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Ursualfaw is a former radio newscaster and talk show host. She also has a law degree. She was engaged in writing a screenplay when she took time off for the election and the rest is history. Her raison d'etre is to see Trump impeached.

In addtion to writing for The Trump Impeachment, ursulafaw is a top recommended writer on the blogging site Daily Kos.

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Oct 16 John Kelly Ordered ICE To Portray Immigrants As Criminals In Order To Justify Raids On Them
Oct 16 Republican Alien Abductee Is Running For Congress In Florida
Oct 16 Twitter Reacts To The Tortoise And The Hair Pledging Their Troth In The Rose Garden
Oct 16 Politico: Donald Trump And The Dawn Of The Evangelical-Nationalist Alliance
Oct 15 Jerry Falwell Told Trump Call Out 'Fake Republicans' Other Wingnut Declares War On Republican Party
Oct 14 Robert Reich Says Republicans Are Ready To Pull The Plug On Trump
Oct 14 Mother Jones Predicts This Magazine Cover Of Trump, Other Sexual Predators Will Be Iconic
Oct 14 Will Trump Resign As Tony Schwartz Says Or Will Steve Bannon Continue Toxic GOP Makeover?
Oct 13 Repub Sen. Ben Sasse Says Trump Can't Censor News He Doesn't Like, Truth War Explodes At Fox
Oct 13 Reporter Got Pentagon Emails Depicting Plans To Spin Puerto Rico As Positive Despite The Truth
Oct 12 "From Lincoln To Palin To Trump: No Wonder The Republicans Don't Believe In Evolution"
Oct 12 Roy Moore Is Ready To Start A Holy/Civil War II, Sh*t's About To Get Real
Oct 11 John Kelly's In Charge Of The Adult Day Care Center, Now He Has To Deal With Hannity As Well
Oct 11 Rep. Al Green Just Presented Articles Of Impeachment To The House
Oct 11 Preet Bharara, Others Call Trump 'Child' 'Dictator' In Response To Threat To NBC's Broadcast License
Oct 11 Kelly, Mattis Agree To 'Physically Restrain' Trump From Reaching For Nuclear Football
Oct 10 Betsy DeVos Easily Knocks Out Trump In First Round Of White House IQ Test (Satire)
Oct 10 Are You Ready For A Unified Field Theory Of Trump, Which Explains Everything?
Oct 09 Melania gets into a catfight with Ivana Trump after calling herself "first lady"
Oct 09 ESPN's Jemele Hill Suspended For Two Weeks For Second Inflammatory Tweet
Oct 09 Trump's Digital Media Director Told '60 Minutes' That Facebook Worked For Trump, Won Him Election
Oct 08 Newsweek: Trump Was Told 'Go F**k Himself' By Frank Sinatra Says Former Manager
Oct 08 NBC Busted Mike Pence, Says Taxpayers Paid For Staged Political Stunt At Football Game
Oct 08 Trump Calls Corker A Coward And Corker Calls Trump A Child In Sword Exchange On Twitter
Oct 08 Fear And Loathing In The State Department Escalates, No Good Resolution To 'Moron Gate'
Oct 07 Making Money Off Tragedy, Trump Sends Fundraising Email In Wake Of Las Vegas Shooting
Oct 07 Hollywood Scandal Foments War Between Repubs & Dems; Dems Giving Back Producer's $$
Oct 07 Jimmy Kimmel Feels Wrath Of Street Artist Who Posts Pictures Near Kimmel's Studio, Hollywood Home
Oct 07 VA GOP Candidate Says Democrat Endorses Gang W/Motto Kill Rape Control
Oct 06 It's Official, Our Greatest Minds Agree Trump's A Moron, Including Winner Of The Nobel Peace Prize
Oct 06 Elijah Cummings Told Jarvanka To Preserve Their Emails And He Asked FBI To Investigate
Oct 05 The World Is Reeling From 'F**king Moron' And Israeli Paper Nails It In One Fell Swoop
Oct 05 Trump Spoke "Unfathomably Despicable Words" While Filming "Apprentice"
Oct 05 Trump Jr. On Benefit Of Gun Silencers: "It Brings Little Kids Into The Game"
Oct 05 Tony Schwartz: "The Same Climate Of Fear And Paranoia Appears To Have Taken Root In His White House"
Oct 04 San Juan Mayor Calls Trump "Miscommunicator In Chief"
Oct 03 Melania Is Exploiting Puerto Rico For Money Just Like Donald Exploited The NFL Controversy
Oct 03 Trump Trivializes Deaths From Maria While Reports Of Mass Grave Burials Coming In Now
Oct 03 Steve Bannon Says Gun Control Would Be "End Of Everything" For Trump
Oct 03 Trump Evokes Bogart As He And Hurricane Barbi Depart For Puerto Rico
Oct 02 DHS Lackey Admits He's Out To Get Anyone Who Complains Of Botched Hurricane Maria Rescue Effort
Oct 02 Only Trump Would Wish "Warmest Condolences" To The Bereaved Of Las Vegas
Oct 02 Robert Reich: "Donald Trump Is No Longer The President Of The United States"
Oct 01 Hospital Morgues Are At Capacity But Fox News Says Nobody's Dying In Puerto Rico
Oct 01 Was Mike Flynn Paid With Laundered Money? Flynn's Former Boss Has Criminal Connections
Sep 30 Kim Jong Un Plays Himself While Elton John Sings
Sep 30 WH Calls San Juan Mayor Cruz 'Opportunistic Politician' Doubles Down On 'Fake News' Lies
Sep 30 WH Escalates Conflict With Mayor Of San Juan, Occupant Blames 'Fake News' For Everything
Sep 30 "Get Out Of Your Golf Course Cocoon" NYC Councilwoman Lets Trump Have It Both Barrels
Sep 30 DHS Acting Secretary Walks Back Idiotic Statement About Puerto Rico Being 'Good News Story'
Sep 30 Rachel Maddow Says Trump Did A Fundraiser On NFL Controversy While Puerto Rico Drowned
Sep 29 Price's Resignation Leaves A Mess; No Replacement Set Up, Open Enrollment Begins November 1
Sep 29 Ken Starr Predicts That Trump Will Be Under Oath Before Russia Probe Ends
Sep 28 The Day Donald Trump Watched An Octagenarian Bleeding To Death And Did Nothing To Help
Sep 28 Tom Price Will Write Us A Check Today, He Promises
Sep 28 Pence's Lawyer Met With Mueller In June To Say Pence Wanted To Cooperate In Trump Russia
Sep 28 Newsweek: 'Bannon And Breitbart News Want To Take Out Jared Kushner'
Sep 28 Garrison Keillor 'God Has Sent Us A Judge, Hallelujah' Roy Moore Gets Us Stoned
Sep 28 Trump's Post Alabama Meltdown Is Turning Out Positive For Democrats As WH Screams 'Fake News'
Sep 28 Trump Pilloried On Twitter For Lying 'We Have The Votes In The Senate' On Graham-Cassidy
Sep 27 There Is No Joy In "Kushnerville" Slumlord Jared's A$$ Is Getting Sued -- Class Action No Less
Sep 27 What You Need To Know As GOP Civil War Ignites: Trump's Clueless, Bannon's In Control
Sep 26 Grassley Says FBI Is 'Holding Key Information Hostage' By Having Non Disclosure Agreements
Sep 26 Twitter Expanding To 280 Characters; Trump Will Be Enthralled
Sep 26 Twitter Appalled Over Trump's Latest Gaffe, "This Thing Called The Atlantic"
Sep 26 Newsweek: 'The Next Charlottesville Is Descending On North Carolina'
Sep 26 N. Korea Admits It's Clueless, Asking Repubs To Explain WTF Is Going On With Trump
Sep 26 If Roger Stone Intends To Plead Insanity He's Going About It The Right Way
Sep 26 Dems And Others Tell Trump To Shut Up About NFL, Worry About Puerto Rico
Sep 26 At Least Six Trump Advisors Including Bannon, Priebus, Miller Used Private Email Accounts
Sep 25 When Harry Met Melania In Toronto: Did The Prince Make The Devil Sign To Ward Off Evil Spirits?
Sep 25 Busted: Ivanka Also Used A Private Email Account To Write Justin Trudeau Among Others
Sep 25 Newsweek: Trump Admits To Groping Melania In Public, 15 Hours Smut As Howard Stern Tapes Released
Sep 25 Hannity Says AL Primary Is Referendum On Establishment As Bannon Challenges McConnell
Sep 24 Tebow and Kaepernick: Now They're At Center Of War Of Christian Athletes, American Values
Sep 24 Trump Proclaims A New Indefinite Travel Ban To Seven Countries
Sep 24 The First Known Transgender Soldier Was A Civil War Hero
Sep 24 Pence Is Officially The GOP Fundraising Muscle And Trump Explainer
Sep 24 George Clooney On Why Hillary Lost The Election
Sep 23 Trump Pours Gasoline On Kaepernick Gaffe With 'You're Fired' Tweet
Sep 23 'Nambia Here I Come' Sarah Palin Named Ambassador To Nambia (Humor)
Sep 23 Trump's Alabama Rally Tonight Was More Unhinged Than His Trump Tower Press Conference
Sep 22 Trump, Bannon At War: Breitbart Just Got Denied Press Credentials To Trump AL Rally Sunday
Sep 22 Price, Pruitt Squandered More Than You Know; This Wanton Republican Waste Is Insane
Sep 22 Even Fox News Admits That Fox News Is A Vessel For Conservative Propaganda; (with a terrific video)
Sep 22 Why Is Steve Bannon Writing Trump UN Speech And Having Secret Meetings With The Chinese?
Sep 21 EPA head Pruitt has demanded 24/7 security guard protection
Sep 21 Speaker At What Rachel Maddow Called "Kill The Gays" Rally Seeking Confirmation To Fed Judgeship
Sep 21 Paul Manafort Is Actively Doing Business W/Kurds. Question Is, Will He Leave Town For Their Election?
Sep 21 Maxine Waters, John Lewis Smack Down Trump; Lewis Says 'He Made It Comfortable To Put On The Hoods'
Sep 21 Trump Bodyguard Was FBI Agent Sent To Extradite Mobster Felix Sater From Russia In Sting Operation
Sep 21 Corey Lewandowski: 'I Hope They Go To Jail For The Rest Of Their Lives'
Sep 21 Manafort Offered 'Private Briefing' To Russian Billionaire Connected W/Kremlin During Campaign
Sep 21 Bloomberg: 'For Trump Aides Caught In Russia Probe Legal Bills And Paranoia' & Guns & Aliens

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