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Poll: Support for Trump impeachment rises | POLITICO - May 31 2017

Only three American presidents in history have faced legitimate impeachment threats.

Macron compares Trump to Putin and Erdogan | The Independent - May 30 2017

Emmanuel Macron has compared Donald Trump to Vladimir Putin and Recep Tayyip Erdogan, saying they all see international relationships as a balance of power.  The newly installed French president compared Mr Trump to the increasingly autocratic leaders when commenting on pictures of a tense handshake between them at the Nato summit in Brussels last week.

Does Vladimir Putin really own Donald Trump? It’s more likely than you think | Salon - May 30 2017

Kompromat is the name of the Russian game — and to win the White House, Trump may have unwittingly been played

Cities join call for impeachment | POLITICO - May 29 2017

A growing number of local governments are clamoring for Congress to act against Donald Trump.

Experts have upgraded Donald Trump’s impeachment odds yet again | Raw Story - May 27 2017

Donald Trump’s presidency has been clouded in controversy from its very inception, with multiple federal investigations into his campaign’s ties to Russia looming over the White House before he even assumed the Oval Office. Now, it appears his odds of impeachment are growing not even six months into his tenure as commander-in-chief.

Donald Trump and Mike Pence approval ratings hit new low in latest Fox News poll | The Independent - May 27 2017

Donald Trump has hit a new low job approval rating of just 40 per cent.  Most of the voters that approve of the job Mr Trump is doing are white men. Of that bloc, only 28 per cent “strongly approve” of his performance in the White House.  This is down from 45 per cent in the same poll conducted in April. 

'Putin will be thrilled': Former NATO ambassadors say Trump just dealt 'a major blow' to the alliance | Business Insider - May 27 2017

President Donald Trump drew backlash Thursday after he did not explicitly endorse Article 5 of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization's founding document.

PressTV-Trump presidency total disaster: Ex-House speaker | PressTV - May 27 2017

The former US House speaker says President Donald Trump's term in office has so far been "a complete disaster."

Merkel meets popular US president … before seeing Trump | POLITICO - May 27 2017

The chancellor, running for re-election in September, talks politics and ethics with Obama ahead of NATO summit.

Donald Trump 'will be impeached', hints Hillary Clinton | The Independent - May 27 2017

Addressing her alma mater for the first time after her election loss, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton did not hold back the barbs against her former rival.

‘It’s a one witness impeachment trial’: Olbermann puts Trump on notice that Comey will bring him down | Raw Story - May 24 2017

Keith Olbermann has released a new episode of his GQ show where the longtime broadcaster posits an intriguing legal theory about investigations into Russian collusion with the Donald Trump campaign.

Trump approval falls 4 points in new survey | TheHill - May 23 2017

President Trump’s job approval rating has hit a new low in the latest Harvard-Harris Poll survey, with weeks of controversy taking their toll on Trump’s embattled administration.

Trump's Russia-gate is Watergate on amphetamines | Opinion | - May 22 2017

he country requires a functioning chief executive and commander in chief. We will not have one as long as Trump remains in office.

Former Trump adviser asked to testify to House committee on Russia | the Guardian - May 22 2017

Michael Caputo, who worked for the president during the primary campaign, invited for voluntary interview

Donald Trump to America: Please impeach me | USA TODAY - May 22 2017

He'd fight impeachment and it would take too long. We should figure out a fast exit strategy that he can spin as winning.

For Those Who Want Trump Gone: Don’t Prosecute, Impeach | Daily Intelligencer - May 22 2017

The criminal liability of presidents is a difficult and unsettled area of constitutional law.

It’s becoming increasingly clear that Jared Kushner is part of Trump’s Russia problem | Vox - May 21 2017

The White House seems deeply worried about what might happen if Kushner were included in the Russia probe.

Santorum warns Trump on impeachment: This can't continue | NBC Montana - May 21 2017

As White House lawyers begin researching impeachment procedures, former senator and Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum said Friday night the GOP is nowhere near supporting such a move, but warned President Donald Trump that this can't continue for a whole lot longer.

There are lots of ways to get to impeachment | CNN - May 21 2017

From the obscure felony of misprision, to non-crimes like abuse of power, there are plenty of impeachable transgressions that can be creatively applied to a president's conduct, writes Danny Cevallos

Dear Donald Trump: Political Incompetence Is an Impeachable Offense | @FortuneMagazine - May 19 2017

President Donald Trump could be impeached for his political incompetence, according to the meaning and definition of the term.

California Could Call for Trump to Be Impeached | L.A. Weekly - May 19 2017

Want Trump impeached? You're not alone. There's a formal proposal in the legislature to endorse impeachment.

Trump, Russia and the FBI: Here's your quick summary of the last eight days | CNBC - May 18 2017

A chaotic recent stretch in the White House started with the abrupt firing of then-FBI Director James Comey.

Myra Adams: Pensive Impeachment Thoughts | RedState - May 18 2017

The word pensive is defined as “engaged in, involving, or reflecting deep or serious thought.” Yesterday, with a memo surfacing alleging that President Trump asked FBI Director Comey to end the Mike Flynn investigation, is it time for Republicans to engage in some “Pence-ive” thoughts about the prospects of impeaching President Trump and promoting Vice President Pence? If the “memo-gate” evidence conclusively proves that Trump | Read More »

In Russiagate, Keep Your Eye on Pence | The American Prospect - May 18 2017

If Democrats are smart, they’ll explore the vice president’s role during the transition.

Impeachment seemed impossible a few days ago. Not anymore | Lawrence Douglas | the Guardian - May 18 2017

The announcement that Robert Mueller III, the former FBI director, will oversee the Russian probe strengthens the spreading sense that Trump is finished

How to impeach a president – video explainer | the Guardian - May 17 2017

If Donald Trump does get impeached, what happens next? The Guardian takes a look at the history of impeachment, from Andrew Johnson to Bill Clinton

Here’s What Potential Trump Articles of Impeachment Might Look Like (Spoiler Alert: Think Nixon) | Law Newz - May 17 2017

The first rule in legal writing is “never reinvent the wheel.” So, while there are a great many things about the presidency of Donald Trump that are truly unprecedented, his impeachment, should it happen, wouldn’t be nearly as fresh and unique.

Amash: Trump could face impeachment over Comey memo | Detroit Free Press - May 17 2017

Speaking to reports, U.S. Rep. Justin Amash said Comey memo could be grounds for impeaching President Donald Trump

How Impeaching Trump Would Work | Rolling Stone - May 17 2017

Whether Trump eventually will be forced out of office is as much a political question as it is a legal one.

Jack Welch: Impeachment of Trump would 'blow the market away' | CNBC - May 17 2017

Jack Welch also says Trump's firing of FBI Director James Comey was a "rookie mistake."

King: Trump approaching 'obstruction of justice,' impeachment | POLITICO - May 17 2017

"I think you're getting very close to the legal definition of obstruction of justice," King says.

Worried about fallout, Dems poised to poll-test impeachment | Witchita Eagle - May 17 2017

Political strategists worry about how candidates should handle the question as Trump White House reels.

GOP strategist: GOP would have 'rightly' tried to impeach Clinton for classified disclosure | The Hill - May 16 2017

GOP strategist Ana Navarro said Monday Republicans would be attempting to impeach Hillary Clinton immediately if they discovered she shared classified information with a Russian official.

Rep. Al Green calls for impeachment of President Trump | KPRC Houston - May 15 2017

U.S. Rep. Al Green, D-Houston, has called for the impeachment of President Donald Trump.

Firing James Comey 'is the end for Donald Trump' predicts Robert Reich | The Independent - May 15 2017

There are clear grounds to impeach Donald Trump after he fired FBI Director James Comey, according to a former US Labour Secretary. 

Opinion | Trump must be impeached. Here’s why. | Washington Post - May 14 2017

He has plainly obstructed justice.

Fear of Trump impeachment has GOP running scared of 2018 midterms | Raw Story - May 13 2017

Republicans meeting in San Diego are worried that their career prospects could suffer collateral damage if Donald Trump’s administration continues to meltdown, leading to possible impeachment proceedings against the president before the 2018 midterms.

Trump's statements linking Russia investigation to Comey firing could lead to legal problems | LA Times - May 13 2017

A growing number of legal experts say President Trump has opened himself up to a charge of obstruction of justice

‘Buckle up’: Maddow makes the case that ‘the only remedy is impeachment’ for Trump’s obstruction of justice | Raw Story - May 13 2017

MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow broke fascinating news on her show this evening about Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ supposed recusal from the Russia investigation.

7 Ways Trump Could Be Impeached Less Than a Year Into Office | Bustle - May 12 2017

Calls for Trump to be impeached were rife even before he took office, but since he fired FBI Director James Comey, demands for his impeachment have grown increasingly louder.

A running list of Democrats who have discussed impeachment | CNN - May 12 2017

As the backlash to President Donald Trump's firing of FBI Director James Comey escalates, Democratic lawmakers are increasingly raising the prospect of impeachment.

Novelist Stephen King: Impeach Trump | Newsmax - May 12 2017

Novelist Stephen King said he believed it was time to look into impeaching President Donald Trump after the president fired FBI Director Jim Comey, who was leading a probe looking into possible ties between Russia and Trump's presidential campaign.

Betting odds of Trump impeachment jump after Comey firing | Yahoo News - May 11 2017

President Donald Trump's sudden dismissal of FBI Director James Comey on Tuesday has seen the betting odds of a Trump impeachment skyrocket, bookmaking sites told AFP on Wednesday. Opposition Democrat lawmakers have ramped up calls for an independent investigation into possible collusion between

Democrats talk of an 'impeachment clock' for Trump | Star-Telegram - May 10 2017

Democrats say they can envision supporting impeachment of President Donald Trump if they have no other choice.

The many paths from Trump to Russia | CNN - May 10 2017

The FBI and both chambers of Congress are investigating whether there were improper contacts between the Trump orbit and Russia during the 2016 election. Here is a summary of known connections between Trump associates and Russia.

Trump may be speeding up the path to his own impeachment | Newsweek - May 10 2017

On the Wednesday morning following Trump’s decision to fire Comey, social media was ablaze with users demanding the official impeachment process begins sooner before later.

Trump sacking FBI director is making grounds stronger for his impeachment | Daily O - May 10 2017

James Comey is the third to face the axe for his probe in the US president’s alleged Russia links.

How President Trump's Decision to Fire James Comey Could Backfire | TIME - May 10 2017

The move may off a chain of events that could envelop his administration

Analysis | Marine Le Pen’s landslide loss in France is an embarrassment for President Trump | Washington Post - May 08 2017

Trump's preferred candidate lost by a nearly 2-to-1 margin — after he predicted she would have momentum.

Be Afraid, Mr. President | - May 07 2017

Polls show that Trump’s base is holding firm. But that shouldn’t give him comfort.

Emmanuel Macron defeats Le Pen to win French presidency — projections | POLITICO - May 07 2017

Centrist candidate secures big victory over far-right leader.

Trump Campaign Associates Questioned Over Russia Ties | Wall Street Journal - May 07 2017

A Senate committee has asked at least four former associates of the Trump campaign for information about their activities before and after the election, a sign that the committee’s probe into alleged Russian campaign interference is heating up.

WATCH: Keith Olbermann lays out evidence that a Trump-Russia grand jury has already been convened | Raw Story - May 06 2017

[T]here is “strong reason to believe there is a grand jury sitting in the Eastern district of Virginia right now hearing evidence about the connections between Donald Trump’s presidential campaign and the Russians.

LA City Council votes to support President Trump impeachment | Daily Breeze News - May 05 2017

LOS ANGELES — The Los Angeles City Council passed a resolution today stating that President Donald Trump should be investigated for any high crime or misdemeanor sufficient to warrant impeachment proceedings.The resolution calls for the

US Congress holding 'private conversations' about how to remove Donald Trump | The Independent - May 04 2017

Members of the US Congress are holding “private conversations” about whether Donald Trump should be removed from office, reports suggest. After a difficult first 100 days that have seen the US President mired in a string of scandals and mishaps, senators and congressmen are said to be considering whether he will last a full term. 

Barack Obama Is Crushing Donald Trump On Twitter | Washington DC, DC Patch - May 03 2017

Trump may seem like Twitter's most influential user, but Obama's far larger following may prove to be a thorn in POTUS's side.

Donald Trump Impeachment Could Hinge On Alleged Trump Russia Audio Tape Evidence | The Inquisitr - May 03 2017

TheCitrus County Chronicle Online is one of the most recent outlets arguing that five grounds exist for a Donald Trump impeachment. Their grounds for an impeachment of the president are ranging from ...

Donald Trump 'unlikely to finish his first term in power' | The Independent - May 02 2017

Donald Trump is unlikely to finish his first term as President, according to the leading Democrat on the committee looking into alleged Russian interference in the US election. Senator Mark Warner, the vice chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, privately told friends he puts the odds at two to one against the President completing a full term, the New Yorker reported.

How Trump Could Get Fired | The New Yorker - May 01 2017

The Constitution offers two main paths for removing a President from office. How feasible are they?

Donald Trump Impeachment: Prediction By Different Experts | The Inquisitr - April 30 2017

President Donald Trump has completed his first-100 days in his office and according to seven experts, President Donald Trump’s impeachment is likely going to happen very soon. Even before ...