying about Russia
Nov 02 MSNBC's host absolutely eviscerates Trump/Pence surrogate: 'Do you trust Bob Mueller?'
Nov 02 Carter Page went behind closed doors with the House Intelligence Committee, and then ...
Nov 02 Home Builders CEO Slams Trump’s Tax Cut: Republicans Are Picking Rich Americans Over Middle Class
Nov 02 Fine print: GOP tax bill repeals a law barring churches from endorsing political candidates
Nov 02 Trump's unqualified nominee for top agriculture spot withdraws ... over Mueller investigation
Nov 02 Paul Manafort is a crook at every possible scale
Nov 02 Papadopoulos's statement raises an intriguing question—who chose WikiLeaks
Nov 02 Cruella DeVos... Not For Long, According To Insiders
Nov 02 Michelle Obama has some sage advice for Pres. Drumpf
Nov 02 Republicans worry their tax giveaway to the rich will be viewed as a tax giveaway to the rich
Nov 01 Papadopoulos plea deal has opened up Jeff Sessions to perjury charges
Nov 01 You Guys, Trump is Totally Fine! Not Worried at All! Just Fine! Really! Fine! Did I say Fine?
Nov 01 Trump 'agreed' Jared Kushner has been giving him bad advice: Watch out, golden boy
Nov 01 This is cyber warfare! See the Russian propaganda ads that ran on Facebook during the 2016 campaign
Nov 01 Trump lies on Twitter about terrorist attack. Sen. Flake calls out the lie and defends Sen. Schumer
Nov 01 Trump Jr might want to take a Twitter time-out after the Halloween spanking he brought on himself
Nov 01 A truck is driving around Washington D.C. blasting all of Donald Trump's campaign tax lies
Nov 01 Paul Manafort had three passports, burner phones, and a wildly fluctuating stack of cash
Nov 01 Chuck Schumer hits back as Trump responds to New York attack with anti-immigrant tweets
Nov 01 The truth about George Papadopoulos shows that Donald Trump is a liar who hired liars to lie
Nov 01 Before and after Russia probe indictments, Fox News worked feverishly to discredit the investigation
Nov 01 How did we get here? Hitler gave Trump what mattered most—Nazi propaganda
Nov 01 Hundreds of Trump Organization secret subdomains are hosted in Russia
Oct 31 James Clapper: There is a 'cloud' over Trump and the country; 'The Russians succeeded.'
Oct 31 It's MuellerTime for Hope Hicks!
Oct 31 Excerpts from this eye-popping WaPo story suggest Trump's staffers think he's guilty
Oct 31 Mueller got a judge to waive Manafort's attorney-client privilege
Oct 31 San Juan's mayor arrives in Washington to ask for help, only to be snubbed by FEMA and Republicans
Oct 31 RNC hired a Russian spy to create two Hillary Clinton dossiers
Oct 31 The former vice chairman of Manafort's preferred money-laundering bank is now our commerce secretary
Oct 31 Trump's lawyer tried to get a viral support campaign going on twitter—it blew up in his face
Oct 31 Desperate to change the narrative, whiny Sean Hannity tore into 'President Clinton' (oops!) on-air
Oct 31 After shockingly inaccurate comments, one of America's best takes John Kelly to school on Twitter
Oct 31 A 'Seething' Trump wakes up to disown his people
Oct 31 "Everyone is freaking out" The Trump White House not handling the first indictments well
Oct 31 Why Papadopoulos has the Trump Team worried
Oct 31 Sessions' claim he was 'not aware' of any Trump-Russia contacts looks like a bald-faced lie
Oct 30 Reading His Admission of Guilt Will Explain Why White House Is Distancing Itself From George Papadopoulos
Oct 30 NYTimes - "the President should be Very Worried."
Oct 30 James Comey power-trolls Manafort and Trump on Twitter
Oct 30 Trump's Gallup daily tracking hits all-time low of 33 percent
Oct 30 Papadopoulos probably wore a wire
Oct 30 Conspiracy charge is against Manafort, Gates ... 'together with others'—which could include Trump
Oct 30 Papadopoulos is the singing canary. Named Trump. WH can't say it's not related now.
Oct 30 Trump’s Housing Secretary Ben Carson forced to expose his own ineptness, thanks to Rep. Al Green
Oct 30 Mueller’s team is believed to have sufficient information to indict Mike Flynn, Trump’s first NSC
Oct 30 Trump adviser George Papadopolous pleads guilty to lying to the FBI about Trump–Russia contacts
Oct 30 Trump on Manafort indictment: It's not about me ... and why isn't it about Hillary Clinton?
Oct 30 Manafort indictment unsealed: 'Conspiracy Against the U.S.' and money laundering included
Oct 30 Twitter reacts to news of indictment of Donald Trump's former campaign manager
Oct 30 Paul Manafort, Donald Trump's former campaign manager, indicted
Oct 30 Now THIS is how you edify Trump on patriotism—three public figures bring him down hard
Oct 30 Rep. Trey Gowdy remains an astonishingly, breathtakingly small and stupid man. Maybe.
Oct 29 Trump Trolls Michael Moore; Moore Fights Back
Oct 29 Panicky Trump tweets "DO SOMETHING!" ; Twitter celebrates
Oct 29 It's beginning to look a lot like ...
Oct 29 SQUIRREL! WSJ editorial board calls for Mueller's resignation, accuses Clinton and DNC of collusion
Oct 28 Trump team caught flat-footed by news of looming indictment
Oct 28 LOL: Fox News is a Halloween Frightfest Featuring "President" Hillary Clinton
Oct 28 View from the Left: As Republicans sell their souls will they destroy the country's too?
Oct 28 Donald Trump continues with his pathetic attempt to shift attention to Hillary Clinton
Oct 28 NBC News confirms: First indictment from Mueller to be served on Monday
Oct 28 It's #MuellerTime, Let's Not Get Carried Away...Oh, What the Hell...
Oct 28 Denver Indivisible greets Mike Pence in a very special way
Oct 28 Another US Attorney bites the dust, could be due to Lord Dampnut's obstruction of justice
Oct 28 Seth Abramson releases Tweetstorm on Russiagate
Oct 27 Twitter reacts to news of charges being filed in Robert Mueller's Russia probe
Oct 27 CNN: Special Counsel Robert Mueller has filed first charges in Russia investigation
Oct 27 Conservative columnist says some senators left a Trump meeting thinking he might have Alzheimer's
Oct 27 Memo Russia lawyer brought to Trump Tower came straight from Kremlin—but barely mentioned Hillary
Oct 27 That $300 million no-bid contract for Puerto Rico forbids any government audit or review
Oct 27 Georgia Election Server Wiped in Response to Lawsuit on Election Integrity
Oct 27 New US ambassador to Canada and coal billionaire says she believes 'both sides' of climate change
Oct 26 Trump lawyer Michael Cohen sold buildings to mystery buyers for millions in cash
Oct 26 HUD again blocks request, says Ben Carson's taxpayer-funded travel records aren't 'public interest'
Oct 26 New Fox News and 538 Generic Preference Polls are amazingly anti-Trump/pro-Democrat.
Oct 26 Cambridge Analytica was 'instrumental' in Trump's campaign—until yesterday
Oct 26 Trump increasingly frustrated his greatness isn't being recognized
Oct 26 The Russia Noose Tightens; Pressure on Manfort and links to Wikileaks revealed
Oct 26 Lindsey Graham: I'll stand up to Trump's authoritarianism as soon as I'm done cutting taxes
Oct 26 Half the world away, Scott Brown makes an ass of himself again
Oct 25 Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke has a side grift going: raising money for 'scam PACs'
Oct 25 A Photoshop genius touched up the paintings of the founding fathers in the Oval Office
Oct 25 Trump campaign data team reached out to Julian Assange in effort to team up against Hillary
Oct 25 Trump delivers more doozies: 'My generals and my military' authorized the Niger mission, 'I didn't'
Oct 25 Abramson: The Impeachable Crime from which the cover-up flows
Oct 25 Republicans gut protection against bank abuses in late-night vote with Pence as tie-breaker
Oct 25 Steele Dossier was funded first by Trump's GOP opponents then by Democrats—which we knew all along
Oct 25 Comey, the Steele Dossier, Reid, Corn, the NYT: WTF happened between Oct. 28 and Nov. 7, 2016
Oct 25 Donald Trump is not 'untrustworthy' or 'inconsistent.' Donald Trump is a liar, and incompetent
Oct 24 Tiny company from Zinke's hometown gets $300 million contract to rebuild Puerto Rico's power grid
Oct 24 'Trump is treason!': Protester yells directly at Trump in Capitol
Oct 24 Spending Millions to Get Their Billions: GOP Mega-Donors Plot to Pass #TrumpTaxScam
Oct 24 Bob Corker lashes out at Trump in very unbelievably harsh terms that sting
Oct 24 Trump is setting the stage for a brutal government shutdown fight
Oct 24 This one tweet shows everything wrong with Trump, Trumpism, and the entire Republican Party
Oct 24 Trump administration bars government scientists from speaking at climate change conference
Oct 23 Have You Seen These Prototypes for Trump's "Ridiculous" Border Wall?
Oct 23 With Trump, Warns Belafonte, Echoes of Hitler 'Not Too Far From Our Door'
Oct 23 As Trump 'Hysterics' Continue, US Moves to Put Nuclear B-52s on 24-Hour Alert
Oct 23 Trump Admin Revokes US Visa of Magnitsky Act Campaigner
Oct 23 Myeshia Johnson 'very upset and hurt' by Trump's heartless phone call—Trump calls her a liar
Oct 23 Day 75 of Trump golfing was a state secret ...
Oct 23 Rachel Maddow's Brilliant Analysis of the Niger Attack Turns Fox News Heads to Mush
Oct 23 Trump's EPA Refuses To Provide New York Times Information On Its Plans To Poison The American Public
Oct 22 Polls: Media offer fake news, but news from Trump seen as phoniest of all
Oct 22 Pentagon Document Contradicts Trump’s Gold Star Claims
Oct 22 Twenty Lies In Four Minutes. Tommy Christopher Dissects John Kelly's Speech.
Oct 22 While Five Former Presidents Raise Money For Hurricane Relief, Trump Plays Golf For The 74th Time
Oct 21 Former Bush Ethics Lawyer Sums Up Donald Trump’s Racist Presidency In One Tweet
Oct 21 Jimmy Carter blasts the misogyny of male religious leaders—and the politicians who cower before them
Oct 21 Forget the war of words, the EO Trump signed Friday night anticipates a war
Oct 21 Excuse me, but did ANYONE notice the GOP is proposing Billions of dollars in cuts to Medicare?
Oct 21 Top psychiatrist gives weighty assessment of how dangerous Trump is—then gives the solution
Oct 20 The Right Is Apoplectic Over This Piece About A Post-Trump "Reckoning"—Which Means It's Good.
Oct 20 The S. Florida Sun Sentinel has Video of Rep. Wilson's Speech, Proving Kelly a Damn Liar.
Oct 20 Putin to America - "Stop Disrespecting Trump"
Oct 20 Schumer: The Senate just passed 'one of the worst budgets Congress has ever passed'
Oct 20 Trump pardoned Sheriff Arpaio, but the court just refused to erase his crimes from the record
Oct 20 Trump's new head of Council on Environmental Quality believes climate change is 'a kind of paganism'
Oct 20 Biglygate continues as Trump tries to rig US attorney's offices
Oct 20 FEMA Has Yet To Authorize Full Disaster Help For Puerto Rico-Drone Deliveries And Monkey Island
Oct 19 'People Are Dying' But Trump Gives Himself Perfect '10' for Puerto Rico Response
Oct 19 Michigan congressman tells constituents to 'get a life' after town hall complaints about Trump
Oct 19 Detroit makes a statement: Eminem gets huge ovation while Kid Rock gets booed at Pistons game
Oct 19 George W. Bush takes thinly veiled shots at Trump over 'bullying and prejudice' and Russia
Oct 19 NFL owner says Trump's bashing of the league is calculated revenge because he was denied a team
Oct 19 Watch Not Simon and Garfunkel Skewer drumpf - Confound "The Sound of Science."
Oct 19 John McCain slams Fox News reporter: Why would you say something that stupid? But was it?
Oct 19 Bernie Sanders crushing Ted Cruz on tax reform is so much fun to watch!
Oct 18 Mnuchin Gives Away the Game: "It's Very Hard Not to Give Tax Cuts to the Wealthy"
Oct 18 Father of slain U.S. soldier says Trump called and offered him $25,000 and then never followed up
Oct 18 Yeah. He went there. Trump calls Congresswoman a liar over comments about his phone call to widow.
Oct 18 Let's make sure Donald Trump sees this veteran's response to 'what he signed up for'
Oct 18 Sick Puerto Ricans suffer as naval hospital ship sits mostly empty—nobody knows how to get to it
Oct 18 Trump finally calls slain soldier's widow: Tells her "He knew what he signed up for!"
Oct 18 Mueller interviewed Matt Tait -- the guy "Recruited" to "Collude with Russians"
Oct 17 Mueller Interviewed Spicer for hours yesterday
Oct 17 Senate Intelligence Committee comes for the stupidest man in the Trump–Russia investigation
Oct 17 Trump's drug czar pick withdraws after report he blocked DEA from fighting opioids
Oct 17 Donald Trump: Liar, hostage-taker, sucks as a deal-maker
Oct 17 Watch Trump Say that Obama Never Called Families of the Fallen, Then Blame His Generals For that Lie
Oct 17 News Roundup: Trump is an idiot who is too busy digging his own political grave to make calls
Oct 17 Good news: 'Trump's unpopularity has been massively underplayed in the media'
Oct 16 Wow. Spurs Coach Gregg Popovich "This man in the Oval Office is a soulless coward..."
Oct 16 'Deranged animal' Trump lies about calling families of troops killed in action
Oct 16 Trump jokes about Mike Pence's hatred of LGBT: 'he wants to hang them all!'
Oct 16 Republicans fear Trump will hand Democrats the House—and the chance to impeach—in 2018
Oct 16 Trump's White House day care fights to keep Trump in his playpen
Oct 16 Opinion: Why Trump is acting frazzled
Oct 16 Charles Blow's column is a thing of beauty: "Trump can't hold a candle to Obama..."
Oct 15 Overthrow Trump? The Establishment is starting to reassert. It has begun.
Oct 15 German soccer team and their officials kneel in support of NFL players and against racial injustice
Oct 15 Tillerson on North Korea: 'Diplomatic efforts will continue until the first bomb drops'
Oct 15 How Facebook May Have Destroyed Our Democracy—For Good
Oct 15 Trump being subpoenaed for all documents related to accusations of sexual assault
Oct 15 Larry Flynt to Offer a $10 Million Reward for Information Leading to Impeachment
Oct 15 U.S. Vets: FEMA Is Lying To Us About Puerto Rico
Oct 15 The New Cook Political Report Shows Strong Momentum For Democrats To Retake The House
Oct 15 125 Psychologists March in NYC for Mr. Trump's Removal From Office
Oct 14 Hillary Clinton: "Look, we just elected a person who admitted sexual assault to the presidency."
Oct 14 No Impeachment, No 25th? There is Another Way
Oct 14 Pro sports teams abandoning Trump's hotels
Oct 14 Voters don't see much to like in Trump, from honesty to the NFL
Oct 14 Donald Trump Proudly Tweets He’s Destroying Health Care Economy, That Employs Millions Of Americans
Oct 14 "Puerto Rico Deniers" Is Now a Thing Thanks to Massive Disinformation Campaign
Oct 14 Republican Congresswoman Calls Out Trump's Sabotage of the ACA
Oct 14 Manafort Had $60 Million in Deals w/Putin BFF as Spox Retracts Statement Denying Debt to Clients
Oct 13 In Mueller interview, Priebus was 'happy to answer all' Russia probe questions
Oct 13 Donald Trump explains how he spoke with the 'president of the Virgin Islands'...who is Donald Trump
Oct 13 New Jersey Republican hits the panic button on Trump's Obamacare sabotage
Oct 13 How big a screw-up is Jared Kushner? Background check head has 'never seen that level of mistakes'
Oct 13 Trump tells Democrats they have to negotiate for the Obamacare hostages he's already killing
Oct 13 Former Wharton Professor: "Donald Trump Was the Dumbest Goddam Student I Ever Had."
Oct 13 How the 25th Amendment became America's secret hope
Oct 13 SWORD OF DAMOCLES FALLS: Trump officially cutting off CSR reimbursements
Oct 13 San Juan mayor blasts Trump's failure in Puerto Rico: 'You are incapable of empathy'
Oct 12 Billionaire Trump backer's data firm under investigation for Russia connections
Oct 12 Think Trump Is Dangerously Unstable Now? Just Wait Till Obama Re-emerges Later This Month.
Oct 12 Trump gets angry after discovering what his tax proposal would actually do
Oct 12 Trump takes his rage out on Obamacare, again, with new executive orders
Oct 12 Lawyers contemplate setting up interview between Trump and Mueller
Oct 12 Trump laughs and jokes during solemn “Retreat” ceremony
Oct 12 Vanity Fair: Trump unraveling, seething, says "I hate everyone in the White House!"
Oct 12 Khrushchev’s Granddaughter Just Compared Trump To Stalin.
Oct 11 Trump says he wants nukes 'in perfect shape' and calls First Amendment rights 'frankly disgusting'
Oct 11 Donald Trump goes full fascist, directly threatens media that criticizes him
Oct 11 The case against Donald Trump: Obstruction of justice
Oct 11 Mushroom clouds and an idiot with the nuclear codes. Or, why Tillerson called Trump a moron
Oct 11 Donald Trump invents some fake news to whine about 'fake news'
Oct 11 Trump's feud with Corker threatens to totally torpedo tax deal he's so desperate to pass
Oct 11 Steve Bannon declares war on the 'GOP establishment' ... except Ted Cruz
Oct 11 Rapper Eminem's epic takedown of Trump
Oct 10 Trump's abysmal 16 percent approval among Latinos is sending GOP strategists into a panic
Oct 10 FEMA: "Not our job to deliver water and food" to Puerto Ricans. Think I am making this up? Wrong!
Oct 10 Mike Ditka: 'There has been no oppression in the last 100 years that I know of'
Oct 10 The Fury of Donald Trump: A tragedy in every act
Oct 10 Donald Trump swears he is not a moron, challenges secretary of state to IQ test
Oct 10 "Unfunny" Stephen Colbert and Jon Steward Give drumpf "Equal Time"
Oct 10 GOP Chair Lies to CNN Saying 'Women Never Came Forward' to Report Trump's Sexual Abuse
Oct 10 Donald Trump's Scottish golf courses are failing bigly
Oct 09 White House lets Jones Act waiver expire. No extension. Why does Trump hate Puerto Rico?
Oct 09 Mike Pence explains how his one minute football visit actually saved America money
Oct 09 The NY Times has a list: Republican's Guide to Presidential Etiquette. Read it, Save it, Share it.
Oct 09 Russia Recruited Black Duo to Spread Anti-Hillary Rap Videos
Oct 09 Corker: virtually all Senate Republicans know Trump is a liability. Impeachment coming?
Oct 08 Jimmy Kimmel uses Politifact to prove Donald Trump is "A Tornado of Fake News"
Oct 07 GOP strategist To Trump supporters: ‘You turned blind eye to Trump’s self-admitted harassment’
Oct 07 Lunatic with nuclear codes may have just threatened to unleash Armageddon (yeah, Trump tweeted)
Oct 07 Joke of a president wants equal TV time to whine about how unfair late-night comedians are to him
Oct 07 Is a huge chunk of Rex Tillerson's financial fate in Trump's teeny-tiny hands?
Oct 07 AZ congressman floats an absolutely insane conspiracy theory about who is funding today's neo-Nazis
Oct 07 New U.S. attorney dismantles northern Ohio civil rights unit
Oct 07 AP Poll: Trump's Approval slides to NEW LOW of 32%
Oct 07 "The Wheels Are Coming off", Carl Bernstein Reviews the Trump Administration
Oct 07 Trump appoints a coal lobbyist to the EPA, while DOE moves to require more power from coal and nukes
Oct 06 A feminist group is playing Trump's p*ssy tape on a 12-hour loop at the National Mall
Oct 06 Trump's Obamacare sabotage is a personal mission and he doesn't care who gets hurt
Oct 06 Treasury secretary took seven flights costing American taxpayers an astonishing $800,000
Oct 06 Donald Trump’s Swamp Swells: Elaine Chao Used Taxpayer-Funded Executive Aircraft, Billed At $5000/hr
Oct 06 FEMA removes inconvenient stats about Puerto Rico's suffering from its website
Oct 06 Amid Trump tantrum, John Kelly ditched Las Vegas trip while Pence stewed and Rex 'scrambled'
Oct 06 Senator destroys a Trump EPA nominee unable to acknowledge facts
Oct 06 WaPo: Content from just 6 Russian fake groups was shared 340 million times on Facebook.
Oct 06 Kellyanne Conway is a soulless cretin and we're not obliged to have the slightest respect for her
Oct 06 Mueller's investigators met with author of the Russia dossier that continues to dog Trump
Oct 06 Rep Elijah Cummings calls for FBI to investigate Jared & Ivanka's private email server
Oct 05 House passes $4.2 trillion budget, sets up tax cuts for the rich and guts Medicare, Medicaid
Oct 05 Russian hackers used anti-virus software as gateway into the NSA
Oct 05 Saved by lesbian capitol officer, Rep. Scalise goes and speaks at anti-LGBT hate group convention
Oct 05 Trump returns from Vegas, gets back to attacking the free press
Oct 05 Hey Trump. Our fellow citizens in Utuado, Puerto Rico are working hard to save themselves.
Oct 05 Mike Pence's chief of staff asks donors to 'purge' Republicans not loyal to Trump
Oct 05 The Pee Pee Tape may well be coming -- kindly avert your eyes: Thursday's Good News
Oct 05 GOP Senator Admits Tillerson and Generals Are The Only Thing Saving The Country From "Chaos."
Oct 04 Trump's team expected Tillerson to resign after calling Trump a 'moron'
Oct 04 Trump's tweets of yesteryear often come back to haunt him and this is hands down the best one yet
Oct 04 Senate investigation update: 'Collusion is still an open question,' but Russian interference is sure
Oct 04 Trump says Puerto Rico's debt should be erased, bond market tanks, Mulvaney denies Trump said it
Oct 04 NYC DA curiously dropped felony case against Don Jr. and Ivanka after Trump lawyer paid a visit
Oct 04 Tillerson gives press conference full of Trump praise ... but doesn't deny he called him a 'moron'
Oct 04 Trump denies Puerto Rico’s request to allow hurricane victims to redeem food stamps at restaurants
Oct 04 CNN: Russian Facebook Ads Targeted Michigan & Wisconsin in 2016 Election
Oct 04 Interior Department now investigating Sec. Zinke's taxpayer-funded charter flights
Oct 03 Question for our,"President" ... do you believe it's ok to kill a person because they are gay ?
Oct 03 Jared and Ivanka move personal email accounts to Trump Organization computers to avoid scrutiny
Oct 03 Steve Bannon warns Trump away from doing anything about mass murder
Oct 03 Paul Ryan: Mentally ill person's right to become a mass murderer trumps his right to health care
Oct 03 Mueller looks for ways to pardon-proof his case against Trump
Oct 03 The report Trump officials don’t want you to see
Oct 03 As Trump travels to Puerto Rico, the White House leaks their strategy
Oct 03 WaPo: Russians Used Facebook 'Retargeting' Tool to Mess with 2016 Election
Oct 02 Pat Robertson says Vegas attack was because of people's "disrespect" of Trump & national anthem
Oct 02 Germany steps up to help rebuild power grid in Puerto Rico's emergency relief centers
Oct 02 Sandy Hook mom goes off: 'We value guns, flags & fake acts of patriotism over people, pain'
Oct 02 Donald Trump announces he's dedicating a Golf Trophy to Hurricane Maria's victims in Puerto Rico
Oct 02 Trump FEMA head: Maria relief 'the most logistically challenging event the US has ever seen'
Oct 01 'There's a medical center down here and everyone that was in the Intensive Care Unit died. Everyone'
Oct 01 An unfit, incompetent and unstable Trump continues his weekend Twitter rants
Oct 01 We Agree That Trump Is Unfit to Serve and Should Be Impeached. Now We Need to Convince Republicans.
Sep 30 Trump's own Fake News puts out photo-shopped image of NFL player burning the U.S. Flag
Sep 30 White House weighs tougher immigration rules to make up for Trump's deal on Dreamers
Sep 30 Congressional aides are trading stocks as they help write legislation affecting those companies
Sep 30 Copout-in-Chief Trump attacks San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz for his own fail Maria leadership
Sep 30 George Clooney Bursts the 'Hollywood Elite' Bubble BS and Trump's 'Gold Toilet' Hypocrisy
Sep 30 DOJ obtains warrants on Facebook for personal information of anti-Trump protestors
Sep 29 Betsy DeVos faces absolutely stunning 'silent' protest at Harvard
Sep 29 VA chief and wife had a lovely taxpayer-funded trip to Europe: Wimbledon, river cruise, sightseeing
Sep 29 Author Stephen King to Workers: Trump "Couldn't Give Sh*t One About You"
Sep 29 San Juan mayor blasts Trump admin: 'This is a people are dying story! Where is the good news?'
Sep 29 High-flying Interior Secretary Zinke took taxpayer-funded jets to Lake Tahoe, Virgin Islands, Norway
Sep 29 Melania Trump Donated Ten Children's "Books" to Her School... Librarian Schools Her.
Sep 29 Bombshell: Tom Price's private flights have cost taxpayers over $1 million since May
Sep 29 Kushner's lawyer inadvertently forwarded Senate Intel Committee letter—they're not happy with Jared
Sep 28 Top Russian Hacker Admits He Was Working for Putin
Sep 28 White House: Americans will be 'blown away' by the success of the Puerto Rico relief efforts
Sep 28 Trump tax plan offers new cars for $1,000—details not yet clear
Sep 28 Trump says NFL owners really want to do something about protests, but are 'afraid of their players'
Sep 28 Robert Reich destroys Right Wing economist attempt to sell GOP tax cuts
Sep 28 After Alabama Republicans nominate Roy Moore for Senate, Democrat Doug Jones will now make his case
Sep 28 "No Upside" for Trump as New Poll Shows US Majority Think President "Unfit to Serve"
Sep 28 Rep. Al Green Will Introduce Articles of Impeachment Next Week (Video)
Sep 28 Russia Impersonated U.S. Muslim Group on Facebook to Alter 2016 Election
Sep 27 What's Going On In Puerto Rico Now, What You Can Do To Help
Sep 27 USNS Comfort hospital ship, supposedly 'on the way,' is set to deploy Friday
Sep 27 Sec. Price used taxpayer-funded private jets to get to 'meetings' in favorite family vacation spots
Sep 27 Donald Trump reportedly privately mocks John McCain and Mitch McConnell's looks to aides
Sep 27 Trump refuses to lift the Jones Act as people across Puerto Rico receive 'nothing, nothing, nothing'
Sep 27 After Trump tweeted a meme about her fallen husband and the anthem, Pat Tillman's widow speaks out
Sep 27 Eight is great: Democrats flip SECOND Republican seat in one night for eighth pickup of the cycle
Sep 27 Head of the DEA to resign, does not believe Donald Trump respects the laws of the land
Sep 26 Trump Is Simultaneously Killing His Party And Raising Money For It, $250,000/couple
Sep 26 Joe Scarborough lashes out at Trump voters 'Who raised these people'
Sep 26 Cold Comfort: Trump's refusal to send hospital ship tips his plan to abandon Puerto Rico
Sep 26 Trump's comments blaming Puerto Rico for its storm damage seem due to his golf course bankruptcy
Sep 26 Russian Facebook ads used American racism and religious prejudice to attack America
Sep 25 North Korea? NFL? Oh Wait - Russia Probes Are 'Closing In' on Donald Trump
Sep 25 Football legend Terry Bradshaw RIPS into Trump
Sep 25 Steve Bannon tried to insert an agent at Facebook so he could shape the direction of their news
Sep 25 3.5 million Americans face disease & death in Puerto Rico. What the hell is Trump doing?
Sep 25 Obama Tried to Give Zuckerberg a Heads Up on Russia. Response: "No Easy Fix"
Sep 24 Trump treasury secretary Mnuchin says NFL owners should ban national anthem protests
Sep 24 Trump son-in-law Kushner set up private email for White House communications
Sep 24 10 Clarifying #TakeaKnee Tweets to Beat Back Idiotic Arguments by Right-Wingers
Sep 24 'White America, it's time to take a knee'
Sep 24 Ex-Trump adviser Gorka has a new gig—with a group promoting 'Pizzagate' and other conspiracies
Sep 24 Entire Pittsburgh Steeler Team Will Stay in Locker Room During Anthem. It's Now About drumpf.
Sep 24 “Going to White House was a great honor until you showed up!” ~ LeBron James - Trump DOUBLES DOWN
Sep 24 Whoa. Former DNI chief Clapper: Intel community cast doubt on the legitimacy of the 2016 election
Sep 24 While Trump golfs, Pruitt works hard to find out what corporations desire and delivers it to them
Sep 23 Leland Melvin, ex-astronaut and NFL player, calls out Trump: have you no decency?
Sep 23 Team Trump has staffed the USDA with cabana attendants and scented-candle magnates
Sep 23 Petty-in-Chief Strikes Again. Trump withdraws Steph Curry’s White House Invitation on Twitter
Sep 23 Donald Trump's America: Peaceful protest should be a fireable offense
Sep 23 Research showed that Obamacare advertising worked, which means Team Trump is lying again
Sep 22 John McCain's 'no' is great news, but the threat to your health coverage isn't dead. Keep calling.
Sep 22 House Intelligence Democrat warns Trump is 'prepping' his base for firing Mueller
Sep 22 Two Trump Cabinet members are now under investigation for wasting taxpayer money on private jets
Sep 22 White House source: 'We really aren't sure what the impact will be' of passing Graham-Cassidy
Sep 22 Trump takes to Twitter after North Korea calls him a 'mentally deranged U.S. dotard'
Sep 22 Are there Obstruction of Justice Charges in Nambia? Asking for a friend
Sep 22 WSJ: Feds Have Suspected Manafort was Russian Operative since Summer 2016, Tailed Him
Sep 21 Mueller requested phone records on disastrous Air Force One statement about Don Jr.-Kremlin meeting
Sep 21 Trump claims Republican healthcare bill covers pre-existing conditions. False. Untrue. Fake.
Sep 21 Facebook agrees to provide ads paid for by Russian trolls to congressional investigators
Sep 21 The 'Trump slump' continues: 700,000 fewer foreign tourists, billions in lost revenue
Sep 21 Sean Spicer's notebooks offer another window into Trump for Special Counsel Robert Mueller
Sep 21 Is Mattis curtailing Pentagon press access so the man-child in chief doesn't see him on TV? Perhaps.
Sep 20 NYT: Mueller has sought range of records that center Russia probe 'squarely' on Donald Trump
Sep 20 Details behind the raid on Manafort's house show that Mueller really is 'following the money'
Sep 20 Obama: 'Frustrating to have to mobilize every couple months' to keep leaders from inflicting harm
Sep 20 Dozens of Trump rallies around the nation originated with Russian propaganda groups
Sep 20 Bill Cassidy just won't stop lying about his healthcare bill
Sep 20 HHS Secretary Tom Price constantly flying by charter jet is a 'misuse of taxpayer funding'
Sep 20 Bill Cassidy tweets AARP about his disastrous Trumpcare bill and it totally backfires on him
Sep 20 "Not only did Bill Cassidy fail the Jimmy Kimmel test, he failed the Bill Cassidy test”
Sep 20 EPA administrator Scott Pruitt continues to be terrible at his job
Sep 20 GOP Senator shouts over anchor to stonewall question on pre-existing conditions
Sep 19 White House economic adviser says it isn't fair healthy people have to subsidize sick people
Sep 19 'Billionaire' Donald Trump is using RNC and 2020 re-election campaign donations to pay legal bills
Sep 19 Trump aide reportedly suppressed study proving refugees contributed $63 billion more than they cost
Sep 19 Charles M. Blow asks "Is Trump a White Supremacist?"
Sep 19 Sen. Whitehouse Says Huckabee Sanders Is Trying To Poison Comey's Reputation With Grand Jurors
Sep 19 Abramson: "Tonight's news inculpates Donald Trump"; impeachment coming
Sep 18 CNN: Trump campaign chair Paul Manafort wiretapped by US investigators during, after election
Sep 18 NYT: Mueller Plans to Indict Manafort
Sep 18 Trump supporter tries to get undocumented classmate deported, gets expelled from college
Sep 18 Trump's lawyers don't fall far from the tree—they're perfectly incompetent
Sep 18 Republicans go to ludicrous lengths to pass a 'healthcare' bill that deliberately harms blue states
Sep 18 Donald Trump took $107 million promised to charities ... and kept it
Sep 18 Trump's legal team splits in two over the issue of obstruction
Sep 18 Is Trump A Multiple Personality? Because His Self Contradictions Are Epic In Size And Number
Sep 18 Trump Retweets Hateful, Misogynistic Video of Himself Assaulting Clinton, Internet Unloads on Him
Sep 18 The David Letterman quote about Trump that keeps on circulating social media
Sep 18 McMaster Can't Act Like Military Man, Now Is The Tweet Decoder In Chief
Sep 17 This Russian-Interference Stuff just got "Serious"
Sep 17 Trump tweets video of himself hitting Hillary Clinton with a golf ball
Sep 17 Trump retweeted Lana Del Fenty's post. This is what her profile looks like
Sep 17 It's Trump vs. Bannon & Breitbart; GOP Civil War Is Raging In Alabama
Sep 17 Just deserts: "Ex-Trump staffer says US President has ‘hung us out to dry’"
Sep 17 Fox News is STILL Obsessed With Hillary Clinton's Email, But 'New' Evidence is Laughably Lame
Sep 17 Charles Blow's "Dispatch From The Resistance:" Required Reading For Those Who Would Normalize Trump
Sep 16 Kushner, Bannon, Flynn Pushed Huge Nuclear Power Deal In Middle East For Profit, In Secret
Sep 16 California State Assembly passes motion calling for censure of Trump over Charlottesville remarks
Sep 16 View from the Left: The Russia probe closes in on Trump
Sep 16 Official White House adviser Ivanka Trump is very sad people expect things of her
Sep 16 MUELLER BRINGS THE HEAT – "Wolf of Wall Street" Prosecutor now on the case
Sep 16 Trump Effect: CNN guest only cares about the First Amendment and boobs
Sep 16 Conservative slams GOP piousness, would vote Clinton over most Republicans
Sep 16 Dana Rohrabacher to General Kelly: Let's Make a Deal to Spring Julian Assange
Sep 16 MAGA Hats Burning Sets Off Conflagration On Twitter As Well
Sep 15 Trump supporters begin burning hats because they are so sad emoji face about Trump's DACA deal
Sep 15 Trump's Oval Office eruption at Sessions over Russia provides more fodder for obstruction inquiry
Sep 15 Trump sidesteps court order—really doesn't want you to see who's visiting his Mar-a-Lago swamp
Sep 15 Republicans seize the Trump moment, plan to gut the Americans with Disabilities Act
Sep 15 California bill that would compel presidential candidates to release tax returns passes first vote
Sep 15 Invoice shows U.S. taxpayers billed $546 per night for government officials to stay at Mar-a-Lago
Sep 15 London hit by terrorist attack ... Trump responds by whining about ESPN
Sep 15 The growing ethical crimes of Sarah Huckabee-Sanders
Sep 15 The scales are falling from eyes quickly these days. Especially for Trumpistas.
Sep 15 After Mueller's appointment, Trump brutally humiliated 'idiot' Jeff Sessions in front of WH staff
Sep 14 Trump passes out disaster hoagies to his Florida fans
Sep 14 Trump melts down like a pat of butter under heat of his nativist, DACA-hating base
Sep 14 Hillary trolls Trump. Tweets kids picture book with lessons about working together to solve problems
Sep 14 Trump says his tax plan won't benefit the rich, but this 5 second GIF utterly destroys that notion
Sep 14 Donald Trump throws confusion on DACA deal, reminds everyone that he can't be trusted
Sep 14 Trump admin. changed ethics rules so they can accept anonymous donations for legal defense funds
Sep 14 Schumer and Pelosi say they reached an agreement with Trump to protect Dreamers
Sep 14 Trump's Treasury Secretary and His Wife Demanded A $25,000/Hr. Government Jet For Their Honeymoon.
Sep 14 Trump's 3 Biggest Lies ... (about Russia)
Sep 14 After Mexico experiences quake, hurricane, Trump offers no U.S. aid—or even condolences
Sep 13 Michael Flynn's racist, sexist, conspiracy theory-spouting son is new focus of Russia investigation
Sep 13 Muellers probe will make "The Hunger Games" look like tic-tac-toe.
Sep 13 Trump's company quietly removed birther conspiracy bragging from his corporate bio
Sep 13 With thousands homeless and millions without power, Trump calls for emergency... corporate tax cuts
Sep 13 Michael Flynn failed to disclose Russia—Saudi nuke deal—Democrats want Mueller to investigate
Sep 13 Flip Seats or Die: Democrats pick up yet another GOP seat in New Hampshire special election
Sep 13 Word is Mueller is "Going for the Kill" on Obst. of Justice charges on Trump
Sep 13 Former Sputnik News employee on how the Kremlin manipulated the electorate with fake news
Sep 13 Touchy much? White House unleashes on Comey's 'improper ... likely illegal ... politicized' behavior
Sep 12 With Trump in charge, Putin sought 'full-scale normalization' with U.S., secret document shows
Sep 12 Axios: Trump's Centers for Disease Control staff under a gag order
Sep 12 Senate unanimously passes resolution condemning white supremacists, Nazi groups
Sep 12 White House lawyers wanted to cut Jared Kushner loose over Russia ties, but were overruled
Sep 12 In Russia probe, Trump associates face grim prospect of actually being truthful ... for once
Sep 12 Republican wonks admit it: They don't have a clue what to do about healthcare reform
Sep 12 Trump aide: White House won't demand border wall in exchange for DACA legislation
Sep 12 Hey, how is that deal with the devil working out for you Republican Party?
Sep 12 Mexico Is Miffed At Trump and Is Now Withdrawing Promised Aid To Texas
Sep 11 Alex Jones is telling his viewers now that Donald Trump's diet cokes are being drugged—for serious
Sep 11 Trump exploits 9/11 anniversary to promote himself, just like he did 16 years ago
Sep 11 Trump Appellate Nominee Says Her Religion Supersedes the Constitution
Sep 11 'Art of the Emolument Deal': Report Suggests Trump Betrayed No Foreign Deals Promise
Sep 11 Trump's former Chief of Staff Reince Priebus lawyers up
Sep 11 In 16 seconds flat, Miss Texas showed Republican leadership what moral conviction looks like
Sep 11 Bannon's interview on 60 Minutes... an hour we can't get back
Sep 11 Hurricane Trump is destroying the GOP: Monday's Good News
Sep 11 Trump Met With Russian Ambassador Friday & Now White House Is Lying About It
Sep 10 Trump on the Coast Guard and Irma
Sep 10 This Hoosier Mayor Is The Anti-Pence; His "Hitting Home" Project Is Inspiring
Sep 10 Trump's response to Hurricane Irma: 'I'm going to ask for a speed up' on 'dramatic tax cuts'
Sep 10 Trump’s Not-So-Secret Problems With the USSS is Highly Problematic
Sep 10 Republicans are frustrated that their terrible ideas aren't becoming terrible laws
Sep 10 Head of EPA Under Bush Slams Pruitt's Turning Agency Into A Climate Denial Propaganda Mill
Sep 10 Trey Gowdy's and GOP Efforts to Discredit Steele Dossier Hurting National Security Says Ex FBI Agent
Sep 10 Expectant Russian Parents Gather To Deliver Dual Citizens At Trump Properties In Florida
Sep 10 George Clooney Calls Steve Bannon 'F**king Failed Screenwriter'
Sep 09 Trump Admits President Obama Was Right About "Rising Seas"
Sep 09 Trump regime ponders whether to build a new 'mini-nuke' that could make nuclear war more likely
Sep 09 House Republicans plot overthrow of Speaker Paul Ryan ... again
Sep 09 Your Worst Fears About Fox News Are Confirmed By New Study
Sep 09 Twitter Melts Down Over Trump Suggestion Churches "Entitled To Reimbursement From FEMA"
Sep 09 After telling FL residents not to leave because hurricanes are a climate hoax, Limbaugh evacuates FL
Sep 09 You know who *DOESN'T* call Trump "Daddy"? Mueller, the Democrats, and the law: Saturday's Good News
Sep 09 Trump Dictated Misleading Jr. Statement Directly to Hope Hicks, and now Mueller Wants Her Testimony
Sep 08 We may have found a motive for Republicans to finally impeach Trump: He's colluding with Democrats!
Sep 08 Handful of Republicans vote to scuttle measure that would have allowed Congress to see Trump's taxes
Sep 08 Mueller reportedly seeking to interview Trump's inner circle, family members included
Sep 08 Maddow's breakdown on Facebook revelations and their ramifications for Jared Kushner are a must-see
Sep 08 It took the Washington Post one hour to debunk Kris Kobach's ridiculous voter fraud claims in NH
Sep 08 Ta-Nehisi Coates destroys the myth of the White Working Class voter as explanation for Trump's win
Sep 08 Trump tweets cold water on Republicans' dying hopes for Obamacare repeal
Sep 08 Rep. Adam Schiff Finds Damning Discrepancies in Don Jr.'s Latest
Sep 08 Wife of Trump ethics lawyer arrested for doing very unethical things in car
Sep 08 Meet Melvin Redick -- Russian Facebook Bot
Sep 08 Steve Bannon Is Out To Knife Paul Ryan Once Again; Gingrich Or Santorum Possible Replacements
Sep 07 Oregon's governor says the Trump administration refused request for help combating wildfires
Sep 07 Mueller is knocking on the White House door, wants to interview staffers about misleading statement
Sep 07 Chicago Declared "Trump Free Zone" By Mayor Rahm Emanuel
Sep 07 Bannon Attacks Catholic Church Over Immigration.
Sep 07 Donald Trump Jr has an excuse for getting Clinton dirt from Russians—he did it for his country
Sep 07 Is Trump's 'election integrity' committee violating the law? Probably.
Sep 07 "Mike Pence Would Be No Relief." A Hoosier Writes NYT And It's Going Viral
Sep 07 White House special counsel in exposed email exchange: 'me and Kelly' are the 'adults in the room'
Sep 07 "I Broke My Promises & Betrayed My Friends" Ann Coulter Goes To War With Trump On Twitter
Sep 07 Ex-CIA Official Expounds Upon Steele Dossier In A New Gov't Report; "Pee Tapes" Likely Real
Sep 06 Russian firm bought $100,000 in Facebook ads during 2016 election season
Sep 06 Senators introduce joint resolution condemning white supremacists, neo-Nazis. Will Trump sign it?
Sep 06 Expert Opinion - John Le Carré on Trump and Russia: "I think they have him by the short hairs."
Sep 06 World's greatest negotiator gives Democrats everything they want
Sep 06 Devin Nunes threatens to put Jeff Sessions in jail unless he helps sabotage the Russia investigation
Sep 06 It's cash for access as Trump profits big league from lobbyist and CEO members at his golf clubs
Sep 06 "Are We Going To Be Breaking Doors Down In The Middle Of The Night?" Trump Advisor Resigns
Sep 06 WTF? Fox News is Now Making (Lie-Riddled) Campaign Ads For Donald Trump (VIDEO)
Sep 06 Let Sean Spicer bring the 'candor, wit and insight' of the Trump press room to your own events
Sep 06 A month after John Kelly switched jobs, there's still no new Homeland Security secretary
Sep 05 Putin Throws Some Shade, says Trump Is Not His Bride
Sep 05 Short & sweet—this may be the best DACA tweeted response to Trump yet
Sep 05 Franken announces attempt to block Trump judicial nominee
Sep 05 Obama slams Trump's DACA repeal, 'contrary to our spirit and to common sense'
Sep 05 Boom—evidence shows Trump added 49 for-profit businesses to his empire since running/taking office
Sep 05 As Mueller investigation ramps up, conflicts grow between—and within—Congress
Sep 05 Congress returns from summer break, determined to do damage
Sep 05 Trump is putting congressional Republicans in a tough place with DACA punt
Sep 05 Hah! There are golden shower tapes ... multiple sources ... and there are even worse ones ...
Sep 05 The leader of the free world has great poll numbers... Trump's continue to suck
Sep 05 Trump's Favorite Fox News Show, and Top Advisor, Implores Him to 'Shut the Government Down'
Sep 04 Reactions to North Korean explosion bring tension ever higher
Sep 04 Steve Bannon Is After Kushner; But His Heart Is Set On Merging Breitbart With Sinclair Broadcasting
Sep 04 Trump tweets dig at South Korea over North's apparent H-bomb test, leaving Southerners in wonderment
Sep 04 Under Trump, U.S. Government Agencies Are Morphing Into A Weapon To Attack Our Free Press
Sep 04 Say His Name: Alonso Guillen. DACA Recipient, Died Rescuing People During Hurricane Harvey Floods
Sep 04 Crazy person vandalizes shelter wall; mocks victims to "have a good time!" ('s him)
Sep 04 "...we must never stop saying: Donald Trump is a liar."
Sep 03 Enjoy your labor day by watching 'everyman' Donald Trump not be able to load a truck like a person
Sep 03 Unbelievable Hypocrisy and Cowardice Shown By Trump as He Insults the Media - Again
Sep 03 Trump, who is lying, threatens to stop 'all trade with any country doing business with North Korea'
Sep 03 The Only Viable Exit Strategy: A 'Benign' Way Extricate Us from the Trump Mess
Sep 03 Mike Pence Broke A Lot Of Laws Lying About Comey's Firing And That's What's Going To Cook His Goose
Sep 03 Sen. Kaine vows to help keep island's Trump-backing residents from sinking below the waves
Sep 03 Go ahead, Don, tell me another
Sep 03 Cenk takes "6 months" in the Office pool
Sep 02 Russia watchers confirm next US President not yet selected
Sep 02 Facing a potential midterm drubbing, Trump administration ponders the next shiny object for the base
Sep 02 Percentage of Americans who call racism a 'big problem' in United States is highest in 20+ years
Sep 02 Fox News poll asks if Trump is 'tearing the country apart': 56 percent say yes
Sep 02 'Emboldened' by 2016 successes, Russian online influence efforts continue to grow
Sep 02 Trump's voter suppress co-chair confirms new side job at Bannon's Breitbart
Sep 02 Pence Exposure to Serious Charge Revealed by Disclosure of Initial Comey Firing Letter
Sep 02 Junior To Be Paid $100K for 30 min Speaking Gig Sponsored by GOP donor
Sep 02 All laid bare: Trump/Russia collusion started in 2013, continued for years
Sep 01 'Art Of The Deal' Writer Tony Schwartz Says Texas Can Forget About Trump's Pledge of $1Million
Sep 01 GOP congressman says Trump should put aside building the wall for now, focus on rebuilding Houston
Sep 01 The real reason Donald Trump fired James Comey is in Robert Mueller's hands
Sep 01 From atop his Dumpster fire, raging Trump 'turning on people that are very close to him'
Sep 01 Mueller brings elite IRS unit into the expanding Trump–Russia investigation team
Sep 01 Republicans upset that FBI investigation showed Hillary was innocent earlier than expected
Sep 01 "Their Juice Outside The West Wing Is Drying Up." Smart Money Has Given Up On Jarvanka. What's Next?
Sep 01 Daily Beast: Mueller using IRS Resources in Investigation
Sep 01 Republican National Committee continues to shed top staffers
Sep 01 A FOX News Poll asks if Trump is Unstable 33% say Extremely 11% say Very 16% say Somewhat
Sep 01 Damned if he did... Truth about Trump & the dark, evangelical hypocrisy thrust upon Pres. Obama
Aug 31 Watch Trump supporters in PA group describe him now: disappointing, incredibly flawed, unfit—crazy
Aug 31 Trump Lawyers Try to Dissuade Mueller from Bringing Obstruction of Justice Charges
Aug 31 Trump pledges $1M for Harvey—$4M less than what he once offered for Obama's birth certificate
Aug 31 Manafort's notes from Trump Tower meeting hint at possible Russian donations to the RNC
Aug 31 Total coincidence: Trump calls chair of committee where Trump Jr. just agreed to testify
Aug 31 Jared Kushner needs a billion dollars—and isn't picky about how he gets it
Aug 31 Russian 'lobbyist' from Trump Tower meeting appears before Mueller's grand jury
Aug 31 Mueller teams up with New York attorney general in Manafort probe
Aug 31 Trump's potential government shutdown would make the Harvey disaster even worse
Aug 31 Former WH photographer reminds Donald Trump how a real President acts during a disaster
Aug 31 While Texas drowns, Trump talks tax cuts for the rich
Aug 30 WTF? Texas is underwater and GOP eyeing nearly $1B disaster funds cut to help build Trump's wall
Aug 30 Melania gets in on the act with her very own 'FLOTUS' hat—cha-ching!
Aug 30 Kellyanne Conway was asked to describe Trump's #1 trait and oh Lord, you have to hear her response
Aug 30 Trump rips out another terrifying North Korea threat: 'Talking is not the answer'
Aug 30 Trump Just Got Slapped In The Face; Landslide Win For Democrats In Fairfax County Tonight
Aug 30 Mattis Freezes Trump Transgender Ban
Aug 30 Trump's 2016 Moscow real estate venture included sanctioned banks
Aug 30 NBC News: Mueller Keenly Focused on Trump's Dictated Response to Don Jr's Meeting with Russians
Aug 29 WATCH: Pence Plead With Congress to Not Fund Hurricane Katrina Relief
Aug 29 Republican attempts to undermine Mueller with bill severely limiting investigation
Aug 29 Donald Trump Jr. agrees to appear before Senate for 'transcribed interview'
Aug 29 Trump in the disaster zone: 'What a crowd. What a turnout.'
Aug 29 Trump was so angry about the small crowd at his Phoenix rally, he fired a longtime event organizer
Aug 29 Watch the president of Finland try to pretend Donald Trump isn't a total embarrassment of a person
Aug 29 Mexico says nope to Trump's wall demand but offers Harvey disaster relief 'as good neighbors do'
Aug 29 Trump-Russia News Round Up
Aug 29 NYT: On Special Tour of Kremlin, Ivanka Trump Sat in Putin's Chair
Aug 29 Donald Trump uses Hurricane Harvey to showcase $40 hats they can buy at his store
Aug 28 Trump Himself Signed 'Letter of Intent' to Build in Russia during Campaign
Aug 28 Who? Watch Donald Trump pretend he doesn't know the Russian-linked man behind Trump Tower Moscow
Aug 28 Trump lawyer Michael Cohen sent email to the Kremlin asking for help with Trump's business
Aug 28 Felix Sater's emails show he was in Moscow for more than real estate: 'Our boy can become president'
Aug 28 Leaked video shows Defense Secretary Mattis inspiring U.S. troops with a very un-Trump-like message
Aug 28 Trump's declaration of war on Republicans promises a 'September from hell' for the whole nation
Aug 28 Maxine Waters Hands Trump His A** Once More On Twitter; "The Church Of Maxine" Keeps Score
Aug 28 Americans finally united — in agreement that Trump is a giant jackass
Aug 28 WaPo: Trump’s business sought deal on a Trump Tower in Moscow, while he ran for president
Aug 28 Krugman calls it by its proper name: Fascism
Aug 28 Trump Tweets Sleazy and Legally Shaky Book Promo While Houston is Drowning
Aug 27 GOP’s top priority? Giving the Trump clan a multi-billion dollar tax cut
Aug 27 Trump asked Sessions to drop case against Arpaio last spring; had been planning pardon all along
Aug 27 Protesters Will March From Charlottesville To D.C. Tomorrow & Demand Racist Trump's Removal
Aug 27 Sen. Richard Blumenthal says Trump's allies shouldn't expect pardon in Russia probe
Aug 27 Trump Cabinet member's daughter tells "never-served piece of sh!t" Trump to STFU
Aug 27 Biden: 'We Are Living Through a Battle for the Soul of This Nation'
Aug 27 Here are 11+ Reasons Trump Should Never Have Pardoned Sheriff Joe Arpaio
Aug 26 Power to Pardon Does Not Extend to State Crimes: Manafort, Flynn, Jared, Don Sr.-Jr. to Sing-Sing?
Aug 26 Hawaiian State Rep. Beth Fukumoto Receives Vile Hate Letter From Trump Supporter.
Aug 26 View from the Left: Trump vilifies media, shores up base before Russia bombshell drops
Aug 26 In the Trump family business, it's business as usual
Aug 26 Blistering editorial from AZ's largest newspaper: 'Institutional racism is clearly Trump's goal
Aug 26 Suddenly, Trump's efforts to obstruct justice start to make sense: Saturday's Good News + Rant
Aug 26 Per Gallup: Trump at 34% Approval, The Least Popular President Ever in His First Year
Aug 26 Trump Signs Transgender Military Ban
Aug 26 Trump’s Pardon Of Arpaio Moves GOP One Step Closer To Nullification
Aug 26 Sebastian Gorka resigns his spot as White House alt-Reich adviser
Aug 25 Sickening: Trump pardons former Arizona sheriff Joe Arpaio
Aug 25 Russia o'clock: WSJ and NBC both have new stories related to Flynn, Manafort
Aug 25 Republicans have drafted a resolution condemning 'both sides' of Charlottesville violence
Aug 25 "It really feels like a matter of time, frankly, before someone gets hurt."
Aug 25 Trump has tried to stop the Russia investigation again, and again, and again
Aug 25 Bad news: The guy whose job it was to pump out 'good news' for Trump quits
Aug 25 What was in that Dossier report anyways -- besides the 'salacious claims'?
Aug 25 Mar-a-Lago cancellations continue after Trump's toxic tantrums
Aug 25 A Trump Supporter Shouted Out "McCain Needs To Die Now!" At Arizona Rally
Aug 24 Do you have a 401K? Trump considering taxing your contributions to fund massive tax cut for wealthy
Aug 24 Maddow: Dossier Details Could Go Public Soon & Did Hackers Feed Trump Info on GOP Opponents Too?
Aug 24 Robert Mueller is slowly building his case using traditional tactics for dealing with mob bosses
Aug 24 Kushner's business switches to 'crisis communications' PR firm as Russian investigations heat up
Aug 24 Trump sends out a divisive eclipse meme on Twitter and gets a lesson in science
Aug 24 John Kelly attempts to put blinders on Trump
Aug 24 UN committee issues formal 'early warning' over rise of white supremacy in United States
Aug 24 WH Deputy COS emailed asking for a meeting between Trump Campaign & Vladimir Putin in JUNE 2016
Aug 24 Why Did the State Department Pay $100,000 For Tiffany Trump and Her Mother's Vacation Car Rentals?
Aug 24 Devastating Poll: These Numbers Tell a Brutal Tale of Trump's Meteoric Decline
Aug 23 Politico: Trump Tried to Get Sen. Tillis to Quash Bill that Protects Mueller Russia Probe
Aug 23 White House has already prepared paperwork to pardon convicted Arizona ex-sheriff Arpaio
Aug 23 Check out the photos and video of Donald Trump's pathetically small crowd in Phoenix
Aug 23 Lawmakers level Trump's government shutdown threat over his precious border wall
Aug 23 In a letter to Donald Trump, a renowned energy professor resigned with an impeachment bang
Aug 23 Trump supporters fall below 'deplorable' as they express support for racism, treason, and slavery
Aug 23 Fox News abruptly ended a live segment after a Kentucky man unveiled a 'Fox lies' sign
Aug 23 Trump declares war on the Republican Senate
Aug 23 In a sobering interview, former intelligence director questions Donald Trump's fitness for office
Aug 23 Keith Olbermann: "Trump’s last day in office will dawn like all the others..."
Aug 23 Trump suggests he'll pardon Arpaio after all, just not tonight
Aug 23 Don Lemon unloads on Trump's rally—'What we have witnessed here is a total eclipse of the facts'
Aug 23 Twitter reacts to Trump's classy Phoenix rant on immigrants, the media, and a man fighting cancer
Aug 23 In Phoenix rally, Trump leads a hate campaign against the nation's media
Aug 22 NYT: Trump Yelled at McConnell for not Protecting Him from Russia Investigations
Aug 22 Charities continue to cancel Mar-a-Lago events—and Trump's other resorts are also feeling the heat
Aug 22 A peek inside Trump's childish, narcissistic "decision-making process" on Afghanistan
Aug 22 Donald Trump breaks the 1,000 lie barrier
Aug 22 Republicans making progress on only issue that counts—lower taxes for corporations and billionaires
Aug 22 With nothing worth touting on either end of Pennsylvania Avenue, the GOP blood bath is coming
Aug 22 Trump to hold rally in Arizona on Tuesday ... despite pleas from local authorities to stay away
Aug 22 Bannon’s Breitbart tears into Trump after Afghanistan speech
Aug 22 drumpf's Pick to Head Family Planning Policy Once Lauded Holocaust Denier as "A National Treasure".
Aug 22 Right-Wing Media Gets Hysterically Overheated by Dumbass White House Petition
Aug 21 Trump announces new, but unspecified, American escalation in Afghanistan
Aug 21 Russian 'lobbyist' at Trump Tower meeting was actually asset for Russian spy services
Aug 21 Tony Schwartz Receives Blistering Voice Mail From Trump Supporter Angry About 'Trump Will Resign'
Aug 21 Donald Trump demonstrates the wrong way to watch an eclipse
Aug 21 Senior administration officials 'dismayed,' 'disgusted' with Trump, who is prone to 'crazy stuff'
Aug 21 Serious questions about Trump's mental fitness for office grow more public by the day
Aug 21 Republican committees have already sunk nearly $1.3 million into Trump-owned businesses this year
Aug 21 Steve Bannon stayed at the White House to advise Trump on how to coddle Nazis
Aug 21 Donald Trump drains Secret Service budget, agents go without pay
Aug 21 Trump increasingly marginalized; the Resistance gains strength; Bannon = loser: Monday's Good News
Aug 21 Blow: "Failing All Tests of the Presidency"
Aug 21 Treasury Secretary Mnuchin Throws Another Bone to White Supremacists and Neo-Nazis.
Aug 21 Barack Obama is the exact moral opposite of Donald Trump
Aug 20 Three Russian propaganda techniques being used by the Trump administration—and how to fight them
Aug 20 Trump Disbands U.S. Climate Advisory Panel Providing Critical Data For Coastal Protections
Aug 20 Jerry Falwell Jr. defends Trump's 'both sides' remarks: 'He says what's in his heart.'
Aug 20 "I'm Not A Neo-Nazi, I'm A Moderate Republican," Says Neo-Nazi Photographed In Charlottesville
Aug 20 New NBC/Marist polls out
Aug 20 7 more scheduled organizations cancel Mar-a-Lago galas after #Charlottesville—costing Trump bigly
Aug 20 Kennedy Center thanks Trump for NOT attending its annual awards show
Aug 20 Trump Says The Eclipse Is Nothing More Than A Hoax
Aug 20 Trump In A Post-Bannon World: Right Wing Revolution Or Relief From Establishment GOP?
Aug 19 Stupid Trump Tweets: Bringing America to Heel?
Aug 19 Is anybody surprised the Kochs are up to their eyebrows in the Trump regime?
Aug 19 View from the Left: The 'pivot' came and it rendered Trump wildly unfit to be president
Aug 19 'Swamp's Doing Fine': Amid White House Turmoil, Trump Cozies Up to Right-Wing Donors
Aug 19 A 'mega church' leader is first to ditch Trump's Evangelical Advisory Board—here is his statement
Aug 19 Hate groups are on the rise as Trump has 'electrified the radical right'
Aug 19 Trump Russian-Soho Deal: Has "Felony" written all over it
Aug 19 Was Steve Bannon Filming Pornography, Offering To Pay Workers With Sex, Drugs In Florida?
Aug 19 Please stop asking Trump voters if they're abandoning Trump. Please.
Aug 19 Schwarzenegger Terminates Hate in Epic Trump Takedown Video. It will give you chills.
Aug 19 Der Spiegel's New Magazine Cover: The True Face Of Donald Trump
Aug 18 See the stinging masterpiece of a resignation letter the President's Arts Committee sent to Trump
Aug 18 Robert Mueller adds Donald Trump Jr. to those in the focus of his investigation
Aug 18 Axios: "Bannon Backed By Billionaire Prepares To Go To War"
Aug 18 Steve Bannon outlived his usefulness once Trump learned that he could just let his bigot flag fly
Aug 18 That's a wrap! The remaining members of the presidential arts commission resign in protest
Aug 18 The Right Side of History is Finally Having its Moment - Trump's Goose is Cooked: Friday's Good News
Aug 18 Articles of Impeachment against Trump to be introduced by House Judiciary Subcommittee Member
Aug 18 James Murdoch, FOX Chairman, throws Trump under the bus
Aug 18 NYT Reporter: "Congress R's Don't Fear Trump And Don't Respect Him." Neither Does Anybody Else.
Aug 18 Trump Disbands Council on Infrastructure
Aug 17 OMG GOP Sen. Bob Corker: "Trump Has Not Shown the Stability or Competence to be President"
Aug 17 Trump on the Brink? Impeachment Support Grows Amid Speculation He'll Resign
Aug 17 Trump quickly condemns terror attack in Barcelona
Aug 17 Trump's 'Art of the Deal' ghostwriter predicting Trump will resign soon
Aug 17 The Economist: 'Trump is politically inept, morally barren and temperamentally unfit for office'
Aug 17 Steve Bannon claims he's actually running the government while opponents are 'wetting themselves'
Aug 17 The man in the White House is melting down
Aug 17 Donald Trump's morning rant attacks Republicans who dare to say his name
Aug 17 Donald Trump's lawyer equates Lee and Washington, says FBI and BLM are run by terrorists
Aug 17 Corporate America Has a Big, Big Trump Problem.
Aug 17 How petty is Trump? His admin ripped out an Obama-era bikeshare station at the White House
Aug 17 Former Bush Official: We may see this party having committed suicide
Aug 17 Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine commanders publicly say what the president will not
Aug 16 The New York Times Confirms Trump Is Not Only A Racist In Public, But "In Private."
Aug 16 Pence suddenly cuts overseas trip short so he can literally 'stand with' Trump
Aug 16 Trump takes his ball and goes home, disbands business advisory councils
Aug 16 White House gives Republicans their talking points on Nazis: 'The president was entirely correct'
Aug 16 An epic Twitter thread that explains Trump and his insane press conference
Aug 16 Jennifer Rubin nails Trump again
Aug 16 AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka resigns from Trump manufacturing council
Aug 16 Paul Ryan tweets that 'white supremacy is repulsive,' but two key words are missing: Donald Trump
Aug 16 Full transcript of Donald Trump's press conference at Trump Tower
Aug 15 Hey, Republicans. This is your guy, defending Nazis and white supremacists. You own this.
Aug 15 Trump defends white supremacist/neo-Nazi violence, says 'alt-left' also to blame
Aug 15 Mike Pence says he 'never witnessed' evidence of collusion between the Russians and Trump campaign
Aug 15 Justice Department is demanding IP addresses for everyone who even visited inauguration protest site
Aug 15 Michael Moore: Don't Lose Sight of the 'Horror' Trump Inflicts Every Single Day
Aug 15 Trump retweets racists, fascists, and the man who held up a 'Rape Melania' sign
Aug 15 Yashar Ali: Still stunned late-night hosts make statements like this about a U.S. president
Aug 15 Ted Lieu bats off Ivanka's Twitter block & continues to castigate Trump/White House cronies
Aug 15 Intel Corp. CEO Resigns from Trump Business Council
Aug 15 Manafort Sought $850 Million Deal with Putin Ally/Gangster- Daily Beast
Aug 15 Donald Trump's Dementia Kicked in Bigly in This Bizarre Exchange with CNN's Jim Acosta (VIDEO)
Aug 14 Report: Trump Campaign Emails Reveal Repeated Efforts By Staff to Set Up Meetings With the Russians
Aug 14 Angela Merkel shows how a true leader responds to violent racism
Aug 14 Pelosi calls on Trump to fire Bannon after waiting 48 hours to condemn white supremacist violence
Aug 14 Trump hits highest disapproval rating yet in Gallup's daily tracking poll
Aug 14 Merck Pharmaceutical CEO publicly resigned from Trump's advisory council in this scorching statement
Aug 14 Mike Pence agrees with Trump's 'on many sides' statement, says media should stop criticizing
Aug 14 This 1947 video created by the U.S. military to warn against fascism is going mega-viral today
Aug 14 NY Times editorial board lambasts Trump
Aug 14 Trending on Twitter: #FireBannon.
Aug 14 Even Matt Drudge Is Trolling Donald Trump, And Rush Limbaugh "Never Took Trump Seriously."
Aug 13 Fox News praises Trump for not 'picking a side' between white supremacist marchers and non-racists
Aug 13 Less than one day after terror attack, Trump's campaign accuses the media of attacking the president
Aug 13 Charlottesville mayor pulls no punches, 'blame is right at the doorstep of the White House'
Aug 13 Her Name Was Heather Heyer, Let Us Not Forget
Aug 13 6 GOPers will say it: Terrorism, Nazism, Traitors. Why won't Trump? UPDATE: DoJ/FBI open probe
Aug 13 Nazi publication The Daily Stormer applauds #Trump comments. "He says he loves us all."
Aug 13 Americans travel to Washington to defend the regulations Republicans so urgently want to axe
Aug 12 So-called Pr*sident suspects Bannon of being so-called leaker. May be on his way out!
Aug 12 Billionaire Breitbart sugar daddy spending $300,000 toward unseating Republican Sen. Jeff Flake
Aug 12 Trump gives statement blaming 'many sides' for violence, refuses to condemn white nationalists
Aug 12 Trump tweets on Charlottesville hate, violence. Driver plows into anti-white supremacist protesters
Aug 12 Special counsel wants to talk to White House aides—one former chief of staff in particular
Aug 12 Trump's nominee for top Department of Agriculture scientist is a birther and conspiracy theorist
Aug 12 Trump's Profits at D.C. Hotel Show Clear Violation of Constitution, Lawmakers Say
Aug 12 Staffers say EPA-wrecking Scott Pruitt goes nowhere without an armed guard, even at the office
Aug 12 Donald, STFU!
Aug 12 MSNBC: Trump threatens Venezuela with military option! Venezuela calls it a 'crazy act'
Aug 12 Desperate President Tweets Threat to Republican Senators Who Are 'Turning On Trump'
Aug 11 Trump defends his ban on transgender troops with, as usual, nonsensical self-praise
Aug 11 Democrats want to force Trump to reveal how much he is pocketing from his new 'job'
Aug 11 Trump Claims He Barely Knew Manafort; Roger Stone Says Manafort Is "100% Loyal To The President."
Aug 11 Congressman Ruben Gallego: "We just have to admit Donald an absolute racist."
Aug 11 Mueller assembles growing team of legal all-stars, Trump has trouble keeping handful of also-rans
Aug 11 Trump adds 'locked and loaded' to 'fire and fury' as world mourns lack of 'logic and reason'
Aug 11 "I think he's saying he blew Trump." Twitter Reacts To Anthony Scaramucci's Latest Tantrum
Aug 11 Former US Ambassador to Russia rakes Trump over the coals on Twitter for thanking Putin
Aug 11 Why The Hell is Don Jr. Getting NSC Memos?
Aug 11 Trump adviser Gorka compares North Korea threats to the Holocaust to cap off his week of lunacy
Aug 11 Donald Trump thanks Putin for American diplomatic expulsions: 'Now we have a smaller payroll'
Aug 10 State Department ordered by court to look once again for Hillary Clinton emails
Aug 10 Breaking: CNN Fires Trump Fan Jeffrey Lord Over Nazi Salute Tweet!
Aug 10 Heat continues to rise on Paul Manafort as investigators look outside the US
Aug 10 European diplomat: Trump is 'obsessed with Obama.' But that's not his only foreign policy weakness
Aug 10 Trump spiritual adviser: God has 'given Trump authority to take out' North Korean leader
Aug 10 Over half of Republicans are ready to give up having elections until Donald Trump says it's okay
Aug 10 Trump's Twitter war on McConnell continues
Aug 10 Trump's other legal problem: Emoluments lawsuit set for October
Aug 10 MSNBC: "Giant inflatable chicken stares down White House."
Aug 10 Stephen Miller Calls Donald Trump "The Best Orator In Generations"
Aug 10 Vice President Pence hires a top campaign-runner as new chief of staff but psst—don't tell Donald
Aug 10 Trump and Manafort move from smokescreens to a scandal-powered trip under the bus
Aug 09 Former GOP Senator Calls For Trump's Removal
Aug 09 Trump 'was pissed' when he learned his new chief of staff wanted to keep him off Twitter
Aug 09 Trump's claim that he improved the nuclear arsenal is another straight up lie
Aug 09 Raid on Paul Manafort's house involved no-knock warrant, expectations of evidence being destroyed
Aug 09 'Fire and fury' not to be taken seriously, say aides: Trump was just in 'a bellicose mood'
Aug 09 FBI raids home of Trump campaign chair Paul Manafort
Aug 09 Twice a day, Trump's staff presents him with pictures of himself 'looking powerful'
Aug 09 Trump's Spreading Taint (don't google it): Wednesday's Good News
Aug 09 Democrats just won YET ANOTHER election that should have been a cakewalk for the GOP.
Aug 08 About those insurance company 'bailouts' Trump keeps threatening to yank: he's lying about them
Aug 08 Video of Donald Trump casually threatening 'fire and fury like the world has never seen' nuclear war
Aug 08 Trump considering privatizing Afghanistan military ops, massive contract to Blackwater founder
Aug 08 Donald Trump says he's working, not golfing, but the press still isn't allowed to see him
Aug 08 Is the long con over? 76% of Americans say they don't trust information coming from the White House
Aug 08 Trump tweets Fox report based on intelligence leak after threatening reporters who publish leaks
Aug 08 Gov't Scientists Find Climate Change Hitting USA NOW - Fear Trump Will Suppress Report
Aug 08 So much for the so-called "Failing New York Times" ...
Aug 08 Elizabeth Warren puts the brakes on Trump's pick of lobbyist for top anti-trust job
Aug 08 Leaker-in-Chief: Could Trump Be Prosecuted Under the New Department of Justice Directive?
Aug 07 IBP/TIPP poll: Trump approval 32%
Aug 07 Journalist Hilariously Rips Trump's "Real News" Posts, Comparing Them To Hostage Video, Snuff Movie
Aug 07 Donald Trump makes his money the old-fashioned way—he launders it
Aug 07 Once a proud Trump supporter, Silicon Valley giant privately slams 'incompetent' administration
Aug 07 Former White House photographer has been expertly trolling Trump on Instagram
Aug 07 GOP Strategist Calls Mike Pence's Angry Denial of NYT Story "Full Confession Of Guilt"
Aug 07 "Would You Even Care If He Was Guilty?" Asks Fox News; But Trump Is Mad At Fox All The Same
Aug 07 Trump challenged by Senators, Staffers, Mueller, Obama's Army, and Bicyclists: Monday's Good News
Aug 07 Trump Launches "The Real News" State Propaganda TV
Aug 07 White House's top white nationalist could become Trump's new communications director
Aug 06 Trump Only Speaks On Same Seven Topics, Per L.A. Times
Aug 06 Secret Service moves out of Trump Tower after lease dispute with Trump's company
Aug 06 The timing of Trump's most white nationalist week yet is no coincidence
Aug 06 New WH Chief of Staff Apparently Clueless About What the Constitution Says About the President
Aug 06 A tale of three tweets
Aug 06 Mike Pence And Republicans Waging Shadow Campaign -- Trump Out In 2020 Or Before
Aug 05 U.S. Reportedly Intercepted Russian Agent Chatter that Manafort ASKED for their Help
Aug 05 Donald Trump Is Showing Americans Just How Good A President Barack Obama Was.
Aug 05 View from the Left: Has Trump's instability ushered in a soft military coup?
Aug 05 NYT Article Suggests Bannon is Flagrantly Colluding with Russia
Aug 05 Kelly Just Got There And He's Already Gotten A Formal Complaint On Bannon Breaking Fed Laws
Aug 05 White House Braces For "Apocalyptic S*itstorm" If Trump Fires Mueller For "Crossing Red Line."
Aug 05 The entire world is laughing about Donald Trump's 'small stick'
Aug 05 Proof that Trump's policy-by-tweet eruptions are a menace to our national security
Aug 04 Sessions threatens to clamp down on First Amendment press freedoms: 'It is not unlimited'
Aug 04 Paul Ryan: When we lose in 2018 it will be the Republican Senate's fault
Aug 04 Newsweek dubs Trump 'Lazy Boy' in brutal cover story about his failing presidency
Aug 04 Shocker: Trump lied when he claimed he wasn't rude to Australian Prime Minister
Aug 04 Hannity "going down" as Russian dupe, claims ex-CIA officer
Aug 04 Abramson: Trump/Russia events now set to "explode"
Aug 04 Wow! Former IC And State Dept. Experts Launch Fascinating Russian Propaganda Tracking Website.
Aug 04 The Trump-Russia investigation has fundamentally changed.
Aug 03 Jared Kushner under scrutiny in still another federal investigation, this time over China deals
Aug 03 Trump Transcript Reads Like Saturday Night Live Script
Aug 03 Trump emerging as one of weakest executives in history as Republicans, cabinet heads openly defy him
Aug 03 WSJ: Mueller impanels a grand jury as Russia probe intensifies
Aug 03 Senators introducing bipartisan bill to block Trump from tampering with Mueller's Russia probe
Aug 03 Donald Trump to go for a presidential golfing days record with 17-day vacation
Aug 03 What Scaramucci Says Really Happened; He Gives A Post-Mortem Of White House Career To HuffPo
Aug 03 Top EPA official resigns and slams Pruitt, Trump: 'The truth is there is NO war on coal'
Aug 03 Trump disparages advice of military commanders, complains 'We are losing' in Afghanistan
Aug 03 More than 50 retired generals, admirals slam Trump's transgender ban: It 'would degrade readiness'
Aug 03 Trump aide goes off rails, cites hate groups, disses Lady Liberty's 'Give me your tired' call
Aug 02 Trump Now Directly Implicated in Russia Scandal Coverup
Aug 02 Trump didn't lie about the Boy Scouts calling him when he lied about the Boy Scouts calling him
Aug 02 New Quinnipiac Poll Has Trump's Approval Down 7 Points to 33%
Aug 02 Trump issues two statements on the Russia sanctions bill—one official, one written in crayon
Aug 02 Trump now pays attention in meetings, trying to impress his new chief of staff
Aug 02 House judiciary chair: 'Redundant' to investigate Trump-Russia, but Clinton is always fair game
Aug 02 Russia investig heats up; Rs & Trump hate each other; Kelly is no wizard: Wednesday's Good News
Aug 02 Trump and Sessions turn Civil Rights Division into weapon to protect white privilege
Aug 02 Trump supporter attacks three people after comments on his MAGA hat
Aug 01 Mueller Hires Fraud & Bribery Expert
Aug 01 Death Spiral: Trump's Favorite Poll Shows His Approval Rating at an All-Time Low
Aug 01 WH press secretary says Trump 'weighed in' on misleading response to Don Jr.'s Russia meeting
Aug 01 Trump's delusions are not only putting him in legal jeopardy, they could sink him
Aug 01 Kelly and Mattis had a pact: One of them must remain in the US at all times to supervise Trump
Aug 01 Lawsuit alleges Fox News worked directly with the Trump White House to push fabricated story
Aug 01 Trump Still Doesn't "Get" How Covering Up Junior's Russian Lawyer Meeting Is Stepping In It Bigly
Aug 01 White House official offers a bumbling excuse about why Trump has yet to sign Russia sanctions bill
Aug 01 Wow. Jeff Flake (R-AZ) Has A Come To Jesus OpEd For Republicans At Politico
Aug 01 Steve Schmidt: 71-year-old president who has an impulse control of a little child
Aug 01 White House Officials Tricked By Email Prankster!
Aug 01 Reporter cracks Huckabee Sanders after Trump gifts Department of Education $100K—then cuts it $9.2B
Jul 31 Washington Post: Trump 'personally dictated' false statement about son's meeting with Russian lawyer
Jul 31 Latest Trump team talking point is that they were too incompetent to collude with Russia
Jul 31 House Republican Chris Collins: 'This has been a great week' for Trump!
Jul 31 White House press secretary: John Kelly has 'full authority ... all staff will report to him'
Jul 31 You're fired: The 'Mooch' gets the scooch from Trump chief of staff John Kelly
Jul 31 Trump Organization forces employees to swear to secrecy about Trump's doings, forever
Jul 31 Trump continues tweeting tirade, threatens Congress and insurers on Trumpcare again
Jul 31 McCain family thrilled to find handmade 'Thank you, senator' signs along their favorite hiking trail
Jul 31 Inside the alternate universe of Donald Trump's nonstop fundraising emails
Jul 31 Echoes Of Watergate: John Kelly Is New Alexander Haig Soldier-Statesman Come To Save The Day
Jul 31 Nigerian to Fareed Zakaria: Your country’s gone crazy. I’m from Africa, I know crazy
Jul 31 Unprecedented Chaos in the Trump White House: 6 Key Posts Turnover in Only 6 Months
Jul 30 WikiLeaks: Officially in the bag for Trump
Jul 30 Conservative on Trump: He is so bad he is in the running for the worst president of all time
Jul 30 Latest House Republican effort to derail Trump-Russia investigation cribbed from conspiracy group
Jul 30 Health and Human Services Sec. Tom Price say Trump is a Lying S of S*** (or Words to That Effect).
Jul 30 FINALLY: Donald Trump Got Something Right: Republicans 'Look Like Fools'
Jul 30 DEFCON attendees hack US voting machines in minutes, exploit multiple vulnerabilities
Jul 30 "Mike Pence Is Somewhere Planning An Inauguration," Predicts Maxine Waters
Jul 29 Mooch chose to be with Trump instead of wife giving birth
Jul 29 Donald Trump's Swamp Is On Track This Year To Spend More On Travel, Golf Than Obama Spent In 8 Years
Jul 29 View from the Left: After catastrophic week, Trump turns to executive power for satisfaction
Jul 29 "The White House Is A Snake Pit." The GOP Reacts To A Tumultous Week And The Shaft Of Priebus.
Jul 29 Last week Donald Trump told more lies than during any other week of his 'presidency'
Jul 29 John Kelly has zero inclination to instill White House discipline where it's needed most: in Trump
Jul 29 Every Presidential Speech is Now followed by Disclaimer "Sorry for the Crazy!": Saturday's Good News
Jul 29 Fox News Calls for Trump Dictatorship and More Suffering After ObamaCare Repeal Fails
Jul 28 The women did the heavy lifting, the man got all the credit, or, how the Republican repeal failed
Jul 28 Trump encourages police brutality in a speech to law enforcement officers in New York
Jul 28 Russia investigation could uncover how much money Trump is still getting from Moscow
Jul 28 Umm, if these Tweets are accurate, Trump is Close. To. The. Edge.
Jul 28 Trump throws Reince under the Prie-bus with a Friday afternoon firing
Jul 28 Powerful testimony on exactly what Vladimir Putin wanted from Trump and why
Jul 28 This video of Trump ignoring a disabled child repeatedly trying to shake his hand is heartbreaking
Jul 28 Trump loves Scaramucci's insult comedy attacks on White House rivals ... for now
Jul 28 Russian sanction bill isn't just a punishment for Russia, it's a rebuke of Donald Trump
Jul 28 Watch and listen to the audible gasps as McCain gives the thumbs down next to a scowling McConnell
Jul 28 Mitch McConnell is a sad, sad turtle
Jul 28 Steve Bannon Has A Shadow Press Office Run By Breitbartian Outside WH; May Violate Federal Law
Jul 28 The new number two in the Interior Department: A lobbyist against environmental protections
Jul 27 Scaramucci calls Priebus 'paranoid schizophrenic' and says Bannon sucks ... Bannon
Jul 27 Russia sanctions heads to Trump's desk after Senate approval, putting him in a bind
Jul 27 Donald Trump 'getting outsmarted at every turn, while the United States gets nothing'
Jul 27 Sen. Graham: 'Any effort to go after Mueller could be beginning of the end of the Trump presidency'
Jul 27 Pence points out Donald Trump's best quality: Top notch public humiliation
Jul 27 Trump plots recess appointment to replace Sessions while senators provide tepid defense
Jul 27 Joe Kennedy debases Trump's gutless transgender ban. We might think it—but Kennedy says it.
Jul 27 Scaramucci brings the Trump team the unified message they've been seeking: We're all morons
Jul 27 Former Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr Asks Trump To "Cut It Out" In Moving Open Letter In WaPo
Jul 27 Trump Approval Under Water in 11 States He Won in November
Jul 27 Schumer calls Trumpcare process a 'sham,' says Democrats won't be a part of it
Jul 27 Top insurance CEOs openly blaming Trump sabotage for rate hikes and empty markets
Jul 26 Trump throws transgender patriots under the bus to save funding for his precious border wall
Jul 26 The heroic Senator with severe cancer who interrupted treatment to vote... NO
Jul 26 Watergate prosecutor: 'Everything this president has done cries out guilt'
Jul 26 A rather gullible Sen. Bob Corker: 'I don't get any sense at all' Trump will fire Jeff Sessions
Jul 26 Transgender Navy SEAL to Donald Trump: 'Let's meet face to face and you tell me I'm not worthy'
Jul 26 McCain stood at the podium and said he would vote 'no' on the bill as it stands—guess how he voted
Jul 26 Psychiatric Group Tells Members It's OK to Break Silence on Trump's Bizarre Behavior
Jul 26 New White House hire Scaramucci leaks that he's about to fire someone, then fires them
Jul 26 House Republicans introduce amendments to defund the Congressional Budget Office
Jul 26 Why won't Reince Priebus quit? Because for better or worse, he's Trump's Republican Party handler
Jul 25 Trump's meltdown moment on Russia: How could he have made this day any worse?
Jul 25 No Public Figure Has Even Thought About Dragging Trump's 11-year-old Son into Russia-Election Controversy. But His Dad Just Did.
Jul 25 Here's a question for Trump on his public shaming of Jeff Sessions: Why don't you grow a pair?
Jul 25 Paul Ryan is ready to drive the bus over Jefferson Sessions—and Robert Mueller
Jul 25 Ivanka Trump has lawyered up for the Russia investigation
Jul 25 Trump campaign manager Manafort subpoenaed to appear before Senate Judiciary Committee
Jul 25 Donald Trump mistakes Boy Scout Jamboree for Trump Youth rally
Jul 25 McCain interrupts taxpayer-sponsored cancer treatment to vote to take care away from millions
Jul 25 Donald Trump continues to try and make Attorney General Jeff Sessions quit
Jul 25 No, Trump's effort to discredit Mueller isn't anything like the Clinton/Starr clash
Jul 25 Democrats may finally be seizing on a moment rife with opportunity—let's see if they deliver
Jul 25 Trump's nominee to head Justice Department's criminal division used to represent major Russian bank
Jul 25 Sen. Franken says Judiciary Committee may call Sessions back to explain his Russia contacts
Jul 24 #Rexit: Report Indicates Tillerson Contemplating Early Departure
Jul 24 Republican leadership: We're voting on Trumpcare tomorrow. We don't know what we're voting on.
Jul 24 Breaking: Trump Is Considering Replacing Jeff Sessions With Rudy Guiliani As Attorney General
Jul 24 'No one is above the law'—Democrat to introduce bill making it illegal for POTUS to pardon himself
Jul 24 Congressional agreement on Russia sanctions bill deals the Trump-Putin alliance a blow
Jul 24 Trump's campaign has paid him over half a million dollars so far this year
Jul 24 By taking on Schiff, Trump again reveals he's panicking
Jul 24 Trump tweet-begs Republicans to help distract from his Russia problem by going after Hillary
Jul 24 Kushner's statement asserts that he lacked the competence to be complicit in Trump—Russia
Jul 24 Trump and Republicans begin to turn on one another as the Resistance gains steam: Monday's good news
Jul 24 Kellyanne Conway is TOTALLY Oblivious to the Crisis in Trump White House (And Trump's Lies)
Jul 24 Democratic lawmakers ask Coast Guard to reconsider Potomac River shutdowns during Trump golf outings
Jul 23 Founder George Mason Couldn't Sign the Constitution. Because...Trump.
Jul 23 Who said it: Donald Trump, a comedian, or a conspiracy theorist?
Jul 23 Trump tweet-blasts Republicans for doing 'very little to protect' him from Russia investigation
Jul 23 Scaramucci's Batting 1000%. Second Day Of Work He Made A Liar Out Of Jay Sekulow On Fox News.
Jul 23 Synchronicity - It's Fitting OJ's in the News Again - Did he set the Pattern for Trump?
Jul 23 The Appalling Judges Trump Is Naming To The Federal Judiciary
Jul 23 Why Trump's "leak" of the Sessions/Russia conversations will backfire on him
Jul 22 Every former CBO director signs on to letter telling Paul Ryan to take a flying leap
Jul 22 New WH Comms Director Busy Erasing Evidence Of What He Said, Including, Trump's A "Hack Politician."
Jul 22 It's slowly dawning on Republicans that Trump just might be the worst president ever
Jul 22 Buried 19-year-old memo indicates special counsel Mueller might have authority to indict Trump
Jul 22 The six-month verdict on Trump: A fraud, a liar, and quite possibly an idiot
Jul 22 Some voters canceled their voter registrations after Trump effort to collect their data. Don't.
Jul 22 Despite denials, Sessions discussed campaign issues with Russian ambassador intercepts show
Jul 22 Is Reince Priebus Implicated In KremlinGate? Steve Bannon Keeps Low Profile; WH Shakeup At Hand?
Jul 22 Team Trump looks to tar investigators as they drill down on Trump's financial ties to Russia
Jul 22 GOP Senator: 'Things are starting to feel incoherent.' Ya think?
Jul 21 BREAKING - Sessions-Kislyak conversations were SUBSTANTIAL
Jul 21 Trump's new communications director slobbers all over his new boss in first press briefing
Jul 21 Trump clearly thinks the government is there to serve his needs, not those of the American people
Jul 21 Team Trump unraveling: With three major changes in 24 hours, what's next?
Jul 21 Kushner still selling $500,000 visas to Chinese investors as program meant to help poor is subverted
Jul 21 Sean Spicer quits as White House press secretary
Jul 21 Russian lawyer who met with Trump's inner circle spent 8 years representing Russian spy agency
Jul 21 Special counsel tells White House: Don't destroy any information on Don Jr.'s Russia meeting
Jul 21 Rant on This Week In Trumpland
Jul 21 Top US Intel Officials Might Be Growing Concerned - Out the Russians Publicly Despite Trump
Jul 21 Here's Donald Trump desperately, pathetically trying to get Putin's attention at the G20 dinner
Jul 21 Trump touts 'Made in America' week but is quietly hiring more foreign workers at Mar-a-Lago
Jul 20 WAPO: Trump lawyers exploring pardoning powers... now who would have imagined that!
Jul 20 Japan's first lady knows how to speak English. She just didn't want to talk to Trump.
Jul 20 Of course he did: Trump picked climate science denier for Ag Department's top science post
Jul 20 Republican billionaire megadonor says no more money for GOP because Trump's an 'abortion of a human'
Jul 20 A White House reporter went rogue and livestreamed the press briefing despite video and audio ban
Jul 20 Trump thinks health insurance costs $12 a year, and other insanities
Jul 20 If Jeff Sessions had any self respect, his resignation letter would be on Trump's desk by now
Jul 20 We'll never know the content of the Trump-Putin meetings—but now all Putin's dreams are coming true
Jul 20 Times Transcript: Where Trump Savages Sessions, Rosenstein, McCabe and Threatens to Fire IC Mueller
Jul 20 The Occupant throws his AG completely under the bus in interview with New York Times.
Jul 20 Trump 'thinks' he's signed more bills than 'any president ever,' possibly because he is dumb
Jul 19 Manafort owed $17 million to 'pro-Russia interests' before joining Trump campaign for free
Jul 19 Kushner, Manafort, Donald Trump Jr. to appear before Senate committees investigating Russian hacks
Jul 19 Trump ends support for rebels in Syria, a move that will please Putin and Assad
Jul 19 Watch Donald Trump himself make the case for a full, immediate release of his tax returns
Jul 19 Donald Trump's dinner with Vladimir Putin is a middle finger to America
Jul 19 Democrats ask the FBI to review Ivanka's security forms, see if she 'engaged in similar deception'
Jul 19 Wounded vets, Olympic hopefuls will be blocked from Potomac river training each time Trump golfs
Jul 19 Fox News host: Trump family 'has done more for this country than any Democratic elected official'
Jul 19 Trump-Russia: Agalarovs are Selling their U.S. Properties
Jul 18 Only 45% of Trump voters believe Trump Jr. had a meeting with Russians
Jul 18 Trump held second, secret meeting with Putin with no other Americans present
Jul 18 8th man in Trump Tower conspiracy reinforces purpose: money laundering through real estate
Jul 18 Special counsel is investigating Donald Trump Jr.'s Russian collusion
Jul 18 Who's afraid of Donald Trump? No one. No one at all.
Jul 18 Now even the WSJ Ed. Board is against Trump, maybe 36% AND colluding with Russia has consequences
Jul 18 Fox Legal Analyst: Start Felony Investigation into Trump Collusion
Jul 18 Sean Spicer: It's 'inappropriate' to ask whether Trump's businesses will be making things in America
Jul 18 Transparency Victory: Trump Forced to Release Mar-a-Lago Visitor Logs
Jul 18 Office of Government Ethics head: America is 'pretty close to a laughingstock at this point'
Jul 18 'Witch hunt' Trump holds the fate of Kushner's security clearance in his stubby little hands
Jul 18 Fox News moves from slanted reporting, to active involvement in cover-up of collusion
Jul 17 Polling round up: More Americans support impeaching Trump than did Nixon at similar point
Jul 17 Condoms don't work, smoking doesn't kill, GOP is saving Medicaid—the world class lies of Mike Pence
Jul 17 Trump kicks off 'Made in America' week while Ivanka's company says they won't make goods in the US
Jul 17 Incredible CNN interview with Trump voters: Half of panel participants now regret their vote
Jul 17 Donald Trump is a below-average president, Americans say
Jul 17 POTUS by proxy
Jul 17 Could Alfa Bank Servers Be the Link Between Trump Campaign and Kremlin?
Jul 17 Trump meeting may have been 'the green light Russia was looking for'
Jul 16 Sad! Trump's Six-Month Approval Rating Lowest of Any President in 70 Years
Jul 16 Donnygate: "It's The Secret Service's Fault!" Says Family Lawyer
Jul 16 Trump using donors' campaign cash to pay for his idiot son's legal defense
Jul 16 VIDEO: Republican Senator Susan Collins Exposes Trumpcare's Devastating Medicaid Cuts
Jul 16 What will be the Trump-Russia equivalent of Watergate's smoking gun?
Jul 16 Trump takes to Twitter to defend his lying Russia-colluding son
Jul 16 Trump looks sick. And tired.
Jul 16 Likely Trump pick for enforcing federal wage laws sued for stiffing her house cleaners
Jul 16 Jennifer Rubin, of all people, shreds the GOP
Jul 16 Republican voters turn against book learning as the party's enstupiding accelerates
Jul 15 Malcolm Nance destroys Trump Russia Scandal defending ex-CIA agent
Jul 15 In any functioning political system, this letter alone would kill the Republican health care bill
Jul 15 The special counsel investigation is doing its job, Congress isn't
Jul 15 The White House released 112 glorious pages of public comments on the phony voter fraud commission
Jul 15 We don't know who's trying to 'deregulate' our government, because the Trump team is hiding it
Jul 15 White House releases personal info of people mad that their personal info might be released
Jul 15 Why Are We Ignoring the Fact that Trump is Mobbed Up?
Jul 15 Working in Trump's White House now a clear legal liability ... for everyone
Jul 15 Trump associates are pushing the RNC to pick-up the legal bills for 'billionaire' Donald Trump
Jul 14 "The Russia scandal has entered a new phase, and there’s no going back."
Jul 14 Trump Jr. emails point to Russian collaboration even before June meeting
Jul 14 Fox anchor stuns co-host into silence after calling out 'mind-boggling' lies of Trump's inner circle
Jul 14 Now it's 8—Trump Jr meeting may exceed size of daddy's inaugural crowd
Jul 14 Donald Trump Jr. got documents from Russian government at his 'waste of time' meeting
Jul 14 Donald Trump is lying about when he knew about Donald Jr.'s meeting with Russian lawyer
Jul 14 New Republic story on Trump & Russian (mob) $$
Jul 14 A Predator in Paris: Donald Trump almost breaks Brigitte Macron's arm establishing his dominance.
Jul 14 Michael Gerson on Trump is a MUST READ today
Jul 14 Kushner assured Trump the bombshell Russian meeting disclosure wouldn't cause any problems
Jul 14 The Sixth Man: Trump Jr's meeting with Russian lawyer was joined by former Soviet officer
Jul 13 A White House adviser says Trump may return the Russian spy compound in Maryland back to Russia
Jul 13 Chicago Tribune reports the GOP operative who worked to get hacked Clinton emails committed suicide
Jul 13 Paris Against Trump: Demonstrations Greet US President in France
Jul 13 Trump says border wall should be transparent so Americans don't get hit with flying bags of drugs
Jul 13 Calling bullshit on Pence—if he can't give a straight answer on Russia, he's lying through his teeth
Jul 13 Sessions security form claims he didn't meet any foreign officials, at all, in the last 7 years
Jul 13 Jared Kushner updated his security form, suddenly remembered more than 100 foreign contacts
Jul 13 Trump's interview with Reuters goes down a rabbit hole and vanishes in a puff of contradictions
Jul 13 Impeachment is Not Enough. Why Donald Trump Must Go to Prison
Jul 13 Watching a Presidency Implode in Real-Time: Frank Rich for NYMagazine
Jul 13 After MSNBC reports Trump is watching TV, Trump goes on Twitter to say no he's not
Jul 13 Rep. Ted Lieu sends formal list of Jeff Sessions' legal violations to Alabama State Bar
Jul 12 Congressman filed the first article of impeachment against Donald Trump for obstructing justice
Jul 12 Why did the DOJ abruptly settle Russian money laundering case with attorney at center of collusion?
Jul 12 Trump 'fumes ... is enraged ... is exasperated' over disaster of his own making: Kremlin-gate
Jul 12 See the FBI nominee's troubling response when asked about campaigns meeting with foreign adversaries
Jul 12 Trump's 'transparent' brag comes after he signed off on Junior's first statement on Russia meeting
Jul 12 Kushner being eyed as key figure in helping Russia improve its cyberattack
Jul 12 Scarborough quits the GOP: 'How much of this country and our values are they willing to sell out?'
Jul 12 Assange Inadvertently Confirms Direct Trump Link, Discussed Russia Emails with Jr.
Jul 12 First the Trump team said they never met with the Russians...impeach Trump to save our democracy.
Jul 12 Congress has a job to do that's completely separate from Robert Mueller's: Protect the country
Jul 12 Dan Rather to elected officials: It's decision time—which side of history will you be on?
Jul 12 Don't look now, but Democrats just flipped two more seats from red to blue tonight
Jul 11 Is Steve Bannon Throwing Donald Jr. Under The Bus To Save Jared Kushner? MSM Says Yes.
Jul 11 Why hasn't Jared Kushner's security clearance been yanked ... and other things we'd like to know
Jul 11 Natalia Veselnitskaya was no stranger, she was important to Trump's business
Jul 11 Briefing: Trump calls Don Jr. 'high quality' but who knows when they last spoke
Jul 11 Pelosi: 'There's no escaping it': Trump team 'met with an agent of a hostile foreign power'
Jul 11 The photo showing it's time to ask: What did the president know and when did he know it?
Jul 11 Donald Trump Jr. releases email chain showing he was chasing information from Russian government
Jul 11 Fox and Friends admit they were 'mistaken' on Comey memos report the president gleefully tweeted
Jul 11 Bombshell: Donald Trump, Jr., knowingly colluded with the Russian government to boost his father
Jul 11 Trump Jr. lawyers up with an attorney experienced in mob crime and Russian hacking
Jul 10 Is Kremlin Gate About To Come Crashing Down? Mike Pence Seems To Think So, He's Making Other Plans.
Jul 10 Kaiser Confirms Trump's Own HHS. Finds NO Evidence Obamacare Collapsing. On Track For Its Best Year
Jul 10 Donald Trump Jr's meeting with Russian lawyer isn't another thread—it's the whole scheme unraveling
Jul 10 Signs of panic: the White House sends Kellyanne Conway out for an absolutely bonkers CNN interview
Jul 10 Donald Trump's plan to collaborate with Russia on cybersecurity was the greatest thing never
Jul 10 Report: Trump Continues to Profit Lavishly From Golf Club Membership Fees
Jul 10 Trump tries to distract from son's collusion with Russia in a series of moronic tweets
Jul 10 Abramson connects the dots: collusion is certain, and Trump knew.
Jul 10 Former Bush ethics lawyer: Donald Jr. may have committed an act of treason
Jul 10 Dan Rather: When will Trump's enablers see the 'farce' and danger the world sees--and stop it?
Jul 10 Trump Jr. confirms he met with Russian lawyer to obtain information damaging to Clinton
Jul 09 The President is a traitor.
Jul 09 Ethics director: 'Fairly explicit threat' from Preibus 'emblematic' of his White House interactions
Jul 09 Blasting Obama and the 'Fake News', Trump announces joint 'Cyber Security unit' with Russia
Jul 09 Australia's ABC Reporting on Trump & the G20
Jul 09 Donald Trump's Approval Rating Nears Its All-Time Low in His Favorite, Fawning Poll
Jul 09 Republican lawmakers move to cash in on healthcare repeal by buying up stock in insurance companies
Jul 09 Trump's campaign team, including Donald Jr., met with a Russian lawyer having Kremlin connections
Jul 08 White House Refers to Xi as “President Xi of the Republic of China.”
Jul 08 Greenpeace Unfurls Giant Banners on Trump Tower Chicago. Seven Arrested.
Jul 08 Happy Birthday, America—the president just sold out our democracy
Jul 08 CNN: Trump's State Dept. Grants U.S. Visas to 150 Russian Spies
Jul 08 Trump & Putin: Melania said time to come in from playing outside, but they didn't want to
Jul 08 Trump broke our ethical norms, but the press is going to great lengths to avoid talking about it
Jul 08 Ivanka Sits at the Grown Up's Table at G20
Jul 08 Canadian PM Justin Trudeau Trolls Trump and French President Macron Spoofs Trump
Jul 08 Angela Merkel gives Putin a priceless eye roll as he appears to 'mansplain' at G20—Twitter explodes
Jul 08 Sen. Schumer calls Trump and Tillerson's bend to Moscow a 'grave dereliction of duty'
Jul 08 As Trump caves to Putin, former Director of National Intelligence issues dire 2018 election warning
Jul 07 White House sent Melania into Trump-Putin meeting in a failed effort to get Trump to stop talking
Jul 07 Heavily revised New York Times story on Trump's Poland visit takes out a few key details
Jul 07 If you can't remember a bill more hated than Trumpcare, there's a reason for that
Jul 07 Who tried to set a 'fake news' trap for Rachel Maddow with carefully forged 'top secret' documents?
Jul 07 Rachel Maddow: Someone Shopping Forged NSA Docs to Media
Jul 07 Will Trump Give Putin "Deliverables" Or Will Putin Retaliate? Hamburg Meeting Will Tell.
Jul 07 Trump Talking to Voices in His Head Again. Tweets "Everyone" at G20 Is Talking About DNC Server.
Jul 06 Remember the outcry at Dixie Chicks for criticizing the US...Today the President attacked Obama, CNN, and the intel community from Poland
Jul 06 The Real Reasons the Russians Meddled
Jul 06 Trump's voter suppression commission wants to store your voting data on White House computers
Jul 06 Citing 'Current Situation' Under Trump, Government Ethics Chief Resigns
Jul 06 Broker, mobster, fraudster and Trump associate Felix Sater agrees to cooperate with investigation
Jul 06 Trump Wanders Off AGAIN. This Time In Poland.
Jul 06 Trump's team forgot to book a hotel, so they're crashing on Hamburg's couch for the G20
Jul 06 Trump's statements in Poland get Russian stamp of approval: 'Please note the nuances.'
Jul 06 Donald Trump's attacks on CNN a mix of personal butthurt and his broader war on inconvenient facts
Jul 06 Trump goes to Poland to criticize US intelligence, free press
Jul 06 Poland Promised to Bus In Cheering Crowds for Trump as Part of Invitation
Jul 06 Trump is sundowning. It's happened before.
Jul 05 RNC asks Democrats 'Where's your plan?' for health care, gets owned in response
Jul 05 Hey Paul Ryan, where's that Russia sanctions bill the Senate passed 98-2?
Jul 05 G20 worries: Trump and Putin may get on too well, while rest of world gets on without America
Jul 05 Trump's cake diplomacy collapses, he gives up on China as North Korea targets 'American bastards'
Jul 05 Trump's own Department of Health and Human Services: Obamacare "working as intended", not failing.
Jul 05 Trump Wanders Around Looking for Limo After Deplaning
Jul 05 Trumpists triggered by the Declaration of Independence... because god-emperor Trump
Jul 04 Trump Tweets an Evangelical Choir's MAGA Tribute to Himself for Independence Day
Jul 04 Maxine Waters Tears Into Ben Carson. If He Appears Before Her -‘I Am Going To Take His A** Apart’
Jul 04 Rep. Pramila Jayapal, one of the women of color leading the resistance to Trump
Jul 04 Trump's pick to lead DOJ civil rights will do the exact opposite of protecting people's equality
Jul 04 Eugene Robinson takes apart Trump on the 4th of July
Jul 04 'Scary as Hell': Trump Response to North Korea Sparks Fear of Escalation
Jul 04 Maryland AG Brian Frosh: We Won't 'Indulge President Trump's Fantasy That He Won The Popular Vote'
Jul 04 Trump 'patriot' accidentally shot himself at Confederate rally by resting his flag pole on his gun
Jul 04 On Possible Surprise Visit From Trump, UK Resistance Says: We'll Be Ready
Jul 03 Michael Cohen pushed out of Trump's inner circle, into center of FBI investigation
Jul 03 Trump effort to stop people from voting could also put them at risk of identity theft and hacking
Jul 03 Trump is deranged but 42 percent of Republicans say 'freedom of the press' is out of control
Jul 03 Journalist who revealed Neo-Nazi creator of Trump's CNN tweet now receiving death threats
Jul 03 The Incredible Shrinking America—Tillerson hands Syria to Russia as America moves to irrelevance
Jul 03 Top Ethics Official Resigns, Says Working for Trump Requires 'Abandonment of Conscience'
Jul 03 Donald Trump's Twitter account isn't a silly little sideline—it's the front line in the war on truth
Jul 03 A column on Trump Charles M. Blow had trouble writing
Jul 03 How To Troll Trump Supporters, Style
Jul 02 When you control all three branches of government, you’re responsible for government
Jul 02 Living Vicariously Through Buzz Aldrin's Eyes
Jul 02 RESIST: Neil Young premieres video for new protest song, "Children of Destiny"
Jul 02 The President of the United States is using Twitter today to incite violence against the free press
Jul 02 From HuffPo: Former Mexican President Shows Trump How To Avoid Nuclear War In Hilarious Video
Jul 02 Science division of White House office left empty as last staffers depart.
Jul 01 ALEC now Implicated in Russian Collusion Scandal!
Jul 01 Rather compares our 'Demeanor in Chief' to vile witch hunter McCarthy—NYT shows Rather is spot on
Jul 01 Trump deteriorates as reality encroaches on his fragile psyche
Jul 01 Jason Kander Explains In One Perfect Tweet, Trump's Request For Voters Social Security Numbers, DOB
Jul 01 Trump tweet-punched "Crazy Joe," "dumb as a rock Mika," and "their low-rated show" yet again today
Jul 01 Donald Trump goes gift shopping for Vladimir Putin
Jul 01 Homeland Security hasn't 'lifted a finger' to determine whether any voting machines were breached
Jul 01 BOMBSHELL: I was recruited by Trump campaign to collude on hack, says UK cyber analyst
Jun 30 Refusing to Abet Suppression, States Reject Trump Demand for Voter Data
Jun 30 Trump team: White House Office on Women and Girls? Meh. Who needs it?
Jun 30 Ominous Tweet from Eric Holder
Jun 30 Joe and Mika: Trump staffers threatened to plant tabloid stories about them (and they have proof)
Jun 30 Senate Republicans shoot down Obamacare repeal trial balloon, Rand Paul and Trump double down on it
Jun 30 Seven in the house needed to impeach, but not just any seven.
Jun 30 Already Thrown Under The Bus, Mike Flynn Just Had It Back Up Over Him
Jun 30 Melania defends Trump's attack on MSNBC host: 'when attacked, he punches back 10 times harder'
Jun 29 Trumpcare. It's like Trump University but you die.
Jun 29 Red alert! Trump's 'election integrity' crew asked states for data on every single voter in the U.S.
Jun 29 Collusion alert: Michael Flynn may have worked with GOP operative to obtain hacked Clinton email
Jun 29 Watch: White House Defends Trump's Sexist Attacks By Saying Voters 'Knew Exactly What They Were Getting'
Jun 29 'Flat Out Corrupt': Protests as Trump Headlines Trump Fundraiser at Trump Hotel
Jun 29 Ana Navarro on Trump: He's Mean, Nasty. He Is Never Going To Pivot. Republicans Stop Enabling Him
Jun 29 Charles M. Blow: "Trump’s Obama Obsession."
Jun 29 Trump's gross attack tweets draw disapproval from some Republican senators, but don't expect action
Jun 29 Trump attacks 'bleeding badly from a face-lift' Mika Brzezinski and she claps back
Jun 29 Fox News host turned against Trumpcare as he grilled Paul Ryan
Jun 29 CNN Kneecaps Trump With Facts While MSNBC Ratings Soar And Fox Is Left In The Dust
Jun 29 Senate health bill sinks to record low approval rating
Jun 28 Smiling, healthy, insured Fox News host mocks Medicaid defenders: 'we're all going to die' sometime
Jun 28 Hint: Trump's 're-election' campaign isn't about re-election. It's about pocketing campaign cash
Jun 28 Mueller's Russia probe has no formal deadlines, but midterm politics loom
Jun 28 Sally Yates: 'That’s not the standard of conduct that we’re looking for from our president'
Jun 28 Trump backs off threats to go after James Comey, because threaten and run away is what Trump does
Jun 28 Donald Trump reacts to a Washington Post story saying he's 'confused' by threatening Amazon
Jun 28 Creep-in-chief interrupted a call with the Irish Prime Minister to comment on a reporter's looks
Jun 28 House Republican: 'We just simply don't know how to govern'
Jun 28 Trump has a fake Time Magazine cover framed on the walls of his golf clubs
Jun 28 Trump's Having A Mental Breakdown. World Spy Agencies Are Monitoring Twitter. Seriously.
Jun 28 World's best pretend deal maker sabotages real world Trumpcare deal
Jun 28 Fox News gives Dear Leader the softball interview he was looking for
Jun 27 WaPo: Manafort files retroactively as foreign agent; discloses $17.1 million in total payments
Jun 27 Must watch: Reporter rips White House for 'inflammatory' rhetoric about news outlets
Jun 27 Trump’s lawyer paid his family $60 million from Christian charity’s donations during the recession
Jun 27 Disney's Hall of Presidents in limbo as theme park tries to work out what Robot Trump might say
Jun 27 Hmm: Paul Ryan's op-ed touting all the GOP's 'good news' doesn't mention health care even once
Jun 27 Republicans have a solution to finding the votes they need for their healthcare bill—massive bribery
Jun 27 Conway...can always get jobs...Lieu..elderly in nursing homes can go work at all the fake coal jobs
Jun 27 Trump-Russia: Carter Page Has Been Questioned by the FBI 5 Times, Sans Lawyer
Jun 27 Poll: US's Image around the world has declined sharply since Trump took office
Jun 27 John Dean says Trump has picked a fight he won't win by going after Mueller and US Intel agencies
Jun 27 Trump Threatens Blackmail If Murderous Republican "Health Care" Scam Is Not Passed.
Jun 26 "You Bought It." Robert Reich Posts 11 Unpleasant Facts To Confront Trump Supporters With.
Jun 26 Ivanka and Donald Trump Jr. emerge as possible targets in Mueller probe of Russian money laundering
Jun 26 The incredible shrinking Spicey now just quoting Trump tweets, as are all White House aides
Jun 26 Trump's morning tweets: I'm not the colluder, Obama's the colluder
Jun 26 Pro-Trump PAC launches anti-Mueller ad as Trump continues to attack the Special Counsel
Jun 26 Kellyanne Conway says people on Medicaid should just get jobs—but most of them have
Jun 26 Trump Has Babysitters, Not Colleagues. Even CIA Director Mike Pompeo Finally Admitted It.
Jun 26 Ivanka and the Red Shoes
Jun 26 Our country erodes before our eyes. Amy Siskind documents our fall, and hopefully our pathway home
Jun 25 Putin is winning. And Trump is helping.
Jun 25 'This Is Not a Drill': Less Than One Week to Defeat 'Barbaric' Trumpcare Bill
Jun 25 Trump spelling mistakes are just getting more awful
Jun 25 Trump asks FBI to investigate Obama over the Russian election scandal. Twitter roasted him
Jun 25 Trump administration drops grant for a nonprofit helping people leave violent right-wing groups
Jun 24 Wunderkind Jared Kushner Busy Blowing Up Israeli/Palestinian Talks
Jun 24 Delusional Donald: Trump is SHOCKED By Poll That Asks Whether People Believe Trump or Comey?'
Jun 24 Canadian leaders have given up on Trump—so now they're going around him
Jun 24 If those lips are moving ... a catalog of lies from the man who wants to make reality irrelevant
Jun 24 New Lawsuit Accuses Trump of 'Destroying Essential Historical Records'
Jun 24 Trump's Russia investigation rage leaves staff and friends worried
Jun 24 Trumpty Dumpty gets huffy with his White House counsel
Jun 23 A day in the life of Trump's man-made disaster of a White House
Jun 23 Um. Trump Just Admitted That He Tried To Influence James Comey's Testimony.
Jun 23 Republicans blocked President Obama from telling the public about Russian actions to help Trump
Jun 23 It's starting to look like layoff week at factories where Donald Trump has bragged about jobs
Jun 23 As Resistance Mobilizes, Poll Shows 'Overwhelming' Hatred for Trumpcare
Jun 23 Time Magazine: "Nemesis". "In Robert Mueller, Trump May Have Found His."
Jun 23 In almost half of the United States, 50% or more babies born were on Medicaid
Jun 22 Trump Aides Text 'F**k My Life' In Response To Latest Tweet Re-Focusing Attention On White House
Jun 22 Did the Trump campaign get voter data from hacked files? The Russia investigation expands again
Jun 22 Barack Obama issues a scathing statement on the 'fundamental meanness' of the Republican bill
Jun 22 Months after Trump's hype, Carrier announces 600 layoffs
Jun 22 Trump admits there were never any tapes of his meetings with fired FBI director James Comey
Jun 22 Comey wasn't alone: Trump told other intelligence chiefs to say there was no collusion
Jun 22 Trumpcare tax cuts to nation's 400 wealthiest families is Medicaid blood money
Jun 22 Trump offers an hour of lies, bragging, and bragging lies at Iowa campaign rally
Jun 22 Former Attorney General Eric Holder plans national effort to oppose Trump policies
Jun 22 Donald Trump does not want you to know what he's really doing, from golf to environmental policy
Jun 22 Jared Kushner solves government's technology problems by reading his book report
Jun 21 Democrats want to know why Jared Kushner still has security clearance
Jun 21 The Real Reason The AHCA Is Being Drafted In Secret.
Jun 21 Acting director of the FBI refuses to say whether Donald Trump asked him for an oath of loyalty
Jun 21 How concerned should we be about Russia? Much more than most people realize.
Jun 21 House Intelligence Committee holds hearing into Russian cyberattacks on 39 states
Jun 21 Now We Know Why Trump is So Friendly to Putin
Jun 21 Trump steals from the poor to give to himself—cuts housing aid for tenants, but not landlords
Jun 21 An astute understanding of Trump
Jun 21 Another day, another speculative story about responsible Republicans reining Trump in real soon now
Jun 20 Five months into the job, Spicer still can't say whether Trump believes Russia interfered in 2016
Jun 20 Intelligence officials considered Flynn an urgent problem, yet he still heard CIA secrets
Jun 20 Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III lawyers up
Jun 20 Mueller just added a Russian-speaking former Supreme Court clerk to his special counsel team
Jun 20 Trump's nominee for FBI director scrubbed Russia connection from his law firm bio
Jun 20 CBS NEWS POLL: At 36%, Pres. Trump's approval rating is now his lowest in CBS News Polls
Jun 20 Sheldon Whitehouse Thinks Mike Flynn is Singing Like A Canary.
Jun 20 Frustration after 'bizarre' WH press briefing: 'I don't know why everyone is going along with this'
Jun 19 Kellyanne Conway says Trump's tweet admitting he's under personal investigation was 'irony'
Jun 19 Republican contractor leaked data on nearly 200 million American voters
Jun 19 Just another reminder that Vice President Mike Pence is also a complete nutcase
Jun 19 Trump-Russia: Mueller Hires Expert Witness-Flipper
Jun 19 GOP official on Scalise shooting, GA-06: 'I think the shooting is going to win this election for us'
Jun 19 Trump's attorney performs hilarious flip-flop: confirms and denies investigation in one breath
Jun 19 Bannon "Crapping Diamonds" As House Calls Campaign Digital Director To Testify In Russia Probe
Jun 19 SRSLY? Trump Brags About Having Higher Approval Ratings than Obama - In His Warped Imagination
Jun 19 Trump flunks US Army's own leadership standards
Jun 18 Trump lawyer blames Twitter's length limit for making Trump admit to being investigated
Jun 18 Adviser: Trump hates the job, but 'doesn't want to go down in history' for resigning
Jun 18 Republicans worry that working with Trump could harm their reputations—golly, ya think?
Jun 18 Trump’s Poll Numbers Crater Even Further As GOP Support Slips
Jun 18 Commander-in-Chief Trump goes AWOL
Jun 18 Good Grief: Now an Angry and Frightened Trump is 'Yelling at Television Sets in the White House'
Jun 18 If 600 Russian IP addresses make Inroads into our Election System and President fails to see it ...
Jun 18 While Trump Freaks On Twitter, Mike Pence, GOP Make Plans To Take Over: Politico
Jun 18 NY attorney general joins 16 states taking legal action against Trump and the GOP on healthcare
Jun 17 View from the Left: Will Trump self destruct before he takes America down with him?
Jun 17 Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III has acute memory lapses, and is unfit to serve as Attorney General
Jun 17 Dan Rather: Being pummeled daily by odious Trump news can be overwhelming—never accept it as normal
Jun 17 Even Newt Gingrich Admits KremlinGate Is So Serious That "They're Probably Going To Jail."
Jun 17 The media has the Trump-mafia comparison backwards.
Jun 17 On Day Financial Disclosure Reveals $$ drumpf Making Pimping Properties, He Goes to ...Camp David.
Jun 17 Katy Tur: Trump's Personal Lawyer, Michael Cohen, Has Hired His Own Lawyer. Hilarity Ensues.
Jun 17 Gingrich says Trump 'cannot obstruct justice.' Uh, Newt? Remember that time you impeached Clinton?
Jun 16 Adam Schiff And Dianne Feinstein, Trying To Send A Warning To Trump And Congressional Republicans.
Jun 16 Breaking: Here we go - Trump transition team ordered to preserve documents
Jun 16 With Attack on Deputy AG, Trump Legal Team Must Be 'Going a Little Nuts'
Jun 16 Conway 'You can't attack people personally ... and think tragedies like this won't happen'
Jun 16 Today's Trump tweet storm is extra loony ... and he admits 'I am being investigated'
Jun 16 Trump family golf and wedding planner tapped for job overseeing distribution billions of tax dollars
Jun 16 Trump does have a loyalty oath ... Kathleen Parker provided evidence
Jun 16 Why Trump is really angry: Mueller is following the money
Jun 15 Lobbyist for Russian interests says he attended two dinners hosted by Sessions
Jun 15 You are witnessing the single WITCH HUNT...Birtherism...and YOU started it.
Jun 15 Special counsel homes in on Jared Kushner's business dealings
Jun 15 Mike Pence lawyers up with high-priced attorney as Russia investigation gains steam
Jun 15 Trump is freaking out about the Russia investigation on Twitter—again
Jun 15 "Dear God, keep him away from Twitter" : aides admit Trump brought obstruction probe on himself
Jun 15 Leaked audio reveals the Australian prime minister openly mocking Trump's 'winning'
Jun 15 Trump declares FBI and Robert Mueller 'very bad people' as he admits to obstruction investigation
Jun 15 WSJ: Trump Tried To Persuade His NSA Director To Say There Was No Evidence Of Collusion With Russia
Jun 15 Conservative 'news' outlets didn't like Comey's testimony—so they created a fake version instead
Jun 14 Office of Government Ethics nixes Steve Bannon's 'unsigned and undated' retroactive ethics waiver
Jun 14 WashPo: Special counsel Mueller investigating Trump for possible obstruction of justice
Jun 14 China approves 9 'rejected' Trump trademarks—expert says speed of these decisions is 'mind-blowing'
Jun 14 Senate approves new Russian sanctions 97-2
Jun 14 Republicans rush to politicize shooting at congressional baseball practice
Jun 14 Nearly 200 congressional Democrats are suing Donald Trump over the emoluments clause
Jun 14 70% of Trump Property Now Bought by Anonymous Shell Companies. 2 Years Ago it was 4%
Jun 14 See how Trump’s soaring disapproval rating of 60% stacks up against other unpopular presidents
Jun 13 Sessions' rationale for meeting with the Russian ambassador gets absolutely destroyed
Jun 13 Kamala Harris scares the crap out of the Republicans which is why they keep trying to silence her
Jun 13 Rick Wilson Unleashes A Fire And Brimstone Tweetstorm Against His Authoritarian Republican Party.
Jun 13 Another tweetstorm from an angry, paranoid, isolated Donald Trump
Jun 13 Sen. Ron Wyden to Jeff Sessions: 'Your answers do not pass the smell test'
Jun 13 Snowflake-in-Chief Trump blocked an organization representing 500,000 vets and families on Twitter
Jun 13 Russia hacked into election systems in 39 states. Think what they can do between now and 2018.
Jun 13 Breaking: Senate Reports Clinching A Deal "Reining In Trump On Russia," per The Hill
Jun 12 Trump supporters say he's about to fire Special Prosecutor Mueller
Jun 12 Trump's Stalwart Base Is Deserting Him, According To A New Poll; White House Freaking Out
Jun 12 Sen. Schumer needles the tweeter-in-chief with a video mocking Trump's Cabinet meeting
Jun 12 LOL. The Coward In Chief Now Says He Won't Testify Under Oath To Congress
Jun 12 Congressman introduces the 'COVFEFE Act,' a bill requiring presidential social media to be archived
Jun 12 Donald Trump turns a cabinet meeting into a butt-kissing ritual
Jun 12 RNC Chair shows that Trump definitely leads the way as she calls for an end to Russia investigation
Jun 12 Closed-Door Testimony by Sessions Would Be 'Gut Punch' to Democracy and Transparency
Jun 12 Ivanka Trump talks vindication and viciousness, and gets both so very wrong
Jun 12 Preet Bharara, Dianne Feinstein Say Trump Should Be Investigated On Obstruction Charges Now
Jun 12 Breaking! D.C., Md. attorneys general to sue Trump for violations of emoluments clause
Jun 12 Trump Tells Reince Priebus, "I'm Giving You Until July 4th," As Trump Prepares To "Clean House."
Jun 11 Watch: Bharara refused Trump's Phone Call: 22 hours later he was fired.
Jun 11 Testifying under oath could absolutely end Trump's presidency
Jun 11 Donald Jr. confirms his father told Comey he hoped the Flynn investigation would end
Jun 10 Senate Democrats' anti-Trumpcare ad will leave you stunned
Jun 10 WATCH: Trump claims he’d never demand loyalty — CNN plays video of him doing just that
Jun 10 Trump, with a record of lying under oath, says he will tell us under oath that Comey lied
Jun 10 After rewriting ethics rules to allow it, Trump stocks his government with lobbyists
Jun 10 Trump's lies and Russian propaganda become a potent and inseparable weapon
Jun 10 House and Senate committees request Comey's memos and Trump's tapes, 'to the extent they exist now'
Jun 10 DOJ Lawyers Argue Trump Is Above The Constitution and Can Take Payments From Foreign Governments
Jun 10 'Will Trump Regret This?' President Vows to Testify Under Oath
Jun 10 Good News. Robert Mueller prepares to kick a**. Trump's week just got a whole lot worse.
Jun 09 Congressman Ted Lieu is a Twitter BEAST all over 45—beckons Trump to keep promise and testify
Jun 09 Jeff Sessions wants to pit his credibility against James Comey's. Okay ...
Jun 09 Repub Congresswoman Taped: Freaking Over Trump.
Jun 09 Trump's take: James Comey's testimony was great, except for the parts that weren't, which were lies
Jun 09 When you've lost Karl Rove...
Jun 09 Most Brilliant Take On Comey's Testimony By Far: "The Predator-In-Chief"
Jun 09 Ryan says Trump is just 'new at this' and doesn't understand that he's obstructing justice
Jun 08 Comey says Pence was aware of Flynn problems as early as the transition, which means Pence lied
Jun 08 Nomination Of Christopher Wray As FBI Chief Is Middle Finger To FBI; & He's Involved With Russia
Jun 08 Democrats to file suit against Trump over his ongoing violations of Constitution's emoluments clause
Jun 08 As Comey Bolsters "Obstruction" Case, Prospects of Trump Impeachment Rise
Jun 08 Two Dumb Trump Tweets Are Eating His Presidency Alive
Jun 08 Comey on Russia: 'They're coming for America'—but Trump didn't give a damn about it
Jun 08 The 'cloud' over Jeff Sessions grows darker with new reports of a third Russian meeting
Jun 08 Did Trump collude with Russia? Comey: 'I don’t think I should answer in open setting’
Jun 08 Comey: Trump telling him to lay off of Flynn was 'an order'
Jun 08 Comey on why he kept written records of Trump meetings: 'I was honestly concerned that he might lie'
Jun 08 As Growing Calls to Impeach Trump Loom, Watch James Comey Testimony Live
Jun 08 I genuinely believe that I may have found something important and "hidden" in Comey's testimony
Jun 08 Col. Lawrence Wilkerson: Trump like mafia family & should be impeached
Jun 07 Donald Trump's critics are so mean 'they're not even people,' says Eric
Jun 07 Comey: He's guilty. Democrats: He's guilty. Trump: I'm guilty. Republicans: We may never get to the bottom of this.
Jun 07 Schiff: Comey statement 'certainly evidence' of 'obstruction' by Trump
Jun 07 Six Takeaways To Expect From Comey's Testimony; Trump Looks As Bad As You'd Expect
Jun 07 Trump Hotel profits $270,000 from Saudi lobbying campaign
Jun 07 Democrats Need To Toughen Up, And Ted Lieu Is Writing The Playbook.
Jun 07 Trump to Comey: 'I expect loyalty." Also denies he was 'involved with hookers'
Jun 07 Poll: Americans don't believe Trump on Russia and think he's interfering with investigations
Jun 07 Donald Trump announced his FBI pick on Twitter ... and the White House is silent
Jun 07 Dan Coats and Mike Rogers refuse to say whether or not Trump tried to get them to interfere at FBI
Jun 07 Trump dines with 6 Republican members of Senate Intelligence Committee
Jun 07 Conservative lawyer: No President’s actions have ever...
Jun 07 Clapper tells Australians Watergate 'pales' in comparison to the Russia saga
Jun 07 Top law firms refuse to defend Trump from Robert Mueller
Jun 07 Donald Trump vows to keep using Twitter no matter how much 'FAKE MSM' begs him to stop
Jun 06 Only four months into the job, sycophantic Jeff Sessions is already threatening to resign
Jun 06 Do Middle Fingers in New Zealand Portend New Global Trend for Trump Regime?
Jun 06 How Trump co-opted his kid's cancer charity to line his own pockets
Jun 06 Sen. Warner: Russian Hacking of U.S. Election Systems "Much Broader" than in Intercept Report
Jun 06 Special Counsel Mueller puts an expert in the Mafia and fraud at the heart of his investigation
Jun 06 Buy your popcorn now: Trump plans to personally livetweet his responses to Comey's Senate testimony
Jun 06 Trump's tweets expertly tilt the scales of justice against his Muslim ban
Jun 06 NSA Director Mike Rogers poised to ‘drop a bomb’ on Trump admin during Wednesday testimony
Jun 06 Looks like Comey is getting his Request answered
Jun 06 Comey bad, Putin good, according to North Carolina Republicans
Jun 05 Acting US ambassador to China resigns in protest over Paris Accord decision
Jun 05 Deutsche Bank Refuses to Cooperate in Trump-Russia Investigation
Jun 05 NSA report reveals Russian effort to hack US voting systems days before the 2016 election
Jun 05 Kellyanne Conway demands the media stop covering the things the sitting president says
Jun 05 Trump complains about Democrats failing to confirm people he hasn't nominated
Jun 05 Donald Trump's petty speech to NATO was an ugly surprise even to his own team
Jun 05 Trump's three day Twitter attack over London includes arguing for tougher version of Muslim ban
Jun 05 Former UK Ambassador Meyer Wins The Internet With This Tweet About Dear Leader.
Jun 05 Trump Sinks to Historic New Low in Approval Due to His Asinine Actions on Climate Change
Jun 05 Special Counsel Robert Mueller's Justice League
Jun 04 When I find myself in tweets o' trouble, Mother Russia comes to me, speaking words of widsom...covfefe!
Jun 04 American Sociopath
Jun 04 Like the terrorists themselves, Trump wants people to be terrified
Jun 04 Idiot President Tweets Idiotic Crap This Morning After London Attack
Jun 04 Rick, I'm gonna blow your f*ckin mind...
Jun 04 JK Rowling. Damn those lefties and their so-called science...
Jun 04 Special Counsel Mueller takes over criminal investigation into Michael Flynn's role as foreign agent
Jun 04 #TrumpRussia ... GOP dark money begins to cut their losses as the truth becomes clearer
Jun 04 The "Shadow Network" That Brought Trump to Power
Jun 03 Trump Puts NO ONE In Charge of NOAA or FEMA As Hurricane Season Just Arrived!
Jun 03 Trump is a bully. But not for much longer.
Jun 03 Brennan: "I am aware of intelligence of contacts and interactions between Russians / Trump Campaign"
Jun 03 Nationwide 'March for Truth' Events Take Aim at Trump's Destructive Fact-Free Rule
Jun 03 "Trump's Incompetence Won't Save Our Democracy:" Masha Gessen for the New York Times
Jun 03 Special counsel Mueller adds to his investigation the probe of ex-Trump campaign chair Paul Manafort
Jun 03 Pruitt Offers 'Incoherent Distortions of Reality' in Defense of Paris Exit
Jun 03 You Have To See This! IMPEACHERÀ!!
Jun 03 Fox News Host Exposed as Running a Scam Charity That Received Funding from Trump
Jun 02 Republican senator says U.S. 'coddled the Putin regime' under Obama, stays silent on Trump
Jun 02 After six years of silence, Goldman-Sachs CEO finally tweets. And it's a doozy.
Jun 02 Donald Trump's Twitter account is a 'gold mine' of information for investigators
Jun 02 Trump Might Try And Block Comey From Testifying.
Jun 02 Paul Ryan Reported to FBI for Fraud and Obstruction
Jun 02 Trump orders agencies to ignore information requests from Democrats
Jun 02 Donald Trump is a petulant, whiny man-child, and treating him like an adult just cost the world
Jun 02 Isikoff: Secret Trump plan to lift Russian sanctions right away was foiled by State employees
Jun 02 Paris Decision will be the end of Trump and destroy Republicans in 2018: Friday Morning's Good News
Jun 02 What can keep Donald Trump off Twitter? His staff pin their hopes on his lawyer's wealth
Jun 01 Kremlin-backed bank contradicts Kushner's explanation for December meeting
Jun 01 Steve Bannon appears to have gotten a 'retroactive' waiver on ethics rules he had already violated
Jun 01 Three Major States Already "joining" Paris Accord
Jun 01 Trump's New York golf course is having business problems because people hate Donald Trump
Jun 01 MSNBC's Joy Reid's Twitter storm breaks down every fact about Trump's Russian foreign policy
Jun 01 NBC: Did Trump, Kushner, and Sessions have an undisclosed meeting with the Russian ambassador?
Jun 01 Vatican says Trump's climate decisions are 'a slap in the face,' like believing in flat earth theory
Jun 01 Devin Nunes violates House rules and his recusal, issues subpoenas without Democratic support
Jun 01 Nigel Farage joins other Trump associates as 'person of interest' in FBI investigation
Jun 01 Vladimir Putin says 'patriotically minded' Russian hackers might have mangled the US election
Jun 01 Trump Bares Belly to Putin, Will Give Back Spy Houses
Jun 01 Elon Musk Is Having None Of It, Threatens To Quit Trump If US Pulls Out From Paris Climate Deal
Jun 01 Kushner admitted: "Trump thinks Republicans are stupid"
May 31 Mueller could obtain Trump's tax returns -- without telling Trump
May 31 Mueller taps head DoJ fraud person to join him in #TrumpRussia probe
May 31 Clinton argues Russians had American help figuring out how to 'weaponize' information in 2016
May 31 James Comey to testify about Trump's attempts to end Flynn investigation
May 31 Michael Flynn agrees to turn over some documents to Senate Intelligence Committee
May 31 Trump reportedly giving world leaders his private cell phone number like he's speed dating
May 31 Donald Trump creates a national untelligence test with a single 'word'
May 31 Keith Olbermann: There's No Excuse For Not Arresting Kushner
May 31 Fearless French President Lumps Trump In With Tyrants & Dictators
May 30 If you want to stop abortions...Rachel Maddow
May 30 #Resist: 'March for Truth' will be held in 100+ cities this Saturday
May 30 To Ram Through Unpopular Agenda, Trump Urges GOP to Kill Senate Filibuster
May 30 Former DNI James Clapper calls Russia's election interference the most aggressive in history
May 30 Incoming? Trump's Twitter Account Has Added 5 Million 'Followers' In Last Three Days...Mostly Bots
May 30 Trump 'may not be retaining' key intelligence information, observes the Washington Post
May 30 Prime Ministers of Five Countries Openly Mock Trump and the Magic Orb.
May 30 Note to Jared: Pissing off Chuck Grassley was a rookie mistake. Kiss your summer vacation good bye.
May 30 Pink Floyd's Roger Waters begins tour in Kansas City with an all-out attack on Donald Trump
May 30 Here's Kellyanne Conway's masterclass in bullsh*tting about Jared Kushner and Russia
May 30 Russians claim to have 'derogatory' financial information that can be used as leverage over Trump
May 30 Trump's Communications Director Resigns
May 30 When you realize you speak better English than the President of the United States.
May 30 Texas Republican Accused of Threatening to 'Put a Bullet' in Head of Democratic Colleague
May 30 Steve Bannon Told Trump: 'Go To The Mattresses' & Bodies Falling At WH Just Like Mafia Movie
May 30 Watch: Stephen Colbert presents White House Scandals: Obama vs. Trump edition
May 29 Trump, the Embarrassment-in-Chief
May 29 German Opposition Candidate TORCHES Trump Over His Treatment of Merkel In Brussels.
May 29 "NSA in Unprecedented Hunt for KremlinGate Evidence"
May 29 Macron Calls Out Putin For Election Meddling...While Standing Next To Him. Take Note, GOP.
May 29 Nixon's Republican Party blocked investigations into his actions, as well—until they couldn't
May 29 Ivanka Trump's Fun Memorial Day Ideas. Make Champagne Popsicles To Toast The Fallen!
May 29 Yet another superb Charles M. Blow column on Trump
May 29 Joy-Ann Reid blasts columnist's attempt to link Trump's Russia collusion with Obama's action
May 29 For all those who say there's "No crime or evidence of collusion and cooperation" with Russia...
May 29 Leader Of The Free World, Angela Merkel, Hints That EU And US No Longer On Same Page
May 28 Jared Kushner is in deep trouble—and his White House enemies are feeling pretty good about that
May 28 One Hundred Eighth Graders Boycott Paul Ryan Photo Op
May 28 Foreign Policy Mag Lays T Word on Jared Kushner: "It’s time to talk about treason."
May 28 As Trump rages over Russia probe, big changes may be coming in the White House
May 28 'Because people have got to know whether or not their president is a crook.'
May 28 Trump said in the campaign that if I voted for Clinton...
May 28 Intel community may be about to detonate more land mines under Trump
May 28 So how does a kid buy a $1.8 Billion skyscraper? With laundered Russian money, of course.
May 27 While G7 Leaders stroll 700 yards together Trump calls for his golf cart and rides along behind
May 27 International tourism to America collapsing, thanks to Donald Trump
May 27 Senate Intelligence Committee widens basis of investigation into Trump–Russia connection
May 27 If You've Been Counting on McMaster as "The Grownup," You May Wish to Reconsider
May 27 Trump's declining linguistic skills laid bare
May 27 Former CIA agent: Jared Kushner's actions may amount to treason
May 27 Mike Pence Is Toast: Anonymous Letter To WaPo Shows The Role Of Eric Prince In Trump-Russia
May 27 Get Jared Kushner out of the White House
May 26 Intelligence expert: Kushner's security clearance must be pulled 'right now'
May 26 Russian Ambassador Told Moscow that Kushner Wanted Secret Communications With Kremlin
May 26 Gangsters don't hire family members because they're qualified. Gangsters hire family members because they're less likely to talk to the FBI
May 26 Trump's Russia-media war room. What could go wrong?
May 26 Trump has put incredible effort into trying to crush the investigation into his Russia connections
May 26 FBI probe of attempted hack on Trump Organization could pose problems for Trump
May 26 The morally reprehensible Mike Pence congratulates the morally reprehensible Greg Gianforte
May 26 German newspaper rips Trump, calling him 'unfit' and 'a danger to the world'
May 26 "The Conservative Mind Has Become Diseased" - Michael Gerson
May 26 New Trump Homeland Security adviser is anti-Muslim wife of alleged Nazi sympathizer Gorka
May 25 Business Insider UK: "This is not the behavior of a man. It is the behavior of a man-child."
May 25 GOP strategist admits he colluded with Russian hackers to hurt Hillary Clinton, Democrats
May 25 Trump calls Germans 'bad, very bad,' threatens to halt German auto sales in U.S.
May 25 Jared Kushner marked by FBI as having 'significant information' in Russia investigation
May 25 Trump loses in court again: Fourth Circuit backs nationwide injunction on his Muslim ban 2.0
May 25 Reince Priebus is very, very nervous that one of Comey's notes might record their conversations
May 25 Here's embarrassing video of Trump shoving a NATO leader so he can be center stage for a photo op
May 25 Mar-a-Lago manager apparently has second job—working for the Trump White House?
May 25 Second Manchester Leak - UK Now Refusing to Share Vital Terrorism Intel with USA
May 25 Nobel Prize economist on Trump's budget: 'You could say it’s a collection of lies put together'
May 25 'Stop Trump... Save the Planet': Thousands March Against US President in Brussels
May 24 538: Trump's 'Strong' Support Plummets from 30% to 21%
May 24 Horrifying: Audio of Montana Republican Greg Gianforte assaulting reporter Ben Jacobs
May 24 Pope Francis with Various Heads of State During their Visit to the Vatican. Something Seems...Different.
May 24 Attorney General Jeff Sessions omitted Russian meetings when applying for his security clearance
May 24 CBO scores Zombie Trumpcare: 23 million uninsured in ten years, but the House doesn't have to revote
May 24 UK Slams Trump Administration For Leaking Name of Manchester Bomber
May 24 Trump Praised Duterte's Drug War, Told Him of Nuclear Subs, in Phone Call
May 24 Watch: Donald Trump's laughably uncomfortable meeting and gift exchange with Pope Francis
May 24 MSNBC Reaches Ratings Milestone as Fox News is Dragged Down By Trump
May 24 Trump's Lawyer: Defending Bank Accused Of Conspiring With Putin, FBI-Candidate Associate
May 24 Jared Kushner uses lawfare to extort money from poor tenants in Baltimore.
May 24 Democrats pick up two GOP-held legislative seats, the first flips of the Trump era. There'll be more
May 23 As investigations close in, members of Team Trump are lawyering up—and it'll cost them
May 23 Sen. Patty Murray asks ethics office to weigh in on pension fund involvement with Trump businesses
May 23 4 Year Degree From Notre Dame...Cap & Gown...Walking Out On Mike Pence
May 23 After Flynn refuses subpoenas, Senate Intelligence Committee now subpoenaing his businesses
May 23 Read the embarrassing scribbled note Donald Trump left at the Holocaust memorial in Israel
May 23 Watch Melania Trump publicly rebuff Donald Trump for the second time in 48 hours
May 23 Former CIA director on Trump and Russia: 'I saw intelligence that was worthy of investigation'
May 23 Senate considers holding Michael Flynn in contempt
May 23 Trump: "If You're Not Guilty Why Take The 5th?" As Mike Flynn Proceeds To Do Just That.
May 23 Watch: Angry man wearing 'Make America Great Again' hat booted off flight to chants of 'Lock him up!'
May 23 Damage control: Haley's 'trying to reassure' allies the U.S. can be trusted with sensitive intel
May 23 Social media, once Trump's secret weapon, might be helping him flame out with unprecedented speed
May 22 Two U.S. Intelligence officials say Trump inappropriately asked them to deny evidence of collusion
May 22 Watch as CNN Anchor Questions Why Guest Says Trump Was 'Presidential' for Not Sounding Like a Drunk
May 22 Trump casino was cited by the IRS 106 times in only 18 months for breaking money-laundering rules
May 22 Watch the Commerce Secretary rave about protester-free Saudi Arabia (where protesters are beheaded)
May 22 Trump confirms classified info he leaked to Russia came from Israel. Thanks, Don!
May 22 Elijah Cummings on ABC: "there may be quite a few people that may have some problems with the law"
May 22 Watch Melania Slap Trump's Hand Away Deplaning in Tel Aviv
May 21 Guess who doesn't have the stamina to be president?
May 21 Republican Congressman from Kentucky: "This Trump thing may not be sustainable.”
May 21 Watch: Notre Dame Students Stage Walkout During VP Pence's Commencement Address
May 21 Cheat Sheet for 1st Overseas Visit From Ted Lieu
May 21 Who needs advisors when you've got Melania?
May 21 On same weekend as record-breaking arms deal, Saudis announced $100 million donation to Ivanka fund
May 21 Tillerson: Trump told Russians about Comey to show he won't be, 'distracted by those things here'
May 21 Rep. Al Green (D-TX) Asked The House For Impeachment; Now He's Getting Racist Death Threats
May 21 Priebus Leaving Trip Early
May 20 While We're Passing Out Subpoenas...
May 20 Trump ex-aide wants Trump's help with legal bills, says "Trump associates are the real victims here"
May 20 WSJ: White House aides staged an unsuccessful Twitter 'intervention' to get through to Trump
May 20 Paul Ryan tries to deflect on leak that implicates him in a Russia cover-up
May 20 ALERT: White House Plotting to OBSTRUCT Mueller's Investigation. Already!
May 19 Democratic Rep. Ted Lieu Tweets A Cheat Sheet For Trump's '1st Overseas Visit'—Yep, It's A Hoot
May 19 CNN Sources: White House Lawyers Have Begun Researching Impeachment Procedures
May 19 Trump–Russia investigation closing in on 'White House official' at the 'highest level of government'
May 19 Deputy AG Rosenstein wrote his report knowing it was going to be used as cover
May 19 Trump, calling Comey a 'nut-job,' tells Russians he fired him to relieve 'great pressure'
May 19 Massive red flag—Trump's attorneys advised him NOT to sign form certifying his financials as true
May 19 Check this out—House Democrats told VP Mike Pence about Flynn and they kept the receipts to prove it
May 19 I should not be given national security briefings...fixed your tweet for ya!
May 19 Trump hasn't hired a private lawyer yet cuz he's looking for the perfect 'yes' man
May 19 Whoa. Rep. Curbelo wants to be sure he gets credit as the first Republican to mention impeachment
May 19 US surveillance recorded Russian agents vowing to "get" Hillary Clinton
May 18 WH Chief of Staff asked Comey to push back on Trump associates contact with Russians during campaign
May 18 Mike Pence knew about Flynn's foreign connections, so why does he keep lying about it?
May 18 Former Republican Congressman: Donald Trump is done. There is no question about that.
May 18 Spicer at tomorrow's press conference.
May 18 Trump campaign had at least 18 'previously undisclosed' contacts with Russians
May 18 Sheriff Clarke Was In Moscow Last December Same Time As Flynn. Trip Funded By A Russian National.
May 18 Mueller Is Considered Comey Ally. His Appointment "May Not Go Over Well In The White House."
May 18 Money from a sanctioned Russian bank made its way to a Trump project through a partner
May 17 Majority Leader to colleagues last June: 'Putin is paying Trump.' Paul Ryan: 'Shut up! Shut up!'
May 17 Justice Department appoints special prosecutor to investigate Russia, Trump campaign ties
May 17 NYT: Team Trump knew Flynn was being investigated and Trump still hired him
May 17 Over 1 Million Have Signed Impeach Trump Now Petition
May 17 On the floor of the U.S. Congress, Rep. Al Green called for the impeachment of Donald Trump
May 17 Vladimir Putin steps up to say Donald Trump didn't give him valuable intelligence
May 17 Trump admin official: "I don't see how Trump isn't completely f*cked."
May 17 Yes, Sen. Schumer, history IS watching: Shut. It. Down.
May 17 Israeli intelligence 'Boiling Mad' Over Donald Trump Sharing Their Intel With Russian Officials
May 16 For First Time, More Voters Support Trump Impeachment Than Oppose It
May 16 Comey invited to testify in PUBLIC! Update: Oversight Committee requests Comey's memos
May 16 Quick reactions to Comey's 'smoking gun' memo: Republicans run, Dems talk impeachment/obstruction
May 16 Scary: Trump aides 'fear' leaving him alone in meetings, he's too daft to understand intelligence
May 16 New York Times: President asked FBI director to shut down Flynn-Russia investigation
May 16 Paul Manafort got a $3.5 million tax-free payback-free 'loan' from unnamed sources
May 16 Trump tweets that yeah, he did peddle classified info to Russia (and tosses top aides under the bus)
May 16 Remember Trump calling Hillary 'Not fit!' and Ryan's 'simple' line in the sand on classified info?
May 16 Must see. Somebody is messing with Trump's hotel in DC
May 15 Trump just illegally gave highly-classified information to the Russian foreign minister...low-level classified documents?
May 15 The great Republican spine hunt continues ... without success
May 15 Breaking: Trump Revealed Highly Classified Info To Russian Foreign Minister & Ambassador
May 15 Morning Joe: FBI contacts say it's a criminal issue with Russia and Trump knows it (VIDEO)
May 15 About that Trump indictment story...
May 15 Guardian Bombshell: Doc May Link Billionaire Robert Mercer & Data Firms to Brexit Win
May 15 Preet Bharara's Russian Money Laundering Case Abruptly Settled, Raising Eyebrows
May 14 Trump's ex-BFF Clapper: US institutions 'under assault'
May 14 Trump Impeachment Clock Ticks as Poll Shows Just 29% Approve of Comey Firing
May 14 Hundreds Gather at Trump Golf Course and Spell It Out: 'Resist!'
May 14 Is Trump still president? asked Piglet. Yes, replied Pooh. Fuck, said Piglet.
May 14 Report: Trump Indictment Handed Down by FISA Court as 'basis of Impeachment'
May 14 Mike Pence Just Got Shot Down In Flames. He Lied About Comey Firing And Hid His Role In It, Per NYT.
May 13 LOL! WaPo Disputes Trump's Claim That He Is Busy and Active!
May 13 #We: Trump Tweets One Word and the People's Internet Does the Rest
May 13 Watch: Explosive Dutch Documentary Links Trump to Russian Underworld
May 13 Michelle Obama Offers Great Question To Ask Trump: 'What Is Wrong With You?'
May 13 Journalist James Fallows thinks this is worse than Watergate
May 13 Former FBI Director James Comey Is Willing To Testify, But He Wants It In Public
May 13 Spicer claims Grassley told Trump collusion w/ Russia was a "hoax". Grassley Spox: 'never happened'
May 13 "Nothing Further to Add": Spicer Shuts Down Questions on Trump's Tapes Tweet
May 13 Treasury Money Laundering Unit To Share Info With Senate Intelligence Committee
May 13 Sen. Chris Murphy: Trump law firm that shows no income in Russia named 'Russia Law Firm of The Year'
May 12 Comey is silent but his friends are pushing back on Trump. 'He hopes there are tapes.'
May 12 Law Expert Says Trump 'High Crimes and Misdemeanors' Already Evident
May 12 Godfather in the White House: Don Trump threatens James Comey
May 12 Trump supporters...crybaby snowflakes on the inside.
May 12 Trump to NBC...a special kind fo stupid
May 12 Fast and Furious - The GOP is Going DOWN
May 12 Amid Comey Scandal, Bookmakers Abroad See Soaring Bets on Trump Impeachment
May 11 FBI executing search warrant at GOP fundraiser firm in Annapolis
May 11 Donald Trump's erratic behavior is not normal, and our press shouldn't pretend that it is
May 11 'More Crazy Than Nixon': Critics Shocked by Trump Admission on Comey
May 11 Pelosi pledges to force a vote if GOP won't move forward on independent Trump-Russia commission
May 11 Trump explains how he invented 'prime the pump' and how we threw $6 trillion into the Rose Garden
May 11 Comey revealed that the FBI had possible evidence of collusion with Russia—then Trump fired him
May 11 Joe Kennedy Lays Out The Trump-Russia Corruption In 3-Minutes & Beckons Americans To Rise Up
May 10 Donald Trump Is Attempting a Coup — We Must Have a Special Prosecutor
May 10 Trump draws.
May 10 Post-Comey Firing, Trump Impeachment Is 'What the Country and the World Need'
May 10 Senate Intelligence Committee subpoenas Flynn documents after Flynn refuses to cooperate
May 10 'Mainly a Failure': Trump Approval Ratings Hit New Near-Historic Low
May 10 Comey was fired immediately after asking for money to expand Russia investigation
May 10 Sean Spicer hid in bushes to avoid facing non-Fox reporters about Comey firing
May 10 If a Mom says she wants her kid's love for Mother's Day, she's lying. She want Trump IMPEACHED.
May 10 WTH! POLITICO: Trump was advised, in firing Comey, by Roger Stone, suspect in FBI investigation
May 10 Dan Rather: Future Generations May Mark Today As One Of The Darkest Days In American History
May 10 Trump just fired the head of the FBI...had nothing to hide and was 100% legit to do.
May 09 CNN: Grand Jury subpoenas issued to associates of Michael Flynn
May 09 One word for Donald Trump's firing of Comey: 'Nixonian'
May 09 Legal Analyst: Firing Comey is a 'Grotesque Abuse of Power'
May 09 Comey gets canned by Trump
May 09 Trump launches new campaign website. Like Trump himself, it's a vapid, stubby tantrum
May 09 Paul Ryan's office complained to Seth Meyers about his jokes and Meyers offers this amazing response
May 09 Watch as Jimmy Kimmel pulls no punches as he goes in on Republican 'critics'
May 09 Russia-Trump scandal grows after Yates testimony
May 08 Trump has Twitter meltdown over Sally Yates' testimony to the Senate
May 08 Watch Sally Yates Mop The Floor With GOP's Ted Cruz While Schooling Him On Constitutional Law
May 08 Sally Yates Warned Trump...Still Running Our Country?
May 08 Yates Confirms She Told White House Gen. Flynn Was 'Compromised' on Russia
May 08 Michael Flynn never received level of security clearance required for national security adviser
May 08 President Obama warned Donald Trump not to hire Michael Flynn
May 08 Donald Trump is seriously scared of what Sally Yates might say in the Senate hearing
May 08 What will we learn when Sally Yates testifies before Senate Judiciary Committee today?
May 08 Watch what happens when Muslim meets Deplorable at Trader Joe's
May 08 The New York State Law will make Donald Trump’s tax returns public
May 07 Hillary Throws Shade on NY Times While Praising French Election
May 07 Ex-CIA Officer Says Carter Page Is "Chump Change" And That Bigger Fish Now Being Targeted By Feds
May 07 Trumpcare Was Never About the Well-being of Americans. It Was About Trying In Vain To Erase Barrack Obama From The History Books.
May 07 Eric Trump: "We have all the funding we need out of Russia."
May 07 Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA-28) Is On Top Of It And Trump Should Be Scared: Schiff Nails French Hacking.
May 07 Stephen Colbert Blasts Trump & RW Protestors Demand FCC Review—Okay, So Rush Limbaugh's Next?
May 07 Trump's popularity isn't the ONLY thing "in the toilet".
May 07 Joe Kennedy slams GOP & Trump on AHCA: One day, you will be brought to your knees
May 06 Kushner Family Tells Wealthy Chinese: Invest With Us and You Can Immigrate
May 06 The 'breathtaking hypocrisy' and 'horrors' of Trumpcare, spelled out in a New York Times editorial
May 06 Hillary to launch PAC to fund Resistance groups, hopes to help Democrats win back House and Senate
May 06 House Intelligence Committee finally begins new round of meetings on Trump-Russia connections
May 06 It should be noted, the GOP voted to give folks with preexisting mental health issues access to firearms but not insurance.
May 06 Evidence that Humans are smarter than Cats...don't even need a second point.
May 06 Flynn aide asked for Sergey Kislyak's CIA profile setting off red flags in Obama W.H.
May 06 French candidate Macron's email hacked and leaked 2 days prior to French Election - Sound Familiar?
May 05 'Worst Bill for Women' Could Get Worse as 13 Men Tackle Trumpcare in Senate
May 05 Our weekender pr*sident is saving taxpayers money and he wants you to know it!
May 05 Tom Price admits older people would pay a lot more under Trumpcare, says 'somebody's going to pay'
May 05 'New York Hates You!': Protests Swell as Trump Makes First Hometown Visit
May 05 Thank you Mr. Trump for admitting that universal health care is the better way
May 05 Dr. Jane Goodall Has Words Of Advice For Ivanka, After Being Quoted In Her Book. Observes Donald.
May 05 Hmm, wonder why: Trump reportedly gives Cinco de Mayo hosting duties to Pence
May 04 Watch Sean Spicer lose his sh*t after Breitbart calls him out for his alternative fact wall
May 04 Mexico Will Pay For Your Impeachment
May 04 Former House intelligence chairman calls Russian election interference 'wildly successful'
May 04 'God Have Mercy on Your Souls': GOP Pass Cruel, Destructive Trumpcare Bill
May 04 Jason Chaffetz threatens to cut Barack Obama's pension
May 04 Pelosi condemns Trumpcare vote: GOP is 'going to tattoo this moral monstrosity to their foreheads'
May 04 Dear James Comey, Sorry You Felt Mildly Nauseous...24 Million People Who Will Lose Their Healthcare
May 04 Netherlands Media Hot on Trail of Trump's Links to Money Laundering
May 03 Protesters plan for Pres. Trump's first trip to NYC: 'The world will see us rise up and oppose him'
May 03 Nearly 500K People Urge Congress to "Take Away Trump's Nuclear Football"
May 03 Comey claims that Clinton emails and Trump–Russia were treated 'just the same'
May 03 Right-Wingers Display Their Perverse Family Values By Attacking Jimmy Kimmel
May 03 The Clown-in-chief is losing it, bigly
May 03 Executive Privilege and the Current Cover-up ... Will Yates make Pence ineligible as POTUS46
May 02 FOIA request shows Trump was 'directly involved' in trying to find inauguration photo retweeter
May 02 CNN sources: Sally Yates will contradict White House version of her warning about Mike Flynn
May 02 CNN refuses to air false and misleading ad from Donald Trump
May 02 Trump's commerce secretary calls Syrian missile strike 'after-dinner entertainment'
May 02 Does This Ass Make My Country Look Small?
May 02 Jimmy Carter & Bill Clinton Troll Trump On Twitter—In The Most Delightful Way
May 02 Trump administration ends Michelle Obama program to educate girls and lift them out of poverty
May 01 Michael Moore to Take One-Man Anti-Trump Show to Broadway
May 01 Budget deal includes $41 million for 'extraordinary costs' of indulging Donald Trump
May 01 Trump: 'Why was there the Civil War? Why could that one not have been worked out?'
May 01 Gas Prices Are Up Nationwide...Do We Now Get To Blame Your President Like You Blamed Obama?
May 01 NY Times Op-Ed - 'Trump has the intellectual depth of a coat of paint'
May 01 The noose tightens and the focus turns to Pence. What did he know and when did he know it?
Apr 30 Trump, on television, yet again displays ignorance and incoherence. And no, that's not normal.
Apr 30 Priebus says Trump administration has 'looked at' First Amendment changes to protect Trump
Apr 30 Have you heard the latest Twitter rumor? Grand Juries convene on Russia/Trump
Apr 30 Richard Branson and Al Gore at the Climate March.
Apr 30 First 100 Days. Yuge Disaster. Sad!
Apr 30 Former Bush Ethics Lawyer Richard Painter on Trump/Russia: "Espionage" & "Treason" in WH
Apr 29 New news? On MSNBC Gen. Barry McCaffrey says Flynn fired by Obama due to mental health problems.
Apr 29 100 Days: Hannity Asks 'What is Trump's Biggest Accomplishment?' Twitter Hands Him His Ass
Apr 29 Streets Swell With Climate Marchers Because 'Our Existence Depends on It'
Apr 29 Russia has never...a lot of money pouring in from Russia.
Apr 29 Trump appoints woman who believes abortion causes breast cancer to top post at HHS
Apr 29 Trump's got nothing except this one thing
Apr 28 When You Say Your Life Was So Much Better Before...Millions Of Americans Couldn't Agree More
Apr 28 Steele Dossier #2: Trump Org. Paid the Russian Hackers
Apr 28 Maxine Waters is Kicking Trump's @$$ on Russia
Apr 28 Trump 'looked forward to terminating' NAFTA, but then someone showed him a map
Apr 28 Oh my goodness. Trump says he misses his old life. Jason Kander is not having it.
Apr 27 Robert Reich makes the case for impeachment using Trump's own words
Apr 27 Trump Claims Democrats Want To Shut Down the Government. Donald...It's on You.
Apr 27 Breaking: Trump Says "Major, Major Conflict With North Korea Possible"
Apr 27 Trump says he's 'absolutely' considering proposals to dissolve court blocking his executive orders
Apr 27 Rep. Elijah Cummings: 'The White House is covering up for Michael Flynn'
Apr 27 Jason Chaffetz is taking a break from Congress thanks to a conveniently timed medical crisis
Apr 27 Are we playing fantasy politics? After phone calls to MEX and CAN, Trump agrees to not terminate NAFTA
Apr 27 We Demand Tax Cuts for Billionaires!
Apr 27 My father has been a tremendous champion of supporting families...just over a dollar an hour
Apr 27 Watergate's Carl Bernstein on Trump-Russia: "Oh my god, there's a cover-up going on." FBI Agrees
Apr 26 Chomsky doubles down on statement that the Republican Party is most dangerous group in human history
Apr 26 Watch Republican Tom MacArthur literally run away from questions concerning his healthcare amendment
Apr 26 'Goldman Sachs Populism': Trump Tax Plan Benefits Ultra-Wealthy—Like Him
Apr 26 Zombie Trumpcare for you, but not for Republican lawmakers or staff
Apr 26 Ivanka's Factory In China Pays $62 A Week For a 57-Hour Week -- Busted, Ivanka!
Apr 26 Michael Flynn broke the law when accepting foreign funds, and someone should have known
Apr 25 Actor Christian Bale...Dictatorship for Dummies book.
Apr 25 Ivanka Trump Is Booed, Hissed in Germany for Defending Donald Trump
Apr 25 Rep. Quigley on Russia: Public would demand 'full-throttle investigation' if they'd seen what he has
Apr 25 BREAKING: White House Denies House Oversight Committee's Request For Flynn Documents
Apr 25 Collapse: Against 'fierce Democratic opposition' Trump surrenders on funding for his wall
Apr 25 Can We Please Put The Smart People In Charge Now?
Apr 25 Historians agree: In his first 100 days, Trump excels at being 'an utter failure'
Apr 24 If Donal Trump Wants a Wall, He Can Start a Go Fund Me Page and His Supporters Can Pay For It
Apr 24 Huge majority of Americans demand an independent commission to investigate Trump–Russia connections
Apr 24 Obama Speaking in Complete Sentences Today was the Biggest Presidential Achievement of the Last 100 Days
Apr 24 Full Senate Called to White House for Briefing on North Korea
Apr 24 Shameless promotion, U.S. Embassy website features ‘Mar-A-Lago: the winter White House’ article
Apr 24 Donald's kids have a plan to profit from the White House: Take the Trump brand downmarket
Apr 24 Senate Intelligence Committee investigation into Russia has no staff, no witnesses, no progress
Apr 24 A TrumpRussia Timeline
Apr 24 AP TRUMP TRANSCRIPT: Says he's 10-0 on 'calling' terror attacks, and other INSANE STUFF
Apr 24 Leader Nancy Pelosi nails it on Meet the Press and slams Trump for his 'weakness'
Apr 23 Trump's Presidential Checklist
Apr 23 Nearing 100 Days In, Trump is Least Popular President in Modern History
Apr 23 Hannity getting nervous about #TrumpRussia surveillance... freaks out when called a Trump "advisor"
Apr 23 One third of American households make less than $35,000 a year...renting his own golf carts to himself...
Apr 23 New York Times: FBI Director Comey blew up election in effort to 'shield' FBI from criticism
Apr 22 In Photos: Scientists Worldwide Fight Back Against Anti-Science Trump Agenda
Apr 22 You Really Think 97% of the Earth's Scientists are in on Some Dumb Conspiracy
Apr 22 Companies donated twice as much to Trump's inauguration as to any other—because Trump can be bought
Apr 22 These Troops Didn't Give Their Lives So These Crooks Could Treat Our Taxes Like A Personal Slush Fund
Apr 22 Donald Trump is 'Too Mentally Ill to Serve' Say Doctors/Academics at Yale Psychiatric Conference
Apr 21 Can you spot the difference?
Apr 21 In an unprecedented move, Trump White House names a chief of staff ... for his 'special assistant'
Apr 21 'Back on Track': Sally Yates to Testify Publicly in House Russia Probe
Apr 21 Trump says Pavarotti is 'a great friend of mine'—he died 10 years ago and his widow says stop lying
Apr 21 Why Is Chaffetz Resigning? It Will All Come Out in the Laundering
Apr 21 No matter how much I will kill!
Apr 21 Patriot's Alan Branch disses Trump: I couldn't shake his hand & look my daughters in the eye
Apr 20 As Reports of Assange Arrest Warrant Emerge, Who Will Defend WikiLeaks?
Apr 20 Fox has come to its senses...impeach Trump.
Apr 20 Trump's White House dinner guest called Hillary a 'worthless bitch,' Obama a 'subhuman mongrel'
Apr 20 The payoff—Exxon asks for a waiver to take next step in Rex Tillerson's $500B deal with Putin
Apr 20 Trump Administration Putting US Back on Path to War With Iran, Warn Experts
Apr 20 Groups Decry Trump Plan to Demand Social Media Passwords at US Border
Apr 19 Trump's Accomplishments in First 100 Days
Apr 19 Putin ordered, Trump delivered—Russian think tank drew up plan for 2016 election
Apr 19 Trump hits lowest approval rating ever as per new Pew poll
Apr 19 The FBI takes the dossier of Trump–Russia connections seriously, which is serious trouble for Trump
Apr 19 Don't blame Trump..unfit to be President.
Apr 19 Trump's Buy/Hire American Scam Gets Twittered Into Oblivion
Apr 19 Jon Ossoff takes first in special election, forcing a runoff for a seat the GOP's held for decades
Apr 18 Ivanka's company won approval for Chinese trademarks on the same day she dined with President Xi
Apr 18 Eric Trump, the gift that keeps on giving.
Apr 18 Lawsuit Against Trump Grows to Encompass More Violations—and Plaintiffs
Apr 18 Jared Kushner Found Trump's China Expert On Amazon; Is This Incompetence Level Impeachable?
Apr 18 Oathbreaker-in-Chief? Majority Doesn't Trust Trump to Keep His Promises
Apr 17 Turkish media, CNN: TRUMP called Erdogan to congratulate him! White House confirms.
Apr 17 And the last thing she said to him...
Apr 17 Appeals court rules that Donald Trump's golf course still owes more than $400,000 to paint store
Apr 17 Awesome: Samuel L. Jackson records ad for Georgia race, promises 'great vengeance and furious anger'
Apr 16 If Flynn's Lies Weren't Exposed, Trump's National Security Advisor Would Be A Paid Foreign Agent of Turkey
Apr 16 Donald Trump's Easter tweets
Apr 16 If I decide to run for office, I'lll produce my tax returns, absolutely and I would love to do that.
Apr 16 We are at DistractCon 3
Apr 15 Trump Thinks He's Prince Charming, Demands Royal Carriage Ride for UK Visit
Apr 15 Trump's Mar-a-Lago visits are the ultimate grift: The more he vacations, the more he profits
Apr 15 74% of Americans think Donald Trump should release his taxes. I'm one of them.
Apr 15 Never forget. Not one Republican suggested cutting Trump's golf trips before cutting food for veterans.
Apr 15 As Public Trust Dives, Trump White House Moves to Hide Visitor Logs
Apr 14 Rep. Quigley Back from Covert Cyprus Trip to Probe Trump-Russia - Nails Down Motive
Apr 14 Devotee of ignorance Donald Trump discovers reality, changes positions on nearly everything
Apr 14 Race to the button: Both Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un threaten preemptive strikes
Apr 14 The professor who predicted Trump's win says he'll be impeached — before 2018
Apr 13 Int'l Spy Agencies First to Spot 'Suspicious Interactions' Between Russia, Trump Team
Apr 13 Hang On To Your Butts, NBC: "The U.S. is prepared to launch a preemptive strike" Against North Korea
Apr 13 FBI has "specific concrete and corroborative evidence of collusion" - Guardian source.
Apr 13 Day Manafort Quit, He Created Shell Company to Park $13 M Loan from Trump Cronies
Apr 13 Trump is even making Mar-A-Lago unpopular.
Apr 12 Update for Trump Voters
Apr 12 Classified docs show Susan Rice's actions were 'normal and appropriate'—Nunes and Trump lied
Apr 12 This interview alone is grounds for impeachment
Apr 12 FBI obtained FISA warrant to monitor former Trump adviser Carter Page communications with Russia
Apr 11 Trump Lies—Big League—About How Many Jobs His Administration's Created
Apr 11 WashPo: Judge approved FBI request to monitor Trump aide Carter Page
Apr 11 Eric Trump explains that his father fired missiles because Ivanka was upset
Apr 11 Trump excels at exactly two things in his first 100 days: golfing and vacationing
Apr 10 Democratic Momentum in Georgia Race Signals Shifting Electoral Tide
Apr 10 Chinese media: Trump ordered strike to overcome accusations that he was pro-Russia
Apr 10 Breaking? Russian arrested in Spain, connected to U.S. election hacking.... Updated
Apr 10 Facing Stonewall, Groups Sue for White House, Mar-a-Lago Visitor Logs
Apr 10 Spicer lets the cat out of the bag on Syria when he presents Russia as one of our possible 'allies'
Apr 10 Trump's plan to convince America he had a great 100 days
Apr 10 In the aftermath of the Tomahawks, Krugman gets it right
Apr 09 Jared Kushner's endless job list is just another Trump dump
Apr 09 Mar-a-Lago helipad built for Marine One now sports a Trump-branded private helicopter instead
Apr 09 Trump readying the U.S. for first-strike war in the Korean peninsula; weighing nuke deployment
Apr 08 Twitter 'Alt Account' Lawsuit Exposes Trump Team's Effort to Stomp Out Dissent
Apr 08 Mainstream Media, Where is the Evidence Trump Gives a Damn about Syria's Children?
Apr 08 Like father like daughter: Ivanka Trump's failed Planned Parenthood 'outreach'
Apr 08 Lawrence O'Donnell: Did Putin mastermind Syria bombing, Trump/Putin charade?
Apr 08 Americans to pay over $70M for the fired Syrian missiles—guess who profits?
Apr 07 Observers Warn That Syria Attack is Trump's "Wag the Dog" Moment
Apr 07 Democratic lawmaker nails why we shouldn't believe Trump's claims about why he's bombing Syria
Apr 07 Trump son-in-law didn't mention dozens of meetings with foreign officials on security clearance form
Apr 07 Trump fires missiles w/o Congress—suddenly cares about Syrians? No. He's found the #1 distraction
Apr 06 A Steaming Heap of Hypocrisy: Here are Trump's Twitter Rants on Syria Going Back Three Years
Apr 06 What do you know: Ivanka still making clothes in China
Apr 06 Reports say that Bannon calls Jared Kushner a 'cuck,' 'globalist,' and worse than a Democrat
Apr 06 Devin Nunes is even lying about the reason he's stepping aside
Apr 06 Trump's absurd claims that Susan Rice committed a crime prove that he is demented once and for all
Apr 05 By The End Of This, Republicans Are Going To Wish Hillary Won.
Apr 05 Donald Trump stands by serial sexual harasser Bill O'Reilly: 'I don’t think Bill did anything wrong'
Apr 05 Steve Bannon has been removed from the National Security Council
Apr 05 New Theory: The President is an Idiot
Apr 05 Belief builds among House Democrats on Russia probe: People are going to jail
Apr 04 Rep. Castro: 'my impression is after all of this is said and done that some people end up in jail'
Apr 04 Sean Spicer publicly slammed ProPublica and they responded with a must-read flurry of damning facts
Apr 04 Protesters Drop 'Impeach Trump #Resist' Banner at First Nationals Game
Apr 04 IBD/TIPP Poll: Trump approval rating plunges double-digits since March. 34% approve / 56% disapprove
Apr 04 FBI Forming Special Unit to Investigate Trump-Russia Ties
Apr 03 Trump adviser Carter Page 'passed documents' to Russian operative in 2013
Apr 03 Blackwater Founder Held Secret Seychelles Meeting To Establish Trump-Putin Back Channel
Apr 03 Spicer Won't Give Straight Answer on Reported Changes to Trump Trust
Apr 03 Donald Trump changed his trust AFTER taking office so he can draw from business profits at any time
Apr 03 Scathing LA Times Editorial Lashes Trump, Urges Protesters to "Raise Their Banners."
Apr 02 Wounded by two months of bungling, Team Trump seeks to rearrange the deck chairs
Apr 02 Rep. Adam Schiff has two important new questions for the White House after seeing the intel docs
Apr 02 Trump's Tweets Tell Tale of Tumble
Apr 01 Former RNC Chairman Michael Steele: Prepare for President Pence
Apr 01 Bombshell Article on FBI Probe by CBS
Apr 01 An important lesson from Watergate to remember in the current Trump scandal.
Apr 01 Obama officials catalogued Russia probe documents to protect them from Trump officials
Mar 31 An agitated Trump leaves leaves in a huff and forgets to sign his executive orders
Mar 31 Bernie Sanders Called Out Trump On His Ties To Russia, And Something Interesting Happened
Mar 31 Senate Intelligence Committee rejects immunity deal for Michael Flynn at this time
Mar 31 The Russian troll army that helped swing the election for Trump
Mar 30 Flynn in Sept. 2016: 'When you're given immunity that probably means you've committed a crime'
Mar 30 Report: Michael Flynn told the FBI he will testify in exchange for immunity
Mar 30 Nunes' sources revealed: White House lawyer and Michael Flynn flunkie who Trump kept in place
Mar 30 Paul Ryan says he's seen the documents that made Devin Nunes go wild—but he isn't sure Nunes has
Mar 30 Sens. Warren, Carper seek Ethics oversight of Ivanka's invasion of the West Wing
Mar 30 Fox host to Rep. Maxine Waters: 'Step away from the crack pipe'—her reply to women is stunning
Mar 29 Senate Intelligence Committee wants to interview ex-spy who wrote Trump dossier
Mar 29 Nunes and White House schemed to halt the House investigation, and it's working
Mar 29 Trump Approval Drops Again to New Low After Destroying Climate Rules
Mar 29 Paul Manafort, former Trump chairman, under investigation for money laundering
Mar 29 Al Gore slams Trump in statement & mocks him in new documentary 'An Inconvenient Sequel'
Mar 29 Kushner not only forgot to mention that he talked to Russian bankers, he also forgot why
Mar 28 Nunes says he will 'never' brief the rest of the House Intelligence Committee
Mar 28 Bill O/Fox And Friends Drop Dog-Whistles And Go Full Racist After Rep. Maxine Waters.
Mar 28 Resolution to Get Trump's Taxes from Steven Mnuchin Faces Vote Tuesday
Mar 28 First the Trump regime fired Sally Yates. Now they're trying to muzzle her.
Mar 28 Trump returns to tweetstorm form in effort to redirect the national conversation
Mar 28 Watch 2016 con artist Trump tell a crowd he'd never play golf, never leave the White House
Mar 27 Trump hits new Gallup low of 36% following Trumpcare flop
Mar 27 Devin Nunes has made himself the least believable man in Washington—and that takes work
Mar 27 Donald Trump plans to make Jared Kushner America's unelected, unapproved, uncontrolled CEO
Mar 27 For Team Trump, it Was a Long Weekend of Bitterness
Mar 26 Not-so-blind: Eric Trump says he'll be keeping his father regularly updated on the family business
Mar 26 Is Boris Epshteyn a Russian Agent?
Mar 26 Steve Bannon Is Cleaning House. He Posted A "S*it List" In WH War Room; And Paul Ryan Is Toast.
Mar 25 Dem Rep Calls Out Trump's Tweet Hoping Obamacare Will "Explode" As Unconstitutional --And Evil.
Mar 25 Has the first rat jumped the ship? Is it possible that Flynn makes or has made a deal with FBI?
Mar 25 'Follow the Facts': Top Dem Demands Independent Trump-Russia Commission
Mar 25 Steve Bannon ordered conservative Republicans to vote for Trumpcare and they just laughed at him
Mar 25 Trump said his businesses would forgo new foreign deals during his presidency; he lied, of course
Mar 25 Filmmaker Michael Moore Tells Democrats To 'Declare National Emergency'
Mar 25 Trump: I Never Said Repeal And Replace Would Come In 64 Days....UH HUH
Mar 25 Trump reacts to failure: We were so close, it's all the Democrats' fault, and Obamacare is exploding
Mar 24 Rep. Mark Pocan (D-WI) has seen 'Damning Evidence' of Trump-Russia Collusion in Classified Reports
Mar 24 EPIC FAIL: Reports say Trumpcare vote pulled
Mar 24 White House Ethics Loophole for Ivanka 'Doesn't Work,' Say Watchdogs
Mar 24 Breaking: Nunes Cancels Public Intelligence Committee Hearings
Mar 24 Trump Revs Up the Bus to Drive it over Paul Ryan
Mar 24 RussiaGate blows WIDE OPEN in Abrahamson report
Mar 23 Trump sends message to Freedom Caucus: He's done, vote on Trumpcare tomorrow so he can go golf
Mar 23 Paul Manafort used Wilbur Ross' Bank of Cyprus to handle all his illicit Russian funding needs
Mar 23 Nunes calls leak to Trump a 'judgment call,' while Cummings calls for Nunes to be investigated
Mar 23 Congressman says we may have an 'illegitimate president,' calls for immediate halt of Trump agenda
Mar 23 Bush Admin White House lawyer: 'FBI uncovering evidence of treason. There is no other word for it'
Mar 23 Trump's adviser now says that yes he is a member of Nazi-sympathizer org, just not a full member
Mar 23 'Beyond Irregular': GOP Intel Chair Under Fire for Bizarre Trump Briefing
Mar 23 Two Months In, Trump Breaking Every Vow to 'Drain the Swamp': Report
Mar 22 Breaking: Rep. Schiff - "I have seen more than circumstantial evidence"
Mar 22 CNN reports FBI may have proof of collusion between Russia and Trump campaign
Mar 22 Ex-House intel counsel says Rep. Nunes tipping off Trump is 'breakdown in entire oversight process'
Mar 22 Trump Presidency Has Had Most Failed Start Ever, Says Historian
Mar 22 Wall Street Journal editorial compares Trump to a drunk clinging to an empty gin bottle
Mar 22 The Secret Service has requested an extra $60 million for Trump family travel and protection
Mar 22 Trump's former campaign chairman had $10 million contract to 'greatly benefit' Putin government
Mar 22 traffic explodes after Trump tries to shut it down
Mar 22 "Fake President": sixty days in, and the Wall Street Journal is fed up
Mar 21 The real bombshell of the House Intelligence Trump-Russia hearing happened in the hallway
Mar 21 Eric Trump's winery is hiring foreign workers because U.S.-born workers don't want the job
Mar 21 FBI chief Comey made news on Tuesday, but Fox News doesn't want its viewers to know that
Mar 21 Ivanka Trump To Get Security Clearance, West Wing Office—But No 'Official' Role
Mar 21 Rep. Waters calls for commission, says 'Trump is a liar and FBI Director still has no credibility'
Mar 21 Watch Republican shocks panel saying Trump not intelligent enough to be President
Mar 20 Howard Fineman: "...hearing made it so clear that a presidency was in serious legal peril."
Mar 20 New York AG hires attorney to go after Trump full time
Mar 20 Comey, asked what would prompt an FBI investigation, says 'a credible allegation of wrongdoing'
Mar 20 FBI and NSA Chiefs Forced to Fact-Check Boss as Trump Live-Tweets Hearing
Mar 20 Sen. Grassley asks Trump via Twitter: "If you don't have time to call, tell Sec. Kelly to call me"
Mar 20 House Intel Committee member Speier says the Trump-Russia investigation may be bigger than Watergate
Mar 19 Trump golfs (again) and the rest of the family jets off for a costly vacation ski weekend in Aspen
Mar 19 Trump Approval Rating Drops To Lowest Value After Lies About Wiretap Revealed
Mar 19 The photo of a regretful Trump supporter is going viral on Donald's own playground—Twitter
Mar 19 Most Young Americans See Trump as 'Illegitimate President': Poll
Mar 19 White House claimed Trump had a day full of meetings, but the truth emerges with a swamp selfie
Mar 18 Trump campaign chair Paul Manafort wanted for questioning in Ukraine corruption case
Mar 18 After Trump tweets embarrassingly inaccurate info, former NATO ambassador publicly educates Trump
Mar 18 There's still no White House 'investigation' of Trump's voter fraud claims. Go figure.
Mar 18 Twitter Lights Up After 'Too Embarrassing to Watch' Trump-Merkel Press Conference
Mar 18 House Intel Ranking Member Says Trump May Have Unintentionally Exposed Classified Hack of CIA
Mar 18 Top Sens on Intel Committee: 'No Indication' Trump Tower Was Bugged
Mar 16 Trump Is Insane: Thoughts on Wiretapping
Mar 15 Where Is Trump's Floor? Plummeting In Rasmussen And Gallup Polls.
Mar 15 Fireworks In The Senate: John McCain Is Livid And Just Accused Rand Paul Of Working For Putin
Mar 15 Federal judge blocks revised Trump travel ban, citing 'significant' evidence of 'religious animus'
Mar 15 Five Ways This Trump Tax Story Stinks
Mar 15 The House 'investigation' of Russian election tampering has barely begun, but is already in trouble
Mar 14 U.S. Citizens Now Being Forced To Provide Their Social Media Passwords Upon Return To U.S.
Mar 13 White House Scrambles as Time to Offer Proof of Trump Wiretapping Claims Running Out
Mar 13 Republicans hold contest—and the prize is a stay in the Donald Trump-owned hotel
Mar 13 Despite repeated pledge, Trump refuses to provide documentation he's donating salary, hotel profits
Mar 13 'Ides of Trump' Action Aims to Send More Mail Than White House Can Ignore
Mar 13 Kellyanne Conway defends wiretapping claim, saying there are 'microwaves that turn into cameras'
Mar 13 "You Can't Fire the Rule of Law": Warren Joins Chorus Blasting US Attorney's Firing
Mar 12 Steve Bannon under active criminal investigation for... get this... residency fraud.
Mar 11 US Attorney in New York Fired After Refusing Trump's Abrupt Request to Resign
Mar 11 As Business Conflicts Persist, A New Plan Emerges To Get Trump Taxes
Mar 11 BRILLIANT: The 'No TRUMP Act' Was Just Introduced in Congress in Response to Presidential Corruption
Mar 11 BOOM! The Confirmed Connection of Roger Stone to DNC Hacking.
Mar 10 Republican congressman claims Obama stays in Washington to run 'shadow government'
Mar 10 Trump supporters are ready to destroy the CIA and absolve Russia by adopting crazy conspiracy theory
Mar 10 Trump and Pence were warned about Michael Flynn's lobbying, but now claim they never knew
Mar 10 Donald Trump called the economy 'a mess' and the unemployment rate 'a hoax'—then a miracle occurred
Mar 10 Jeff Sessions Should be Disbarred: ACLU Files Complaint with Alabama Bar Association
Mar 10 Contractor sues for $2 million in unpaid bills on Trump's D.C. hotel
Mar 09 The White House shuts out the press for remainder of the week as President Coward goes into hiding
Mar 09 Trump claims he had no idea Flynn was a foreign lobbyist when he tapped him as top security advisor
Mar 09 Four states led by Washington seek to block Trump's Muslim 2.0 before it starts
Mar 09 Rep. Maxine Waters warns Trump: 'Get ready for impeachment. Because we’re going there.'
Mar 09 Sessions is open to outside counsel investigating the Justice Department, but there's a catch
Mar 09 Bipartisan Senators Demand Proof of Trump's Wiretapping Allegation
Mar 08 Sen. Dianne Feinstein: Donald Trump is "blatantly defying" the Constitution's Emoluments Clause
Mar 08 Federal judge allows Hawaii to file amended challenge to Trump's Muslim ban 2.0
Mar 08 China granted Trump trademark protections, so Trump escort services are now an actual thing
Mar 08 No one believes Donald Trump about the wiretapping—and the backfire could be serious
Mar 08 Trump’s plane met with Russian plane in Charlotte and Vegas
Mar 08 CIA dump by WikiLeaks, an excellent distraction by Russia away from #TrumpRussia
Mar 08 Trump's never-opened hotel in Azerbaijan is possibly a money-laundering bombshell
Mar 08 Newly released inauguration photos confirm: Donald Trump is a pathetic loser
Mar 07 Trump Campaign Approved Carter Page's Visit To Moscow
Mar 07 Sen. Franken outraged at Sessions: 'He owes it to this committee to come back and explain himself'
Mar 07 Trump's Obama obsession continues as he blames Obama for things that Bush did
Mar 07 Here's a shocker: Russia reveling in Trump disaster
Mar 07 Two-thirds of Americans want a special prosecutor to investigate Trump's Russia ties
Mar 07 The Ominous Presidential Memorandum That Everyone Missed
Mar 07 ACLU and attorneys general on Trump's Muslim ban 2.0: 'We'll see you in court, 2.0'
Mar 06 Gold Star Father Khizr Khan Cannot Leave America. His Travel "Privileges" Are Being "Reviewed".
Mar 06 Donald Trump spends 31 percent of time on vacation, plays golf 8 times in 6 weeks—on taxpayer dime
Mar 06 Muslim ban 2.0 introduced without allowing questions, and without Trump
Mar 06 Donald Trump believes FBI Director James Comey is lying about Trump's wiretap lie
Mar 06 Trump rages over the comparison of his weak performance and the accomplishments of President Obama
Mar 06 The cracks in Trump's Kremlin cover-up appear to be collapsing
Mar 05 In a stunning rebuke, FBI requests the DOJ reject Trump's wiretapping claim
Mar 05 Jake Tapper: WH Officials got information about Wiretap from Breibart, Levin - Not Gov't sources
Mar 05 White House, Republican leaders struggle to respond to Trump's latest untethered pronouncements
Mar 05 Russia-Trump meetings occurred as Putin weighed whether to shift hacking efforts to support Trump
Mar 05 Is The Trump/GOP/Putin Regime Setting Up A Benghazi Type Investigation Into Obama And Wire Taps?
Mar 05 CA lawmaker: Trump's in 'deep sh*t'—admission of wiretap means congressional investigation
Mar 04 Angry Trump removes Priebus and Bannon from Air Force One manifest
Mar 04 Intelligence expert on Trump rants: 'target starts getting buggy, because he knows that he's caught'
Mar 04 Trump says President Obama tapped his phones prior to election in accusation–filled Twitter fit
Mar 04 5 critical questions Trump needs to answer about the Russian ambassador's covert trip to Trump Tower
Mar 03 Former Trump advisor's contact with a Russian official was the same week hacked emails were released
Mar 03 Two House Republicans join Democrats in demanding Trump's tax returns
Mar 03 Donald Trump Jr. was likely paid $50,000 for meeting to discuss U.S.-Russia cooperation in Syria
Mar 03 Campaign adviser changes story and now contradicts Trump, says Donald ordered Ukraine change at RNC
Mar 03 Nixon's attorney general was prosecuted, resigned over same thing Sessions did.
Mar 02 Is Recusal Necessary? Trump: "I Don't Think So." Then Sessions Recuses Himself.
Mar 02 'Sessions Must Go': AG Called to Resign After 'Extremely Misleading' Testimony
Mar 02 Pelosi, Cummings call for Sessions to resign as AG over his lying about contacts with the Russians
Mar 01 Muslim ban 2.0 delayed because Trump is too busy soaking up good reviews
Mar 01 Lowlights from Trump's first Congressional address
Feb 28 Trump suggests that anti-Semitic bomb threats, vandalism might be a conspiracy to make him look bad
Feb 28 Trump blames protests on Obama, says 'I've done great things' if only the public knew about them
Feb 27 Trump Budget Slammed for 'Sacrificing Working Americans to War Machine'
Feb 27 In concert with White House, House intelligence chair mainly focused on 'leaks' about Russia
Feb 27 George W. Bush on Trump's ties to Russia: 'We all need answers'
Feb 27 Trump whines media isn't covering meaningless statistic he can't possibly be responsible for
Feb 27 Trump's anti-immigrant fervor continues to generate airport chaos
Feb 26 Trump's Navy secretary pick withdraws, citing an inability to separate himself from his businesses
Feb 26 Trump's travel expenses hurt more than just our wallets
Feb 26 Sean Spicer searching his staff's personal phones in attempt to find White House leakers
Feb 26 The resistance is real, even in the red state of Texas
Feb 26 Richard Nixon’s Authoritarian Loathing of the Media Lives On in Donald Trump
Feb 25 Trump Administration: Contrived Chaos and States of Confusion
Feb 25 At CPAC, Trump Decries Chicago Violence But Not Potential Kansas Hate Crime
Feb 25 Sanders, Giffords Call Out Cowardly Republicans for Ditching Town Halls
Feb 24 Major Media Outlets Refused Entry to White House Briefing
Feb 24 White House Tried to Interfere With FBI Investigation of White House, Officials Say
Feb 24 Under fire, GOP congressman calls for Trump tax returns
Feb 23 Bannon Heralds "Deconstruction of Administrative State" and Trump's "New Political Order"
Feb 23 GOP Looking to Quietly Kill Resolution Demanding Transparency on Trump
Feb 23 "People of Mexico Will Not Accept" Trump's Unilateral Border Plans: Foreign Minister
Feb 23 Ahead of DNC Chair Vote, Ellison Says Impeach Trump Questions 'Legitimate'
Feb 23 Despite Brush-Off From Trump, More Than Half of Voters Say His Conflicts of Interest Illegal or Wrong
Feb 23 Sorry, Mr. President, There's Nothing "So-Called" About These Angry Crowds
Feb 22 Can Trump Be Impeached? Michael Moore Launches Online ‘Resistance Calendar’
Feb 22 Richmond unanimously approves Trump impeachment resolution
Feb 21 Trump Administration Issues How-To for 'Hyper-Aggressive Mass Deportation Policy'
Feb 21 Trump's Vague Condemnation of Anti-Semitism Called Too Little, Too Late
Feb 21 In National First, City Council Unanimously Passes Trump Impeachment Resolution
Feb 21 The For-Profit Presidency, Month One
Feb 21 Letter From Frenchy Who Loves USA to Pro-Impeachment Americans
Feb 20 Is Gold Pricing In A Trump Impeachment?
Feb 20 On President's Day, Mass Crowds Say of Donald Trump: 'Not My President'
Feb 20 Trump 'imPEACHment' march stretches 5 miles through Atlanta
Feb 20 Donald Trump's Impeachment Will Come From Members of His Own Party [Report]
Feb 20 Donald Trump’s approval rating lowest in history at one month mark