This is our curated list of news about impeaching Trump or reasons to impeach him. We monitor the news feeds and pick only news from reliable sites that make meaningful contributions to the discussion.


President Trump could go to war with North Korea so everyone forgets about the Russia probe, says a new report | Newsweek - September 30 2017

A report from the U.K.-based Rusi think tank explains reasons that could motivate the president to use force against Pyongyang.

Reddit's Inclusion In Trump-Russia Investigation Makes Perfect Sense | Forbes - September 29 2017

Reddit's problem with fake accounts makes it a prime target for manipulation.

The Trump Russia investigation is closing in | The Independent - September 28 2017

Christopher Steele, the former MI6 officer who was at the centre of a storm over his explosive and contentious dossier on Donald Trump, is keeping a determinedly low profile. But his account of the US President’s Russian connections is very much a part of the investigations closing in around a beleaguered White House.

Trump-Russia investigation may target Reddit posts, says senator's aide | the Guardian - September 28 2017

Senator Mark Warren has considered examining site, says spokesman, as researcher reports that it was home to ‘coordinated information campaigns’

US-N Korea row 'like kindergarten fight' | BBC News - September 24 2017

Russia's foreign minister says Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un are acting like fighting schoolchildren.

Why Trump Should Worry More About Congress Than About Mueller | The Atlantic - September 17 2017

It’s public hearings that tend to galvanize opposition and jeopardize presidents.

Trump supporters don't really care If he is impeached | Newsweek - September 17 2017

Those who advocate for President Donald Trump's impeachment are more motivated than those who oppose it, a survey shows.

Why Trump’s DACA Deal Will Lead to His Impeachment | @law_newz - 1505390765

Bottom line: Trump better watch his back. In the GOP cloakroom of the House months before most of them said anything publicly, Republicans had turned on President Richard Nixon. It eventually came public in a torrent.  Trump's demise appears not far behind. 

'A Citizen's Guide To Impeachment' Is Being Sent To Every Member Of Congress, Courtesy Of Melville House | Bustle - September 14 2017

OK, if you are among the massive group of American citizens who believes that our government is in a current state of crisis, Melville House Publishers definitely agrees with you.

Republicans Abandoning Re-election Bids as Trump Fatigue Sets In | The Hive - September 13 2017

Facing brutal midterms in 2018, a growing number of Republicans are deciding not to run.

Analysis | Steve Bannon’s self-serving political advice to President Trump | Washington Post - September 13 2017

Why Bannon gets away with telling Trump to keep catering to his base.

Impeachment of Trump becomes more likely every time he criticizes Republicans | Newsweek - September 09 2017

President Donald Trump has continued to alienate members of his own party.

President Pence? Veep is more popular than Trump, but only just | Newsweek - September 08 2017

There is unlikely to be a great deal more love for the president if Mike Pence replaces Donald Trump.

Trump impeachment could be demanded by powerful Congressional Black Caucus after meeting next week | Newsweek - September 08 2017

The Congressional Black Caucus has already been handed background information on impeaching the president.

How an obstruction of justice case may be shaping up against Trump | the Guardian - September 03 2017

Documents that emerged this week offer insight into Robert Mueller’s investigation of the Trump campaign’s ties to Russia, legal experts say

'Impeach Trump' Billboard Pops Up Near Mar-a-Lago Resort | NBC 6 South Florida - September 01 2017

A billboard urging Congress to begin the process to impeach President Donald Trump has erected near his Mar-a-Lago resort in Palm Beach County.