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sign_petition May 17, 2017

Over 1 Million Have Signed Impeach Trump Now Petition

With the recent scandals around Trump's firing of FBI Director Comey, sharing classified information with...

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new_worst_tweets March 04, 2017

Trump's 13 Worst Tweets as President

Some thought that once Trump became President his late-night tweeting would stop. The reasoning was...

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nadler February 28, 2017

Nadler's Resolution to Investigate Conflict-of-Interest and Russia Quietly Killed in Committee

The House Judiciary Committee voted on Tuesday on Rep. Jerry Nadler's resolution to investigate investments...

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france-flag February 21, 2017

Letter From Frenchy Who Loves USA to Pro-Impeachment Americans

Editor's Note: At the Trump Impeachment, we received a letter from Paul, who lives France,...

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shield February 16, 2017

Republicans Hustle to Shield Trump as Demands for Russia Inquiry Grow

Republicans are dismissing the mounting call to thoroughly investigate the Trump campaign's connection with Russian...

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magnifying-glass February 16, 2017

We Must Know the Truth

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: there MUST be an investigation by...

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pressure February 15, 2017

Pressure for Independent Investigation Swells Amid Russia-Trump Scandal

Pressure is mounting for a transparent investigation into alleged ties between President Donald Trump's campaign...

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questions February 14, 2017

Michael Flynn and the 6 Big Questions

The American public deserves to know the answers to at least the first five of...

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brain February 14, 2017

Flynn Scandal Spotlight Falls on What Trump Knew and When He Knew It

While President Donald Trump on Tuesday claimed the "real story" in the case of Gen....

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putin_tweet February 14, 2017

Will Trump's Putin Tweet Come Back to Haunt Him?

Michael Flynn fell on his sword yesterday and resigned as National Security Advisor, admitting that...

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resist February 14, 2017

#DayWithoutLatinos: 10,000+ March in Milwaukee Against Trump's Immigration Crackdown

Amidst growing pushback against the Trump administration's immigration crackdown, more than ten thousand people marched...

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mexico_flag February 12, 2017

Mexico: Massive Anti-Trump Rallies Staged Across Nation

Tens of thousands of Mexicans protested Sunday against US President Donald Trump, hitting back at...

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town-hall February 11, 2017

Town Halls Become 'Indivisible' Epicenters as Trump Resistance Grows

Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah) was confronted by angry crowds at a town hall in Salt...

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nadler February 11, 2017

Step One to Impeachment? Congressman's Probe Targets Trump's Conflicts of Interest

New York Rep. Jerrold Nadler has made use of an obscure legislative tool that would...

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white_house February 10, 2017

Trump in Freefall as Disapproval Rate and Support for Impeachment Soar

Two new polls reflect poorly on President Donald Trump's brief tenure in the Oval Office,...

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cracks February 10, 2017

Long Road to Impeach Trump Just Got Shorter

On Thursday, Congressman Jerrold Nadler (D-NY) filed a “resolution of inquiry” that amounts to the...

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sign_petition February 08, 2017

Over 750,000 Have Signed Impeach Trump Now Petition

The signatures on the online Impeach Trump Now petition continue to grow. The number of...

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sign_petition February 01, 2017

Over Half-Million Have Signed Impeach Trump Now Petition

The online Impeach Trump Now petition started by the Free Speech For People and the...

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tough_math January 31, 2017

Impeachment Math

In order to impeach the President a simple majority must happen in the House and...

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executive_order January 29, 2017

Stopping Abuse of Executive Orders

With calls for his impeachment beginning before he assumed office, Donald Trump has not taken...

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pen January 28, 2017

Join a Million And Sign the Petitions

After only weeks as President, there are over a million signatures on petitions calling for...

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impeach_definition January 26, 2017

Impeachment 101

Do you know exactly what impeachment is? This article answers all the basic questions about...

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