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Former US Labour Secretary calls Trump-Russia scandal 'one of the worst outrages in American history' | The Independent - March 31 2017

The scandal around possible links of Donald Trump’s election campaign to Russia is “one of the worst outrages in American history,” a former Labour Secretary has said.   Robert Reich, who served under President Clinton, said that if contact with Russians occurred and Mr Trump knew about it, it would be grounds for impeachment.  The politician turned academic is a vocal critic of the President but accepts that poor work by successive governments on reducing inequality contributed to his win.

Trump Russia dossier key claim 'verified' - BBC News | BBC News - March 31 2017

The BBC has learned that US officials "verified" a key claim in a report about Russian involvement in Donald Trump's election.

Donald Trump Impeachment: Michael Flynn’s FBI Testimony Deal May Sink President | The Inquisitr News - March 31 2017

Donald Trump could be moving ever closer to impeachment after a report that former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn has offered to testify about Trump’s

A majority of women want Trump impeached, a majority of men don't, a poll found | Newsweek - March 31 2017

More Americans oppose impeachment than support it, but it's really, really close.

Trump tried to bar Sally Yates from testifying on Russia | Toronto Star - March 30 2017

White House denies it made any effort to prevent former attorney general from appearing before Congress.

Trump's Spokesman Says the Case Is Closed on Russia. It's Not | @TIME - March 30 2017

Despite the White House's denials, questions remain

Why Trump's Approval Rating Matters to Congress | WSJVideo - March 30 2017

President Trump's approval rating has sunk to 36%, according to a recent Gallup poll, and that could change how effective he is with both Democrats and Republicans in Congress. WSJ's Gerald F. Seib explains. Photo: Getty

Berkeley is latest city to call for impeachment of Trump | East Bay Times - March 30 2017

Berkeley this week became the latest city to call for an investigation that could lead to the impeachment of President Donald Trump.

Florida Congressman Admits Trump Would Be Immediately Impeached If Dems Take Senate in 2018 - The Ring of Fire Network | The Ring of Fire Network - March 28 2017

Freshman congressman Matt Gaetz has positioned himself from the start as a Trump-backing ultra-conservative, but while venting about the failure of the AHCA, the newly-minted Rep. let slip that he believes Nancy Pelosi, if made Speaker of the House, could have Trump kicked out of office within 30 days. Gaetz was expressing his frustration that

Donald Trump Impeachment: W.H. Reportedly Trying To Sink Russia Investigation | The Inquisitr News - March 28 2017

Donald Trump’s odds of impeachment could be rising significantly amid reports that the White House may have tried to squash the Russia investigation by

Trump Russia Confusing You? Here’s Everything You Need To Know, In A Short Video | The Inquisitr News - March 28 2017

Do you find the Trump Russia “Russiagate” scandal confusing? You’re not alone. Watch this short video that explains what you need to know, in bite-sized form.

Trump will look to recover from his worst week yet as president | Business Insider - 1490486400

This past week was the most tumultuous President Donald Trump has faced since he was inaugurated in late January, just more than two months ago

Taxpayers Have Spent $16k For Secret Service To Rent Golf Carts At Mar-A-Lago - The Ring of Fire Network | The Ring of Fire Network - March 27 2017

So far during 9 weeks of being the President, Donald Trump has gone golfing 13 times.  This is the same man who constantly berated President Obama for allegedly vacationing too much.  Taxpayers are on the hook for these trips, and so far we’ve spent $16,000 just on golf cart rentals for Secret Service agents. Ring of

Donald Trump Impeachment Possible On Four Grounds, Says Robert Reich | The Inquisitr News - March 27 2017

Earlier this month, President Donald Trump accused former President Barack Obama of wiretapping the Trump Towers in New York. The accusations by President Trump

Donald Trump Impeachment: Michael Flynn Flipped On Trump, Working With FBI | The Inquisitr News - March 27 2017

Donald Trump’s Russia scandal may have moved closer to impeachment amid reports that former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn may have flipped on the

Impeachment or Resignation? | Modern Diplomacy - March 27 2017

There is money being placed on the table on bets on Trump’s Presidency. This comes as no great surprise, given its surreal, circus-like, reality-show, unhinged style. The betting odds indicate that Trump will likely be removed from office in the first term. What powerfully supports those odds are the following incontrovertible facts

Donald Trump 'could be removed from office' over Russia allegations | The Independent - March 26 2017

Donald Trump could be forced to leave office over the investigations into his administration’s links with Russia, a former national National Security Agency (NSA) analyst has warned.  John Schindler, a security expert and former counterintelligence officer, said that if the US President was to face an indictment over allegations his campaign team colluded with Russia to disrupt the presidential election, it could put an end to his presidency. 

Poll: Majority of Americans want independent commission to investigate Trump-Russia ties | POLITICO - March 25 2017

Sixty-six percent of respondents said they wanted an independent commission to investigate the links between Trump campaign advisers and the Russian government.

Bernie Sanders: what does Russia have on Donald Trump | The Independent - March 25 2017

Bernie Sanders has asked what “the Russians have on" Donald Trump and asked why the US President has “nothing but nice things” to say about Vladimir Putin.

MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell: Trump Is ‘The Laziest, Most Ignorant President In History’ | Huffington Post - March 24 2017

Trump reportedly told Republicans in Congress that he was done negotiating and that if the bill didn’t pass on Friday, he’d leave Obamacare in place.

Michael Moore: Dems Should Declare 'National Emergency' Over Trump-Russia Probe | Fox News Insider - March 23 2017

Filmmaker and activist Michael Moore is calling on the Democratic Party to declare a "national emergency" over the revelation that the FBI is investigating possible "coordination" between President Trump's campaign and Russia.

Emoluments Clause: How NY Attorney General Schneiderman Could Take Down Trump | The Inquisitr News - March 23 2017

New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman has a history of taking on Donald Trump, and now Schneiderman could play a role in an eventual impeachment of

Maxine Waters tells Trump to 'get ready for impeachment' | Washington Examiner - March 23 2017

California Democratic Rep. Maxine Waters said that she's ready to impeach President Trump on his 61st day in office. Get ready for impeachment, Waters tweeted. Get ready for impeachment.— Maxine Waters (@MaxineWaters) March 21, 2017 It's unknown if Waters was referring to a specific reason to impeach Trump or was just making a general statement. The tweet comes a day after FBI Director James Comey revealed the bureau is looking into any possible contacts between Trump's campaign and the Russian influence campaign on the presidential campaign. The intelligence community has reported in the past The Kremlin worked against Hillary Clinton's election and developed a preference for Trump.

Why Trump's Latest Lie Could Actually Be The One To Get Him Impeached | Elite Daily - March 23 2017

We'll see though.

Bank that lent $300m to Trump linked to Russian money laundering scam | the Guardian - March 22 2017

Deutsche Bank among western institutions that processed billions of dollars in cash of ‘criminal origin’ through Latvia

'Sesame Street' v. Trump: The show's long history of mocking 'Donald Grump' | USA TODAY - March 22 2017

The kids' show has been making fun of Trump since the 1980s.

In Trump They Trust: Inside The Global Web Of Partners Cashing In On The President | Forbes - March 22 2017

A previously little-known batch of billionaires and tycoons from around the world suddenly find themselves in an unprecedented position: how do you cash in on a partnership with the president of the United States of America?

No, over there! Our case-by-case guide to the Trump distraction technique | the Guardian - March 22 2017

Some sort of problem rocking your presidency? Simple – create a distraction! Adam Gabbatt explores Donald Trump’s apparent skills at changing the news

Hillary Clinton apparently backs call for 'full investigation' into Donald Trump's Russian connections | The Independent - March 21 2017

Hillary Clinton appears to have backed a call for a full investigation into Russian meddling in the election. The President candidate retweeted a message calling for the FBI and other intelligence agencies to launch a full investigation, from a politician who has said that reports of Donald Trump's ties to the kremlin "should concern all Americans".

Stephen Hawking: I fear I may not be welcome in Donald Trump's US | the Guardian - March 20 2017

Leading British physicist and cosmologist tells Good Morning Britain he is concerned about US president’s environmental policy

Yes, Trump Can Be Impeached Over A Tweet | The National Memo - March 20 2017

Trump clearly is accusing Obama of a high crime and misdemeanor. And if that accusation is false, impeachment may loom for Trump himself.

Houston congresswoman floats impeachment over Trump wiretapping claim | Houston Chronicle - March 20 2017

U.S. Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, D-Houston, said Sunday that President Donald Trump's repeated claims he was wire tapped by former President Barack Obama could provide grounds for impeachment if a Monday hearing with the FBI director does not produce evidence to substantiate the allegation.

Dem Rep Waters: Impeachment Is in Trump's Future - Breitbart | Breitbart - March 20 2017

Dem Rep Waters: Impeachment Is in Trump's Future

Donald Trump Impeachment: Petition Crosses 900,000 Signatures | The Inquisitr News - March 18 2017

With each passing day, more and more Americans are coming together to sign the petition for Donald Trump’s impeachment. As of now, there are more than 900,000

The conservative guide to impeaching Trump: Christian Schneider | USA TODAY - March 18 2017

Temptation grows for right-wingers to consciously uncouple from his supporters.

5 things we just learned about the Trump-Russia probe | POLITICO - March 15 2017

Here’s what to make of the burst of activity that took place on Capitol Hill.

The Key To Impeaching Donald Trump Does Not Lie in Russia | Rantt - March 15 2017

The Founding Fathers foresaw someone like Trump

Key members of Trump's circle under scrutiny for Russia ties | Washington Post - March 15 2017

President Donald Trump’s administration remains under scrutiny over potential ties between his associates and Russia in the run-up to the presidential election. Trump has denied knowing that any of his staff had communications with Russian officials during the campaign. But congressional probes are underway, and the FBI is investigating.

White House: Trump paid $38 million in income tax in 2005 | CNN - March 15 2017

President Donald Trump paid $38 million in taxes on income of more than $150 million in 2005, the White House confirmed on Tuesday.

Intelligence expert Malcolm Nance on Trump scandal: “As close to Benedict Arnold as we’re ever going to get” | Salon - March 14 2017

Career counterterrorism officer says Putin pulled off a "brilliant" coup — but Trump is headed for impeachment

Everything We Know About Trumpland’s Ties To Russia, From Start To Finish | Huffington Post - March 14 2017

It's a convoluted history that raises a lot of questions.

How To Impeach A U.S. President If They Have ‘Rendered Themselves Obnoxious?’ [Opinion] | The Inquisitr News - March 13 2017

The question, “How do you impeach a U.S. president,” is being tossed around, as Donald Trump’s administration appears to be on the brink of imploding. At a

Donald Trump could be impeached on four grounds, former Labor Secretary says - | - March 13 2017

There are now four grounds to impeach Donald Trump and a fifth is "on its way", according to former Labour Secretary Robert Reich.

Alameda, citizens still debating Trump impeachment resolution | ABC7 San Francisco - March 08 2017

Alameda may become the second city in the United States to call for the impeachment of President Donald Trump following fellow Bay Area city, Richmond.

Congress Can Remove Donald Trump From Office Without Impeaching Him | @TIME - March 08 2017

Congress can remove Donald Trump from office without impeaching him

What exactly is the 'Deep State' and why is Donald Trump so infuriated by it? | The Independent - March 06 2017

The "Deep State" is a concept which has been used by some vocal supporters – and opponents – of Donald Trump. Sometimes also referred to as the "Permanent State", the theory espouses the idea that a cabal of unelected security officials across a number of government bodies maintain influence over elected politicians. It has a historic role in the political consciousness of the US, first gaining prominence during the 1960s following events like the assassination of President John F Kennedy. It is now regaining popularity.  

Trump's Wiretap Tweets Raise Risk of Impeachment | Bloomberg - March 06 2017

If the president has made false claims of a crime without proof, there's only one constitutional remedy.

Wiretapping allegations accomplished what Trump wanted – but may backfire bigly | Washington Post - March 06 2017

It is easy to pooh-pooh Donald Trump’s predawn Saturday tweetstorm – accusing Barack Obama of the worst political crimes since Watergate while offering no evidence – as an undisciplined rant from someone who has long embraced conspiracy theories.

Schumer: 'The president is in trouble' | POLITICO - March 06 2017

"If he falsely spread this kind of misinformation, that is so wrong"; he says.

Knives are out for Reince | POLITICO - March 06 2017

Trump’s chief of staff is becoming a singular target of criticism as persistent controversies plague the presidency.

Take The Poll: Trump Russia Ties — Is He Hiding Something Or Is It A Witch Hunt? | The Inquisitr News - March 05 2017

Is Donald Trump hiding something about his connections to Russia and Vladimir Putin? Or is he the victim of a “witch hunt?” Take the poll to register your view.

What if Trump really is tied to Russia? | Opinion | Newsweek - March 05 2017

If the president is ever directly implicated in the widening probe, he's toast.

The 7 Most Compelling Reasons Donald Trump Could Be Impeached | Bustle - March 05 2017

The last five weeks of Donald Trump's presidency have been some of the most stressful and concerning in American history.

Fact check: Pelosi's claim that Clinton was impeached for 'something so far less' than Sessions | Chicago Tribune - March 2 2017

Fact check: Nancy Pelosi claimed Congress impeached former President Bill Clinton "for something for far less" than what Jeff Sessions had done. Is that true?

Op-Ed: Russiagate—How Donald Trump could become the new Nixon | CNBC - March 03 2017

Dustin McKissen lays out the striking similarities between Trump's Russia hacking scandal and Watergate.

Sessions’ Alleged Russian Ties May Force Trump Impeachment, Says Maxine Waters | The Inquisitr News - March 03 2017

Recent allegations suggesting Attorney General Jeff Sessions may have had improper communications with Russian officials could be the catalyst for President

If Jeff Sessions Will Not Resign, He Should Be Impeached | The Nation - March 02 2017

Article II, Section 4 of the Constitution of the United States announces that “The President, Vice President and all civil Officers of the United States, shall be removed from Office on Impeachment for, and Conviction of, Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors.

Nixon's lawyer issues ominous warning to Trump over Russia 'cover-ups' | The Independent - March 02 2017

Richard Nixon's former lawyer has warned President Donald Trump over his administration's alleged links to the Kremlin. John Dean, who was referred to as the "master manipulator of the [Watergate] cover-up" by the FBI, gave evidence against President Nixon before the Senate Watergate Committee in 1973. "Hey Donald, a tip," he wrote on Twitter. "Cover-ups don't get easier as they proceed.

Why President Trump Should Welcome Impeachment | Huffington Post - March 02 2017

A proposal for a special presidential grand jury.

Trump Blames Democrats For All Of Jeff Sessions' Russia Lies | Politicus USA - March 02 2017

The Trump White House is blaming Democrats for the fact that Jeff Sessions lied about having contact with Russia during the presidential campaign.

It’s Time To Talk About Impeachment | Huffington Post - March 01 2017

Every decision the president makes will be under a cloud of suspicion.

If Obama Had Said What Trump Just Said, the GOP Would Have Impeached Him | Mother Jones - March 01 2017

Appearing on Fox & Friends Tuesday, President Trump appeared to put the blame for Navy SEAL William Ryan Owens' death in a raid in Yemen a few weeks ago squarely on the shoulders of the military.