When Donald Trump says “everyone” is doing something, one can pretty reliably infer that that “everyone” is the discordant choir of voices residing in his own chaotic gray matter, which keep him awake and tweeting whilst the innocent are abed getting their rest...

Yes, yes Conald, over at the Four Seasons, which the Saudi King booked in it’s entirety to preclude any possibility of running into your fawning ass in the hallways, conspiracy theories about the DNC and John Podesta’s non extant ties to it dominate the discussions, crowding out minor concerns such as the proxy war with Iran in Yemen and their diplomatic game of chicken with Qatar.

And Angela Merkel and Emmanuel Macron definitely are not talking about how to hold NATO together in the Age of a petulant man-child American President, but rather the arcane and ridiculous mental gymnastics that said toddler will perform to avoid confronting his creditor Putin about Russian interference in the U.S. election.

I don’t know which is more disturbing - the thought of an American President issuing blatant lies to placate his moronic fan base, or the notion of one who thinks that the gathered leaders of the industrialized world are rabidly watching a Fox News feed in their hotel rooms.

But I can agree with the sentiment expressed by this Twitter user upon reading the Con man’s words: