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Murfster35 is a lifelong liberal political junkie. Being born and raised in Chicago, he is no stranger to bare knuckle politics. He spent 20 years working for United Airlines, and another 9 as a fraud prevention expert for a large online retailer. He is also the author of the new e-book President Evil: The rise of Trump in the 2016 primaries. Buy it on Amazon.

In addition to writing for The Trump Impeachment, Murfster35 is also a top recommended writer on the blog Daily Kos.

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Jan 19 Trump blame slops over onto Mitch McConnell. At least for one GOP Senator.
Jan 18 Hey Mitch! Your desperation slip is showing!
Jan 17 Three card monte DOJ style. And other developments.
Jan 16 My opinion. Hoard your government benefits, the shutdown is coming.
Jan 15 Hi-ho, hi-ho, it's off to court we go. Again.
Jan 15 Wonder what Trump's end game for the media is? Watch "Tickling Giants" and find out.
Jan 13 Conspiracy theory Or just Bannon as usual?
Jan 12 Paul Ryan ain't much better than his lord and master.
Jan 12 Trump's 'shithole' comment exposed the fact that even his staff knows he's a racist.
Jan 12 Kudos to MSNBC and other media outlets for growing a pair. And why it's important.
Jan 11 Want to make Trump and the GOP "own" responsibility for something? Act like YOU want it.
Jan 11 Maybe Russia can't turn off Trump supporters. But Trump can, and he may well be.
Jan 10 Policy crafting, Trump style.
Jan 09 Breitbart says "Sayonara" to Steve Bannon.
Jan 08 My personal take on "Fire and Fury."
Jan 08 When it comes to surrogates, Trump is running on fumes.
Jan 08 Stephen Miller, meet the door. And don't let it hit you in the *ss on the way out. (With video)
Jan 06 Impeachment? Yes! Now? No, not yet.
Jan 05 Has Robert Mueller used Trump's own ego against him? I'm starting to think so.
Jan 05 Surprise, surprise. Guess who else is having staffing issues these days?
Jan 05 Want to stop Trump in his tracks? It's simple, do just what he does.
Jan 04 When it comes to Bannon, what the hell is McConnell smiling about? He may kill 2018 for the GOP.
Jan 03 The Trump-Watergate comparison nobody has made yet.
Jan 03 OMG! Only Trump can turn a blanket condemnation into mindless self promotion.
Jan 03 "Revenge of the turds." Steve Bannon is living down to my expectations.
Jan 02 The battle for control of Congress in 2018 starts this month.
Dec 29 Thanks to Trump, forget about olive oil on your shirimp. How about some nice crude instead?
Dec 29 For Trump "A poll shall set you free." Except maybe not so much.
Dec 28 Merry Christmas Trump Stule.
Dec 28 The Trump legal teams "A" strategy? "You lie!"
Dec 27 GOP primaries aren't the on ly place steve Bannon is going to hurt Donald Trump.
Dec 26 Forget the Democrats for a moment. What's the Republicans "message: going into 2018?
Dec 26 Alabama was great, but another Trump nightmare may be on the horizon.
Dec 26 Trump can screw up a wedding even if it's not his own. Just ask poor Prince Harry of the UK.
Dec 23 Trump says that "Obamacare is dead." So, why is McConnell learning CPR?
Dec 22 Mitch McConnell, meet karma. Karma, this is Mitch.
Dec 20 Turns out Alabama may have been the 2018 template for the GOP. Just look at Vitginia.
Dec 18 Anybody out there remember funding the government? Tick-tock GOP.
Dec 18 As the congressional incumbent exodus grow, chances for a Democratic tsunami increase.
Dec 17 Trump tried to poison the well. Will Mueller make him pay for it?
Dec 16 Jim Jordan has perfect pedigree for a Trump surrogate. Everybody hates him.
Dec 16 Trump's new motto: "If at first you don't succeed, cheat like hell."
Dec 16 Trump is on a roll in the courts. Yep, craps almost every time.
Dec 15 The Senate may not be the only weak spot the GOP tax bill.
Dec 15 Right now there is more at stake than just the Mueller investigation.
Dec 15 Republicans, thy name is dumb.
Dec 14 The GOP may not be able to be quick enough to get taxes through.
Dec 14 Paul Ryan is a man in a hurry. Could this be why?
Dec 14 Awwww. Mike Huckabee has the sadz for his poor baby girl. Guess what Mike, she deserves it!
Dec 12 If the White House is serious, the "showdown" is here.
Dec 12 Thank God Trump only hires "The best," or who knows where we'd be right now.
Dec 11 Roy Moore is kinda slow on the uptake, ain't he?
Dec 11 To paraphrase His Lowness, "Who knew a thing lie taxes could be so hard?"
Dec 11 Fox' last Alabama poll has three things. Good news. A warning. And an observation.
Dec 10 Howz Trump doing? Let's ask some numbers.
Dec 09 Trump doesn't need "daycare." He needs a muzzle.
Dec 08 Trump's biggest Mueller problem? Time.
Dec 08 A note to Paul Manafort's lawyer: STOP digging the hole!
Dec 08 The SS Trumptanic takes on more water from another Wikileaks "offer."
Dec 07 Health insurance companies are in trouble. And they have the GOP to thank for it.
Dec 07 Sean Hannity has Bob Mueller in his sights. Oh, Noz! What will we do?!?
Dec 07 The GOP deserves James O'Keefe, he's so "them." And he's funny as hell. * With a bonus joke *
Dec 06 It runs in the extended family. Jared Kushner is now a "clear and present danger" as well as Daddums.
Dec 06 The Alabama Senate race is not over, and the GOP knows it.
Dec 06 Good news! The GOP House nears a CR extension agreement. Bad news! They only agree with each other.
Dec 05 Here's why Deutsche Bank may be such a big deal.
Dec 05 Trump fire Mueller? Mueller is making it clear that it might not matter.
Dec 05 To paraphrase the Monday Night Football jingle, "Are you ready for some shutdown?"
Dec 05 The GOP may yet do what the Democrats cannot. Sink their tax bill.
Dec 04 Mark your calendar for Thursday. It's going to be important no matter what happens.
Dec 04 Manafort may have just blown his bail agreement. Didn't he learn anything from Trump?
Dec 04 Enough of this "The President cannot" crap! Is John Dowd for real? Seriously?
Dec 03 Strange times in politics these days? Then, stop looking for normal!
Dec 03 If timing is everything, no wonder Trump dances like Curly from the Three Stooges.
Dec 02 When it comes to Michael Flynn, don't just think Trump. There's plenty of fun to be had.
Dec 02 The Brilliant Trump Team Legal Strategy; "If It's Broke, Don't Fix It!"
Dec 02 Watch North Korea right about now. And pray for "The Sound of Silence".
Dec 01 Michael Flynn will line up the dots, but here's who will connect them to the top. Jared Kushner will do that.
Dec 01 If the tax bills go to committee, here's one thing that could sink it.
Nov 30 Trump loves to be the center of attention. Thanks to Roy Moore he will be, but not in the way he wants.
Nov 30 Trump's tax speech was a real blast from the past.
Nov 30 Not even 36 hours in, and already the GOP walls are crumbling. Tick, tock GOP.
Nov 30 Trump may seal his own fate without even meaning to.
Nov 29 Want to stop "fake news" MSNBC? Here's suggestion for you.
Nov 29 Shut down the government? I say "Burn baby, burn!" With a video.
Nov 28 Why are Michael Flynn's lawyers talking to Bob Mueller? Maybe a little birdie told them to.
Nov 28 Did a guy you never heard of just put Doug Jones in the catbird seat in Alabama?
Nov 28 Is it possible? Trump bats an O-For in is first year?
Nov 28 Hair Twitler does it again! Screws himself with his stubby Twitter little fingers.
Nov 27 It's official. Roy Moore defending has hit rock bottom.
Nov 27 We may be hearing from Michael Flynn sooner than later. Twitter tantrum to follow?
Nov 27 If Trump has no ethics, why have an ethics committee? Another ethics lawyer jumps ship.
Nov 26 Trump can't help himself on Twitter. And it may cost his Justice Department it's ATT-Time Warner lawsuit.
Nov 26 Trump and pardons. We may be headed for a showdown.
Nov 26 Baby Donnie might be in more trouble than Daddums. At least Malcolm Nance thinks so. Watch the video.
Nov 25 Paul Manafort may have played himself into being the odd man out.
Nov 25 Mueller is under the gun, but the pressure is not coming from Trump.
Nov 24 Women hold the key to 2018. And by default to possibly impeaching Trump.
Nov 24 Wanna keep the government open Mr. President? It could end up costing you the House in 2018.
Nov 24 The Democrats can sink the tax cuts for 2017. Here's how.
Nov 23 Robert Mueller is firmly in their heads, and it's starting to show.
Nov 22 You've already met the "real" Trump. 140 characters at a time.
Nov 22 So, Trump endorsed Roy Moore, did he? Of course he did, he had to.
Nov 22 Do yourself a favor, brush up on the Logan Act. You might be hearing a lot about it soon.
Nov 21 Alabama is going to be more than just a referendum on Roy Moore.
Nov 21 Uh-oh. Trump is channeling Richard Nixon, and it's serious.
Nov 21 Trump's greed may help the Democrats in 2018.
Nov 20 The way this White House explains things, thank God nobody believes them.
Nov 20 Thanks Trumpenstein! Another hallowed tradition bites the dust.
Nov 19 How many bricks in a hod? Ask Trump, they're falling on HIS head.
Nov 19 Nuke North Korea President Schlump? Maybe not so much.
Nov 18 Trump and war. A warning.
Nov 18 About Trump and his "red line." I think we're about to find out.
Nov 17 Trump and Roy Moore deserve each other.
Nov 17 Puerto Rico is on life support. And the Trump administration is kicking at the plug.
Nov 17 Trump isn't as stupid as he looks on Moore-Franken. Here's why.
Nov 16 Just in case you forgot, Jared Kushner is still around. And interesting.
Nov 16 Ever heard of Reza Zarrab? Mike Flynn may wish he hadn't, and so may Trump.
Nov 15 Want Trump impeached? Patience grasshopper.
Nov 14 Whatever you do, don't fall for Mike Pence's act.
Nov 14 Michael Flynn was always important, but now he's even more so.
Nov 14 Jeff Sessions doesn't just need to go. He needs to be prosecuted.
Nov 13 OK Mr. Sessions, it's time for you to say bye-bye. NOW!
Nov 13 Trump-Russia was NOT a secret to GOP leadership. We know because they told us so.

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