This is our curated list of news about impeaching Trump or reasons to impeach him. We monitor the news feeds and pick only news from reliable sites that make meaningful contributions to the discussion.


What Americans Don't Understand About Impeachment | The Atlantic - June 29 2017

As discussion of removing Trump ripples through the political world, a legal scholar argues that impeachment is both an essentially American tool and widely misunderstood.

Global image of the US has plummeted under Donald Trump - but not in Russia | The Telegraph - June 28 2017

The image of the United States has deteriorated sharply across the globe under President Donald Trump and an overwhelming majority of people in other countries have no confidence in his ability to lead, a survey from the Pew Research Centre showed.

Oakland City Hall lights up with 'Impeach Trump' sign, council votes for Congress investigation | KTVU - June 28 2017

The Oakland City Council on Tuesday unanimously voted to ask Congress to investigate the impeachment of President Donald Trump...

Most Americans would give up alcohol to see Trump impeached | Newsweek - June 26 2017

Is there time for one more round before Donald Trump's impeachment?

Robert Reich: There’s more than enough evidence to impeach Trump | Newsweek - June 22 2017

An “inquiry of impeachment” resolution simply needs probable cause.

Professor who predicted Trump win says impeachment investigation will actually help GOP | CNBC - June 20 2017

Here's why it's in Republican's best interests to begin Trump impeachment hearings, says Prof. Allan Lichtman.

Robert Mueller's Investigation Raises 3 Big Legal Questions. Here's What We Know | TIME - June 20 2017

1. Can the president fire Mueller?

Donald Trump tweet on 50% approval cherry-picks polling data | PolitiFact - June 19 2017

President Donald Trump opened his first Father’s Day as president with a bright-and-early boast about his poll numbers.

Watergate 45 Years Later: A Burglary That Led to Nixon’s Resignation & an Oscar-Winning Film | Variety - June 18 2017

June 17 marks the 45th anniversary of the Watergate break-in, a seemingly low-profile incident that quickly ballooned into an international incident and exposed a huge web of deceit. Among the many…

Dem: Congress will begin impeachment if Trump fires Mueller, Rosenstein | TheHill - June 18 2017

Rep. Ted Lieu: If Trump fired Rosenstein and Mueller, "I believe Congress would begin impeachment proceedings."

Opinion | I helped draft Clinton’s impeachment articles. The charges against Trump are more serious. | Washington Post - June 13 2017

If a Democratic president were in Trump’s position, Republicans would be howling.

An Article of Impeachment Based on Trump’s Obstruction of Justice Is Now Circulating in the House | Common Dreams - June 13 2017

ongress has sufficient grounds to hold President Trump to account for obstruction of justice. The proper means for holding him to account is an impeachment process, one that is informed by lessons from the Congress that sought to hold Richard Nixon to account after his Watergate-era wrongdoing was revealed.

Top Dem Donor Calls On Lawmakers To Take Up Trump Impeachment | HuffPost - June 10 2017

The base wants it. Now a big-name funder does too.

Prepare the White House for President Pence | Canada Free Press - June 10 2017

Then the question would turn to what President Mike Pence knew and when did he know it, Prepare the White House for President Pence

Trump's impeachment odds were just upgraded following a rush of bets in the wake of Comey's testimony | Newsweek - June 08 2017

Oddsmakers suggest it is increasingly likely Trump will fail to see out his four-year term.

Poll: Trump's approval rating dips to 34% | CNN - June 07 2017

President Donald Trump's approval rating is at 34%, a new Quinnipiac poll released Wednesday finds, a slight dip from the last time the university surveyed the President's popularity.

Rep. Sherman joins Green in push to impeach Trump | POLITICO - June 07 2017

Green said Sherman offered to join him in part because of threats to the Texan's safety, after he reportedly received racial slurs and death threats after announcing his plans to draft articles of impeachment.

Here's how Donald Trump could actually be impeached | Newsweek - June 06 2017

Any impeachment effort would take Republican support, and a whole lot of work.

Support for Trump's impeachment is now higher than his approval rating | Newsweek - June 06 2017

Trump is dealing with two historic data sets greatly impacting his young presidency.

Ex-Biden chief of staff calls for Trump impeachment | Washington Examiner - June 06 2017

A former Joe Biden chief of staff who is currently running for Virginia lieutenant governor on Monday one-upped other state Democrats critic...

Kaine: Trump is ‘jealous of Obama’ | The Hill - June 04 2017

"American innovative spirit is stronger than his insecurities," he tweeted.

The six questions Nigel Farage won't answer on Trump and Russia | the Guardian - June 04 2017

The Guardian revealed Farage is a ‘person of interest’ in the Trump/Russia investigation. We asked him a series of questions he hasn’t yet answered

Loto-Quebec taking bets on whether Donald Trump will still be in office in 2018 | CTV News Montreal - June 02 2017

On Wednesday, Loto-Quebec invited players on its Mise-o-jeu platform to wager on the following question: "Will Donald Trump still be president of the United States after May 1, 2018?"

Will Republicans impeach Trump? | Vox - June 02 2017

Impeaching Trump would bring chaos on the Republican Party. But the chaos needs to happen at some point.