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Ursualfaw is a former radio newscaster and talk show host. She also has a law degree. She was engaged in writing a screenplay when she took time off for the election and the rest is history. Her raison d'etre is to see Trump impeached.

In addtion to writing for The Trump Impeachment, ursulafaw is a top recommended writer on the blogging site Daily Kos.

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Jan 19 Trump Publicly Humiliated Melania About Losing Weight, Said "I'll Give Her A Week."
Jan 19 Did you know that men have wombs? Donald Trump Does.
Jan 19 Trump Thinks He's Samson, If He Loses His Hair He'll Lose His Power And Wealth
Jan 19 Journalists Rebel And Denounce Racist Trump-Supporting Editorial
Jan 18 Stormy Daniels Was A U.S. Senate Contender In 2009, With Slogan "Screwing People Honestly"
Jan 18 Trump's Lawyer Says Trump Is "Very Eager" To Be Interviewed By Mueller. Right.
Jan 18 John Kelly's In The Steve Bannon Doghouse After Implying Trump Is "Uninformed" On Fox News
Jan 18 Trump's Only Worried About One Candidate In 2020 And It's Not Oprah
Jan 18 Mike Pence Is Leading U.S. Delegation To The Olympics, Gay Athlete Wants Nothing To Do With Him
Jan 17 Utah GOP Official Says It Was A "Grave Mistake" Giving Women The Right To Vote
Jan 17 In An Insane Feedback Loop, Reality Star President's Reign To Become TV Show
Jan 17 Republican Senator Tells Congress Why Space Aliens Don't Drop In To Chat
Jan 17 Film Director Offers Donald Trump $100,000 To Get On The Scale
Jan 16 The "Girther" Movement Starts. If You Think Trump's Height Weight Stats Are Bull, That's What You Are
Jan 16 Donald Trump's Not Only In "Excellent" Health, He's Grown An Inch Taller
Jan 16 No Umbrella For Melania Or Barron, Trump Takes Care Of His Hair Not His Family When Leaving Florida
Jan 16 Lindsey Graham Backs Up Durbin, Says "This Has Turned Into An S-Show"
Jan 16 Steve Bannon's Subpoena Is The First Mueller Has Issued To A Member Of Trump's Inner Circle; Here's Why
Jan 15 Melania Tweets Martin Luther King Day Greeting, Twitter Scorns
Jan 15 When Trump Wasn't With A Porn Star He Was Fat Shaming A Pregnant Melania
Jan 15 Kurt Eichenwald Tells Fox News, "I Will Not Be The Next George Tiller"
Jan 15 24 Year Old Trump Campaign Volunteer Appointed By White House To Solve Opioid Crisis
Jan 14 Trump Enabler Hilariously Says Trump Meetings Are "Normal And Good" While World Reels From "S**thole" Week
Jan 14 False Alarm In Hawaii Reveals White House Has No Plan In Place For An Actual Attack
Jan 13 Pro-Trump Supporters Attempt Citizen's Arrest On London Mayor Sadjit Khan
Jan 12 Porn Star Trump Allegedly Had Affair With When Melania Was Pregnant Now Denies Affair And Hush Money, Per Trump's Attorney Michael Cohen
Jan 12 Fox's Tomi Lahren Defends Trump's S**thole Remark, Gets Pilloried On Twitter
Jan 12 Huckabee Says That If Trump Said "S**thole" Then Melania Should Feed Him A Bar Of Soap. Seriously.
Jan 12 Global Furor Over Trump's Racist Insults, "No American President In The Past 100 Years Has Reduced America's Moral Authority As He Has"
Jan 12 Trump Denies His "S**hole" Remarks Saying Democrats Made It All Up; Senator Present At Meeting Calls Out Trump's Lies
Jan 11 Trump's Same Racist Immigration Policies Failed During Great Depression, Will Fail Again
Jan 11 Melania's Getting Serious, She Hired More People To Help Her -- Do What Exactly?
Jan 11 Look Out Trump -- Steve Bannon Just Lawyered Up For His Interview Next Week With House Intelligence Committee On Russia Probe
Jan 11 Journalist Kurt Eichenwald Pulls Trump's Covers On Wharton MBA Lie In Two Tweets
Jan 11 CNN Anchor Fact Checks Trump's Claims Of "Letters Of Congratulations From Anchors" And It's Just What You Would Think
Jan 10 Melania Didn't Have A Good Nat'l Law Enforcement Day, Because Twitter Pointed Out Law Enforcement Was About To Come For Donald And Her Stepchildren
Jan 10 Trump Breaks His Own Record, Saying "No Collusion" Eight Times In 95 Seconds During Interview
Jan 10 Trump Boasts Of "Fantastic Ratings" And Fan Mail From Anchors After Meeting On Immigration
Jan 10 Incredibly, 100 French Have Issued An Anti-#MeToo Manifesto, Claiming Men Have Right To Hit On Women
Jan 10 Trump Says He'll Beat Oprah If She Runs; Will American Politics Become A Reality TV Show?
Jan 09 "Bad Lip Reading" Shows Us The Real Lyrics To Star Spangled Banner, As Conceived By Donald Trump
Jan 09 H.R. McMaster, Don McGahn May Be Among The Exodus Of Senior Staffers Expected To Leave The White House
Jan 09 From Trump's Political Savior To "Sloppy Steve" Where Does Bannon Go From Here?
Jan 09 Trump Embarrasses Himself At Football Game Not Knowing Words To National Anthem
Jan 08 Robert Reich: Trump Has Emotional Intelligence Of Conman, Utterly Stupid In All Else
Jan 08 Bannon's Apology to Trump Falls On Deaf Ears; Allies Wonder If Populist Effect On Midterms Is Dead
Jan 07 Melania Told Trump She "Wouldn't Be Able To Take It" When Nude Modeling Photos Were Published, Per "Fire And Fury"
Jan 07 CNN: "Whispers About Trump's Fitness Turn To Shouts"
Jan 07 Trump's Incredible Shrinking Schedule -- "Executive Time" Means TV and Twitter
Jan 07 Fox News Finds A Way To Normalize Wolff Book; Trump Is "Kind Of Like Your Uncle"
Jan 06 Trump's Madness Will Continue Until Real Problem Fixed; Corrupt GOP Needs To Go, Once Race At A Time
Jan 06 Trump Calls Melania His "Trophy Wife" And He Means It Literally
Jan 05 Bannon Had Planned To Call Trump Junior A Patriot, Take Back Treason Comment, But He Was Too Late
Jan 05 Fox News Incongruously Makes The Case For Obama Being A Better Jobs President
Jan 04 Is Steve Bannon Trying To Force A Schism In The GOP Or Is He Trying To Survive?
Jan 04 Trump's Lawyers Send Cease And Desist Letter To Publishers of "Fire And Fury" As Book Hits Number One In Sales
Jan 04 "Losing Was Winning." Book "Fire And Fury" Shows The Paradox And Perversity Of Trump Campaign.
Jan 03 Bullies Trump And Kim Jung Un One Up Each Other; Only Trouble Is That It's Our Playground They Want To Blow Up
Jan 03 "I've Been Very Strict On Commercial Aviation" Trump Takes Credit, Twitter Retaliates
Jan 02 Grand Jury Witness Worried That The Grand Jury Is Not Donald Trump's Peers -- Because They're Not All White Men
Jan 02 Roy Moore's 'Jew Lawyer' Voted For Doug Jones, Will Attend Jones' Swearing In Ceremony Wednesday
Jan 01 Donald Jr. Starts New Year With A Conspiracy Theory About Hillary Colluding With The New York Times
Jan 01 "The Last Time I Wore $3,000 It Was A Heart Monitor" Melania Gets Called Out On Twitter For New Year's Eve Regalia
Dec 31 Carl Bernstein: Trump's Lawyers Are "Telling Him What He Wants To Hear"
Dec 31 Why Is A Tiny Town Of 6,500 The Nexus For Neo-Nazis, The White House, And An End Run Around The CIA?
Dec 30 Mike Pence Gets Trolled In Aspen And He May Be Next On Mueller's List
Dec 29 Like A Scene Out Of 'Reefer Madness' Jeff Sessions Named Cannabis Prohibitionist Of The Year
Dec 29 Golden State Warriors Coach Steve Kerr Speaks Of "The Assault On Our Institutions, Core Values"
Dec 29 Was 2017 The Most Insane First Year Of A Presidency? Yes, Not The Most Eventful, But The Most Insane
Dec 29 Trump Sends Idiotic Tweet About Climate Change And Democrats Pile On
Dec 28 The White House Is Calling Mike Flynn A Liar, While His Brother Begs Trump For A Pardon, And Quickly Too
Dec 28 Roy Moore Is A Loser But You Knew That; Doug Jones Certified Minutes After Judge Throws Moore's Complaint Out Of Court
Dec 27 Melania Reveals Her Christmas Secrets In A 'Bad Lip Reading' Musical
Dec 27 The Heat Is On. Mueller Set To Re-indict Paul Manafort And Nobody's Finances Are Safe As Mueller Follows The Money
Dec 27 Marijuana Moves To Corporate America Whether Jeff Sessions Approves Or Not
Dec 26 13 Days In July That Forged The Trump Administration
Dec 26 Trump Is First President Since Calvin Coolidge To Not Host State Dinner But He Says He'll Give Chinese President McDonald's
Dec 25 "You Look Like A Model On The Front Page Of Hustler" Twitter Reacts To Melania's Santa Selfie
Dec 24 Badly Hung Over Roger Stone Claims Cabinet Will Invoke 25th Amendment On Trump
Dec 24 Richard Nixon Wrote A Fan Letter To Donald Trump Thirty Years Ago After Wife Pat Told Him Trump Was A Comer In Politics
Dec 24 Jeff Flake Talks About "Spasms Of A Dying Party" Assesses 2020 Election
Dec 24 Bomb Squad, Breaking News But All That Happened Was A Gift Of Horses*it Was Sent To Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin
Dec 23 More Abusers Of Women Busted, Fired Including Top Execs Of Miss America Pageant Organization
Dec 23 Puerto Rico Was Crippled By Natural Disaster, Now Look Out Here Comes The GOP Tax Bill To Boot
Dec 23 Fox News Intends To Become The New Breitbart; That's Why "Coups, Hoaxes, Plots" Polluting Airwaves
Dec 22 Steve Bannon, Corey Lewandowski Set To Testify On Trump Russia Before House Intelligence Committee
Dec 22 Roy Moore's Homophobic Attack On Doug Jones' Gay Son Blows Up Spectacularly In His Face
Dec 21 Steve Bannon Gives Trump 30% Chance Of Finishing First Term, Bannon Says He May Run For President Himself In 2020
Dec 20 Disney's Trump Animatronic Isn't Faring Much Better Than The Real Thing
Dec 20 Benghazi Maven Trey Gowdy Now Demands To Interview FBI Officials On What He Suspects Is Partisan Activity Pro-Hillary and Anti-Trump
Dec 20 Melania Has Her Own Commitment To Fake News. She Lies About Her Past Achievements As Easily As Trump Lies About His.
Dec 20 Two Recent Polls Show Trump Finishing Dead Last Behind All Modern Presidents In Approval Ratings
Dec 19 Fox News Is Out Of Control. They're Now Saying That The FBI Probe Is "Weaponized To Destroy The Presidency" And Constitutes A Coup d'etat
Dec 19 Weinstein Victim Lashes Out At Meryl Streep Others, Streep Pens A Reply Statement
Dec 18 A Guide To The #Peniswalla Address Or National Security Strategy Speech
Dec 18 There Is A Witch Hunt Against Trump, They Meet Once A Month To Cast A Spell Against Him
Dec 18 Al Franken Is Being Urged To Reconsider Resignation And Go Forward With Ethics Investigation
Dec 14 Republicans Refuse To Rubber Stamp Trump's Two Egregiously Unqualified Federal Judge Nominees
Dec 13 John McCain Takes Trump To Task On Fake News "This Is How Dictators Get Started"
Dec 13 Make No Mistake, Steve Bannon Is Hiding Because He's Taking The Brunt Of Moore Defeat
Dec 13 "Nikki Haley Stabbed Him In The Back" Roger Stone Busily Penning The Downfall of Donald Trump
Dec 13 Mike Huckabee Tells Roy Moore To Throw In The Towel
Dec 13 Roy Moore Won't Concede Alabama Race, Even Though Sec'y Of State Says Jones Is The Winner
Dec 12 Chuck Schumer Named In Sex Scandal By Document That Turns Out To Be Forged
Dec 12 War On The Media Escalates In The White House With Huckabee Sanders Threatening Acosta
Dec 12 Donald Jr. Accuses Adam Schiff Of "Disseminating Wildly Inaccurate Information" To Discredit Him
Dec 12 All Trump Family Ballots Disqualified Because Incredibly Not One Of Them Could Fill One Out Properly
Dec 11 Is Firing Mueller And Creating A Constitutional Crisis A Question of When And Not If?
Dec 11 Who's Going To Win In Alabama? The "Good South" Of The Liberal Redneck or "Unbelievable Bag Of S*it" Roy Moore?
Dec 11 Sarah Huckabee Sanders Accuses Press Of Deliberately Misleading The American People In Fiery Exchange
Dec 11 The Same Kind Of Ads That Were Used To Steal 2016 Election Are Being Employed In Alabama Now
Dec 11 Trump Trips Himself Up On Twitter Again, w/Bad Reviews Of People He Says He Doesn't Watch
Dec 10 The Newest Melania Conspiracy Theory Is That She Alone Knows How Donald's Diet Coke Is Being Spiked With Drugs
Dec 09 Fox News Is Getting Roasted By New Twitter Hashtag "ThingsITrustMoreThanFoxNews"
Dec 09 Anti-Trump Conservatives Making Huge Ad Buy In Alabama Against Roy Moore
Dec 09 Roy Moore Is On The Ropes Ranting About "Election Theft" And George Soros No Less
Dec 08 Melania Wants To Spend Xmas On Deserted Island Instead Of Washington, Twitter Wholeheartedly Agrees
Dec 08 Melania Would Rather Spend Christmas On A Deserted Island Than In Washington And We Agree
Dec 07 Why Al Franken Being Tried By A Kangaroo Court Doesn't Feel Right -- Because It's Not
Dec 07 Donald and Melania Are The Couple From Hell. They Even Screwed Up Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day.
Dec 07 Donald Jr. Mocks Al Franken, Twitter Lashes Right Back
Dec 07 North Korea Now Says Nuclear War Is When Not If Question, While Mike Pompeo Exacerbates The Situation
Dec 06 Other "True GOP Warriors" Are Now Contributing To Doug Jones' Campaign
Dec 06 The Biggest Con Job In Washington Is Mike Pence Lying To His Evangelical Flock
Dec 06 Tax Bill Was Written Specifically To Benefit Trump GOP Representative Admits
Dec 05 Last Leg Of Alabama Senate Race Is Fiery, Roy Moore GOP Getting It From All Sides
Dec 04 Former RNC Chairman Says GOP Will Pay A Dear Price For Roy Moore In 2018
Dec 04 Huckabee Sanders' Old Tweet Hilariously Backfires By Castigating Trump
Dec 04 Trump Told Mike Huckabee About The "Tremendous Abuse" That The Press Inflicts On Poor Melania
Dec 04 Law Enforcement Fires Back At Trump's Tweet Blasting The FBI And It Is Beautiful
Dec 03 John Dowd Is Either a. Trump's Fall Guy or b. Somebody Who Should Get Disbarred?
Dec 03 Trump Has Been Persuading Top GOP Senators To End Russia Probe All Along
Dec 03 Trump Absurdly Blames Stock Market Plunge On ABC News, Encourages People To Sue ABC In Class Action
Dec 03 Trump Denies Intervening In Flynn Investigation, Lashes Out At FBI In Pre-Dawn Twitter Tantrum
Dec 02 Trump's Lawyers Keep Whitewashing Flynn's Actions and Telling Trump Everything Is Just Fine -- How Long Before That Explodes?
Dec 02 Steve Bannon Plans To Grab Both Senate Seats In Mississippi, Supposedly To Further Trump Agenda
Dec 02 Junk Food And Incessant Screaming; "Let Trump Be Trump" Book Coming Out This Week
Dec 02 Trump Tells Reporters "He's Not Worried" plus "He's Very Happy" About Mike Flynn
Dec 01 Right Wing News Outlets Dismiss Importance Of Flynn's Plea, Calling It "A Parking Ticket"
Dec 01 Fox News Goes To Defend Melania Against The Liberal Media War Raging -- Would You Believe One Short Article In One Magazine?
Dec 01 "It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Collusion," New Song For The Holidays!
Dec 01 The Full Import Of Flynn's Plea Analyzed In New York Times; Either Kushner Or Donald Jr. Next In Line As Trump-Russia Ignites
Dec 01 Former U.S. Attorney Says That The Trump Russia Investigation Is Getting All Too Real For The White House
Nov 30 More Strange Bedfellows In Trump-Russia Probe; Jeff Sessions And Erik Prince At Each Others Throats
Nov 30 Baptist Church To Picket White House, Claims Trump's Adultery "Puts Entire Nation At Risk"
Nov 30 Tillerson Finished And Mike Pompeo To Leave CIA And Take His Place
Nov 29 "I Want Merry Christmas Again" Melania's White House Decor Closer To The Exorcist Than Kris Kringle
Nov 29 Kellyanne Conway Takes The Baton From Jared And Then Melania; Now The Opoid Crisis Is Hers To Solve
Nov 29 Politico: "Why Baby Donald's Media Threats Don't Scare Me"
Nov 28 The Nightmare Before Christmas: A Barren Wasteland Instead Of Holiday Cheer. Figures.
Nov 28 Conservative Commentator: "If Trump Fries Because Of Kushner He'll Deserve It"
Nov 26 "Melania Didn't Want This Come Hell Or High Water," Making The Best Of A Bad Bargain As FLOTUS
Nov 26 Putin Retaliates Against DOJ FARA Rule By Requiring US Media To Register As Foreign Agents
Nov 26 Rex Tillerson Is Gutting The State Department While The Trump Administration Has No Clue About Foreign Policy
Nov 25 25 Things You Never Knew About Melania
Nov 25 Trump Renews Hostilities In Trump-CNN War, This Time Touting The Superiority Of Fox News
Nov 25 Ivanka Throws Gasoline On Roy Moore's Race, Daddy Livid As Democrats Capitalize With Campaign Ad
Nov 24 Obama Ethics Czar: "Kush Will Flip Like A Pancake On Daddy-in-Law's Obstruction"
Nov 24 GOP Strategist Predicts "Orwellian Level Of Un-Personhood" For Mike Flynn
Nov 24 Don Jr's "Twitter Philosophy Of Criminal Defense: Insult The Prosecutor, Maybe You'll Scare Him Off."
Nov 24 Other Than Fox News No Network Worked Harder To Get Donald Trump Elected Than Russian State TV
Nov 23 Paul Manafort Had Deeper Ties With The Kremlin Than Previously Known According To Flight Records
Nov 22 Owner Of F**k Trump Sign Now Selling F**k Trump Bumper Stickers; $$$ To Help Local Democratic Party
Nov 21 The Right Says It's Either The 'Pence Rule' Or Full On Weinstein; Welcome To The Dark Ages
Nov 21 Hostage Negotiation Principles Will Get You Through Thanksgiving With Trump Relatives, Says Expert
Nov 20 Huckabee Sanders Turns The White House Into A Pre School But Not All Reporters Would Play Nice
Nov 20 Commander In Charge Of Nuclear Arsenal Says He Would Resist Order From Trump For A Nuclear Strike
Nov 20 Trump's Security Advisor Called Trump Idiot And Dope, Said Jared Had No Business Being In The White House
Nov 20 Russia Has Owned Trump For Quite Some Time And Mueller Knows It; Tick, Tock Impeachment Clock
Nov 19 Apocalypse Chow: RWNJ Televangelist Talks About The Democrats Plan To End Trump and End Times Cuisine
Nov 19 "Smell Of Alabama, He's Not Going To Be Able To Escape It" Bannon Going Down In Flames
Nov 18 "Women Are Chasing Young Boys Up And Down The Road" Says Alabama Preacher Talking About The "War On Men"
Nov 17 "Walking While Black" Are Laws Actually Being Broken Or Is This Just Expensive Racial Profiling
Nov 17 Collusion With WikiLeaks And Russia Should Be A Bombshell But We're Numb From Trump
Nov 17 Trump Weighs In On 'Al Frankenstein' But Is Still Silent On His Own Real Monster, Roy Moore
Nov 16 Owner Of The F**k Trump Truck In Texas Arrested For Outstanding Warrant
Nov 16 Did Mueller Just Flip The Guy Who Could Bring Down Flynn And Thereby Bring Down Trump?
Nov 16 Roy Moore Complains About McConnell's Treatment Of Him WRT Franken, Sen. Franken Takes The High Road
Nov 16 Want Some Presidential Leftovers? Donald and Melania's Stale Wedding Cake Is Up For Auction.
Nov 15 Twitter Users Can Lose Their Verification For Promoting Hate Speech As Nazi Richard Spencer Finds Out
Nov 15 All Eyes Now On Donald Trump To Solve Roy Moore Fracas After Hannity And Bannon Jump Ship: UPDATED
Nov 14 Roy Moore Sided With Convicted Rapists And Sex Offenders Against Their Underage Victims When He Was On The Bench
Nov 14 Jeff Sessions Snaps At Republican Rep Who Demands Appointment Of Second Special Counsel
Nov 14 Tom Steyer Hits It Out Of The Park Again With Commentary On How Stupid The Republican Tax Plan Is
Nov 13 "Poison In The Republican Bloodstream" Editorials In Alabama Blast Roy Moore
Nov 13 "The Throat Burning Putrefaction Rising Off The Corpse Of The GOP's Moral Stature" Is A Result Of Bannonite Republicanism
Nov 13 Lawyer For Roy Moore Accuser Says She's Going To Sue Moore For Defamation And Any Others Who Defend Him
Nov 13 Breaking: Head Of Senate GOP Campaign Arm Calls For Senate To Expel Roy Moore If He's Elected
Nov 13 'My Trump Bashing Grandma' Goes Viral - Grandma Says Trump 'Lower Than Snake S*it'
Nov 12 'Putin's Niece' aka Papadopoulos' Russian Contact Has Disappeared Fm Internet Leaving Cat Pic Only
Nov 12 Two Intelligence Officials Say Trump Being Played By Putin Worrisome For National Security.
Nov 12 Trump Walks Back Remarks On Putin And Election, Kremlin Lashes Out Over Lack Of US Flexibility
Nov 12 The GOP Is Licking Its Wounds After VA, Planning For 2020; Here's A Few Good Idea For Dems As Well
Nov 11 Operatico Politico is back! What "Mystery Science Theater 3000 did for Sci Fi, Operatico Politico does for politics
Nov 11 Trump's Latest Twitter Tantrum: Kim Jong Un Is 'Short And Fat' Obama Has 'Zero Chemistry' and so on
Nov 11 Roy Moore is like character in 'Lolita.' Twitter reacts.
Nov 11 Trump Says Mark Cuban 'Not Smart Enough To Run For President' Steve Bannon Backs Cuban For 2020 Run
Nov 11 In Hilarious Segment Bill Maher Reports 'Ivanka Did Eyef*ck Prime Minister' Justin Trudeau
Nov 11 Trump Sides With Putin Against Intelligence Agencies; Blames It All On Podesta And Hillary
Nov 10 Steve Bannon Crows To NYT About New Holiday 'MAGA Day' Says Trump Russia Nothing But Fake News
Nov 10 RWNJs Now Blaming 'Collusion By Democrats' & Roy Moore's Wife Says She's Suing WaPo
Nov 10 'The President Is One Large S.T.D. If You're In Close Proximity You're Going To Get Tainted'
Nov 10 Mitch McConnell Says Roy Moore Should Withdraw & There's A Way Luther Strange Could Run
Nov 09 Former NSA Officer Says 12 Intelligence Agencies On 4 Continents Have Kompromat On Trump
Nov 09 Freshman Republican Wingnut Warns Of Coup d'Etat Unless Mueller Is Fired Or Resigns
Nov 08 North Korea On Trump: 'We Don't Care What That Mad Dog May Utter. We've Heard Enough.'
Nov 08 'They're In A World Of S*it' Javanka Losing Friends, Regretting That Washington Even Happened
Nov 08 WaPo: 'A Triumph Of Decency Over Dread' Even Republicans Are Calling VA A Referendum On Trump
Nov 07 Texas Atty Gen'l Says Solution To Sutherland Springs Massacre Is To Carry More Guns In Church
Nov 06 Minister Spins Texas Tragedy Into Martyrdom Message, 'God Was Answering Their Prayers'
Nov 06 Former Federal Prosecutor Analyzes Trump Jr. Corruption Case, Unpardonable Offense At State Level
Nov 06 Rand Paul Is More Injured Than First Reported; Broken Ribs, Bruised Lungs
Nov 05 Michael Flynn Jr. Says He Won't Go To Jail, He'll Have Last Laugh On The 'Social Justice Warriors'
Nov 05 Preet Bharara Says Paul Manafort Will Likely Flip In Order To Avoid 'Substantial Prison Time'
Nov 05 White House Lashes Out At Both Bushes After Book Reveals How They Disparaged Trump During Campaign
Nov 04 Trump's Approval Rating Dropping As 'His People' Wake Up To The Fact That His Promises Were Hollow
Nov 04 Elizabeth Warren Smacks Down Trump, Ruins His Day Talking About Jail Time For His People
Nov 04 Fox News Puts Its Tail Between Its Legs, Takes Down Tom Steyer's Impeach Trump Ad
Nov 03 Mercer's A Racist. His Mea Culpa Yesterday Underscored His Legal Problems Did Not Save His Bacon
Nov 03 Trump Calls Military Decision 'Complete And Total Disgrace' Judge Rules Sanely, Compassionately
Nov 03 An Unknown Capitol Hill Staffer Snarked On Wikipedia Today With Political Commentary
Nov 02 Ivanka Can't Function Without An Army Of Servants And Sycophants Enabling Every Move
Nov 02 Sarah Huckabee Sanders Tells A Whopper; Denies Trump Said, 'Justice System Joke And Laughingstock'
Nov 01 It's Official, Donald Trump Gets His Briefings From Fox & Friends According To NBC News
Nov 01 Bannon Connives To Save Trump, Kelly, Stone Hatch Bizarre Scheme To Take Down Mueller, FBI
Oct 31 Trump May Not Run In 2020, Says Rand Paul, Chris Christie Field Clear For Mike Pence Unless Mueller
Oct 31 Manafort Monday Didn't Do Jeff Sessions Any Favors And Say, Has Anybody Heard From Mike Pence?
Oct 30 Steve Bannon Has Decided He's Going To Stop Mueller Save Trump Because Lawyers 'Asleep At The Wheel'
Oct 30 Eric Trump Begs For Money In Fundraising Email, Saying His Father Is 'Still Standing'
Oct 30 Author Flames Trump/Fox News Talking Points In Just A Few Words
Oct 30 Manafort And Gates Both Plead Not Guilty To All Charges; Bail Request At $10Million
Oct 30 Fox News Is All Over A Cheesburger Emoji But No Details On Paul Manafort's Indictment At All
Oct 30 Melania Is Serving 'Presidential M&Ms' At Bash She's Throwing; Twitter Throwing Shade
Oct 29 It's Mueller Time: A Vision Of How 'Trump, The Movie' Will End
Oct 29 New Evidence Of Manafort's Suspicious Wire Transfers Probable Money Laundering May Indict Him
Oct 29 Puerto Rico Governor Pulls The Plug On Whitefish, Cancels Contract
Oct 29 Fox News Can't Cope With Mueller's Indictment, Doubling Down Desperately On GPS Fusion, Uranium One
Oct 28 Ronald Reagan Jr. Says Trump Is 'Dangerously Unstable Needs To Be Removed From Office'
Oct 28 Did Trump Force Ass't Atty General Dana Boente Out So That He Could Do A Saturday Night Massacre?
Oct 27 Former Federal Prosecutor Analyzes Mueller's Case On Twitter
Oct 27 Mike Pence Says Nuclear Weapons Are The Greatest Force For Peace In The World
Oct 27 Interior Secy Zinke Preposterously Maintains That He Had 'No Role' In Whitefish Contract
Oct 27 Fox News Runs Tom Steyer's Impeachment Ad And Trumpites Go Into Meltdown
Oct 27 Melania Is Going To Save Children From Drugs; Opioid Addiction Now Her Key Issue Instead Of Cyber Bullying
Oct 27 Sarah Huckabee Sanders Is Trump's Minister of Propaganda; Now She's Announcing Conclusion of Trump Russia Investigation With No Facts Whatsoever To Indicate That
Oct 26 There's Actually A Legitimate Reason The JFK Documents Are Being Withheld, Not 'Because Conspiracy'
Oct 26 Roger Stone Warns That 'Lethal Pygmies' Including Mike Pence Are In League Against 'Giant' Trump
Oct 26 John Kelly Continues To Show True Colors And That Like Trump He's A Hazard To U.S. Relations
Oct 26 Zinke's Choice To Fix Puerto Rico's Grid Is From His Hometown, 2 Employees When Contract Signed
Oct 25 Ben Carson: 'Rich People Poor People We're All In The Same Boat' Then Laughs At Puerto Rico
Oct 25 While We Were Looking Elsewhere Trump Blew Past Russian Sanctions Deadline
Oct 25 Boston Scream Party Demonstration Nov. 8, Thousands Signed Up To Attend
Oct 25 Jeff Flake Invokes Moral Clarity Of 'Sense Of Decency' Remark Fm McCarthy Era; For Good It Will Do
Oct 24 Must see video: Trump's Worst Insult Is Saying 'Couldn't Get Elected Dog Catcher'
Oct 24 Jeff Flake Trashes Trump As He Speaks To Senate On 'State Of Our Disunion'
Oct 24 Melania's Anti-Bullying Campaign Is Laughable, Media Is Pushing Back
Oct 24 Elijah Cummings Calmly Calls For John Kelly To Apologize To Rep. Wilson And End This Distraction
Oct 23 Trump In A Quandary, Loving The 'Fake News' Message But Hating The Messenger Who Brought It
Oct 23 White House Announces Melania Is Her Own Woman; She's In Detroit Today Advocating Against Bullying
Oct 23 Women Of The House Congressional Black Caucus Demand John Kelly Apologize To Rep. Wilson
Oct 23 David Letterman Receives Mark Twain Award In Politically Themed Ceremony
Oct 22 Does Melania Really Speak Five Languages Fluently?
Oct 22 Linguist Says Trump's Speaking Skills Are Primitive Even By Standards Of Illiterate Indigenous Tribe
Oct 21 Vendetta Against Rep. Wilson Continues, "You Don't Know Your Place" Message Given By White House
Oct 21 Trump Pledges To Pay Legal Bills Incurred By White House Staff, Aides In Trump Russia Probe
Oct 21 Ivanka Trump Could Lose Her Security Clearance If Clear Conflict Of Interests Established
Oct 20 Fox News: "Melania Trump Cuts Bloated First Lady Payroll From Michelle Obama Days"
Oct 20 BUSTED: Fox News' Navy SEAL Trump Supporter Is A Phony, Never Got A Purple Heart
Oct 19 John Kelly's A Snake, If There's A Doubt Left In Anybody's Mind
Oct 19 Fallout From Trump's Insult To Green Beret Widow, Use Of Kelly Deemed Political Dynamite
Oct 18 Will The Real Melania Please Stand Up?
Oct 18 Rep. Frederica Wilson Challenges Donald Trump To 'Bring It On' Calls Him A Liar
Oct 18 Roy Moore Accuses Democrats Of 'Cheap Political Tricks' As He's Exposed For The Fraud He Is
Oct 18 Trump Is Benefitting Our Enemies, Betraying Our Allies And The World Press Has His Number
Oct 18 The GOP Is Worried Sick About Losing Its Majorities In 2018 And Wouldn't That Be Loverly?
Oct 18 Trump Announces End Of 'War On Coal' At Heritage Foundation
Oct 17 'National Character Counts Week' Proclamation On Character From A Man Who Has None; Irony Dead
Oct 17 Trump Warns John McCain To Be Careful In A Radio Interview, McCain Blows Him Off
Oct 17 Melania Encourages Americans To Help Hurricane Victims; Maybe She Should Tell Her Husband First
Oct 16 John Kelly Ordered ICE To Portray Immigrants As Criminals In Order To Justify Raids On Them
Oct 16 Republican Alien Abductee Is Running For Congress In Florida
Oct 16 Twitter Reacts To The Tortoise And The Hair Pledging Their Troth In The Rose Garden
Oct 16 Politico: Donald Trump And The Dawn Of The Evangelical-Nationalist Alliance
Oct 15 Jerry Falwell Told Trump Call Out 'Fake Republicans' Other Wingnut Declares War On Republican Party
Oct 14 Robert Reich Says Republicans Are Ready To Pull The Plug On Trump
Oct 14 Mother Jones Predicts This Magazine Cover Of Trump, Other Sexual Predators Will Be Iconic
Oct 14 Will Trump Resign As Tony Schwartz Says Or Will Steve Bannon Continue Toxic GOP Makeover?
Oct 13 Repub Sen. Ben Sasse Says Trump Can't Censor News He Doesn't Like, Truth War Explodes At Fox
Oct 13 Reporter Got Pentagon Emails Depicting Plans To Spin Puerto Rico As Positive Despite The Truth
Oct 12 "From Lincoln To Palin To Trump: No Wonder The Republicans Don't Believe In Evolution"
Oct 12 Roy Moore Is Ready To Start A Holy/Civil War II, Sh*t's About To Get Real
Oct 11 John Kelly's In Charge Of The Adult Day Care Center, Now He Has To Deal With Hannity As Well
Oct 11 Rep. Al Green Just Presented Articles Of Impeachment To The House
Oct 11 Preet Bharara, Others Call Trump 'Child' 'Dictator' In Response To Threat To NBC's Broadcast License
Oct 11 Kelly, Mattis Agree To 'Physically Restrain' Trump From Reaching For Nuclear Football
Oct 10 Betsy DeVos Easily Knocks Out Trump In First Round Of White House IQ Test (Satire)
Oct 10 Are You Ready For A Unified Field Theory Of Trump, Which Explains Everything?
Oct 09 Melania gets into a catfight with Ivana Trump after calling herself "first lady"
Oct 09 ESPN's Jemele Hill Suspended For Two Weeks For Second Inflammatory Tweet
Oct 09 Trump's Digital Media Director Told '60 Minutes' That Facebook Worked For Trump, Won Him Election
Oct 08 Newsweek: Trump Was Told 'Go F**k Himself' By Frank Sinatra Says Former Manager
Oct 08 NBC Busted Mike Pence, Says Taxpayers Paid For Staged Political Stunt At Football Game
Oct 08 Trump Calls Corker A Coward And Corker Calls Trump A Child In Sword Exchange On Twitter
Oct 08 Fear And Loathing In The State Department Escalates, No Good Resolution To 'Moron Gate'
Oct 07 Making Money Off Tragedy, Trump Sends Fundraising Email In Wake Of Las Vegas Shooting
Oct 07 Hollywood Scandal Foments War Between Repubs & Dems; Dems Giving Back Producer's $$
Oct 07 Jimmy Kimmel Feels Wrath Of Street Artist Who Posts Pictures Near Kimmel's Studio, Hollywood Home
Oct 07 VA GOP Candidate Says Democrat Endorses Gang W/Motto Kill Rape Control
Oct 06 It's Official, Our Greatest Minds Agree Trump's A Moron, Including Winner Of The Nobel Peace Prize
Oct 06 Elijah Cummings Told Jarvanka To Preserve Their Emails And He Asked FBI To Investigate
Oct 05 The World Is Reeling From 'F**king Moron' And Israeli Paper Nails It In One Fell Swoop
Oct 05 Trump Spoke "Unfathomably Despicable Words" While Filming "Apprentice"
Oct 05 Trump Jr. On Benefit Of Gun Silencers: "It Brings Little Kids Into The Game"
Oct 05 Tony Schwartz: "The Same Climate Of Fear And Paranoia Appears To Have Taken Root In His White House"
Oct 04 San Juan Mayor Calls Trump "Miscommunicator In Chief"
Oct 03 Melania Is Exploiting Puerto Rico For Money Just Like Donald Exploited The NFL Controversy
Oct 03 Trump Trivializes Deaths From Maria While Reports Of Mass Grave Burials Coming In Now
Oct 03 Steve Bannon Says Gun Control Would Be "End Of Everything" For Trump
Oct 03 Trump Evokes Bogart As He And Hurricane Barbi Depart For Puerto Rico
Oct 02 DHS Lackey Admits He's Out To Get Anyone Who Complains Of Botched Hurricane Maria Rescue Effort
Oct 02 Only Trump Would Wish "Warmest Condolences" To The Bereaved Of Las Vegas
Oct 02 Robert Reich: "Donald Trump Is No Longer The President Of The United States"
Oct 01 Hospital Morgues Are At Capacity But Fox News Says Nobody's Dying In Puerto Rico
Oct 01 Was Mike Flynn Paid With Laundered Money? Flynn's Former Boss Has Criminal Connections
Sep 30 Kim Jong Un Plays Himself While Elton John Sings
Sep 30 WH Calls San Juan Mayor Cruz 'Opportunistic Politician' Doubles Down On 'Fake News' Lies
Sep 30 WH Escalates Conflict With Mayor Of San Juan, Occupant Blames 'Fake News' For Everything
Sep 30 "Get Out Of Your Golf Course Cocoon" NYC Councilwoman Lets Trump Have It Both Barrels
Sep 30 DHS Acting Secretary Walks Back Idiotic Statement About Puerto Rico Being 'Good News Story'
Sep 30 Rachel Maddow Says Trump Did A Fundraiser On NFL Controversy While Puerto Rico Drowned
Sep 29 Price's Resignation Leaves A Mess; No Replacement Set Up, Open Enrollment Begins November 1
Sep 29 Ken Starr Predicts That Trump Will Be Under Oath Before Russia Probe Ends
Sep 28 The Day Donald Trump Watched An Octagenarian Bleeding To Death And Did Nothing To Help
Sep 28 Tom Price Will Write Us A Check Today, He Promises
Sep 28 Pence's Lawyer Met With Mueller In June To Say Pence Wanted To Cooperate In Trump Russia
Sep 28 Newsweek: 'Bannon And Breitbart News Want To Take Out Jared Kushner'
Sep 28 Garrison Keillor 'God Has Sent Us A Judge, Hallelujah' Roy Moore Gets Us Stoned
Sep 28 Trump's Post Alabama Meltdown Is Turning Out Positive For Democrats As WH Screams 'Fake News'
Sep 28 Trump Pilloried On Twitter For Lying 'We Have The Votes In The Senate' On Graham-Cassidy
Sep 27 There Is No Joy In "Kushnerville" Slumlord Jared's A$$ Is Getting Sued -- Class Action No Less
Sep 27 What You Need To Know As GOP Civil War Ignites: Trump's Clueless, Bannon's In Control
Sep 26 Grassley Says FBI Is 'Holding Key Information Hostage' By Having Non Disclosure Agreements
Sep 26 Twitter Expanding To 280 Characters; Trump Will Be Enthralled
Sep 26 Twitter Appalled Over Trump's Latest Gaffe, "This Thing Called The Atlantic"
Sep 26 Newsweek: 'The Next Charlottesville Is Descending On North Carolina'
Sep 26 N. Korea Admits It's Clueless, Asking Repubs To Explain WTF Is Going On With Trump
Sep 26 If Roger Stone Intends To Plead Insanity He's Going About It The Right Way
Sep 26 Dems And Others Tell Trump To Shut Up About NFL, Worry About Puerto Rico
Sep 26 At Least Six Trump Advisors Including Bannon, Priebus, Miller Used Private Email Accounts
Sep 25 When Harry Met Melania In Toronto: Did The Prince Make The Devil Sign To Ward Off Evil Spirits?
Sep 25 Busted: Ivanka Also Used A Private Email Account To Write Justin Trudeau Among Others
Sep 25 Newsweek: Trump Admits To Groping Melania In Public, 15 Hours Smut As Howard Stern Tapes Released
Sep 25 Hannity Says AL Primary Is Referendum On Establishment As Bannon Challenges McConnell
Sep 24 Tebow and Kaepernick: Now They're At Center Of War Of Christian Athletes, American Values
Sep 24 Trump Proclaims A New Indefinite Travel Ban To Seven Countries
Sep 24 The First Known Transgender Soldier Was A Civil War Hero
Sep 24 Pence Is Officially The GOP Fundraising Muscle And Trump Explainer
Sep 24 George Clooney On Why Hillary Lost The Election
Sep 23 Trump Pours Gasoline On Kaepernick Gaffe With 'You're Fired' Tweet
Sep 23 'Nambia Here I Come' Sarah Palin Named Ambassador To Nambia (Humor)
Sep 23 Trump's Alabama Rally Tonight Was More Unhinged Than His Trump Tower Press Conference
Sep 22 Trump, Bannon At War: Breitbart Just Got Denied Press Credentials To Trump AL Rally Sunday
Sep 22 Price, Pruitt Squandered More Than You Know; This Wanton Republican Waste Is Insane
Sep 22 Even Fox News Admits That Fox News Is A Vessel For Conservative Propaganda; (with a terrific video)
Sep 22 Why Is Steve Bannon Writing Trump UN Speech And Having Secret Meetings With The Chinese?
Sep 21 EPA head Pruitt has demanded 24/7 security guard protection
Sep 21 Speaker At What Rachel Maddow Called "Kill The Gays" Rally Seeking Confirmation To Fed Judgeship
Sep 21 Paul Manafort Is Actively Doing Business W/Kurds. Question Is, Will He Leave Town For Their Election?
Sep 21 Maxine Waters, John Lewis Smack Down Trump; Lewis Says 'He Made It Comfortable To Put On The Hoods'
Sep 21 Trump Bodyguard Was FBI Agent Sent To Extradite Mobster Felix Sater From Russia In Sting Operation
Sep 21 'This Is White America Time' Trump Hotel Sued For Racism, They Say 'Publicity Stunt'
Sep 21 Corey Lewandowski: 'I Hope They Go To Jail For The Rest Of Their Lives'
Sep 21 Manafort Offered 'Private Briefing' To Russian Billionaire Connected W/Kremlin During Campaign
Sep 21 Bloomberg: 'For Trump Aides Caught In Russia Probe Legal Bills And Paranoia' & Guns & Aliens

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